Bitesize Business Breakfast Podcast

Bitesize Business Breakfast Podcast

Dubai Eye 103.8
Sep 29, 2020 35 min

Is COVID-19 making bosses and CEOs more empathetic?

Author and renowned empathy leader Mimi Nicklin tells us why the pandemic is making bosses and CEOs more empathetic. Plus, we speak to the acting CEO & COO of NMC Healthcare as they get placed in the hands of administrators by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets Courts (ADGM). See for privacy information.
Sep 28, 2020 43 min

Would you approach your company to discuss gender pay gap?

We speak to employment lawyer Rebecca Kelly about how the UAE's new pay equality law is likely to work in practice. Plus, the latest on the US TikTok ban, reusable food delivery boxes, and sharks in vaccines. See for privacy information.
Sep 27, 2020 30 min

Would you carry out a PCR test on your colleague?

The Abu Dhabi government is training its employees to administer the nasal swab test to reduce the pressure on testing facilities. But would you be able to do it? Plus, the UAE’s buildings are getting greener – that’s the claim of the country’s Green Building Council, in its latest report. Sceptics say it’s just ‘greenwashing’. The author joins us with answers. See for privacy information.
Sep 24, 2020 33 min

Sharjah is ready to welcome tourists.

Surina Kelly has the details. Plus as the UAE Central Bank reveals that the UAE recession is deeper than previously thought, we hear from economist Ed Bell. And would you like to have a staycation with sloths? We explain how. See for privacy information.
Sep 23, 2020 36 min

An easier way to test for COVID-19?

We speak to the people behind the lab that is bringing saliva tests for COVID-19 to the UAE within days. Plus, our daily newspaper pick in the studio from stocks to giftcards to BTS. See for privacy information.
Sep 22, 2020 33 min

Can you have more than 3 people in a car if you drive a big vehicle?

Surina Kelly from the ARN News Centre explains the rules. Plus, our exclusive interview with the new ‘wunderkid’ of global aviation. See for privacy information.
Sep 21, 2020 33 min

We talk unicorns. New global research says the Arab world has just one private tech company worth a billion dollars.

We reveal who it is, and look at the up-and-coming candidates with tech expert Philip Bahoshy. And UFC's Fight Island is coming back to Abu Dhabi. Plus, we get a bit nostalgic in the studio over a pizza chain in Dubai. See for privacy information.
Sep 20, 2020 34 min

How many guests can you invite to your wedding in the UAE?

Natasha Thomas explains the new rules of gathering plus we found out how the wedding industry was reacting to the news. And social media platform TikTok has been given a last minute reprieve by US President Donald Trump. We have details on the deal... See for privacy information.
Sep 17, 2020 34 min

Abu Dhabi has announced measures against those who miss taking their PCR tests after 6 days.

Surina Kelly explains the regulations. Plus, Propertyfinder says it has had record-breaking traffic on its site. See for privacy information.
Sep 16, 2020 31 min

UAE and Israel have signed a historic accord.

We look back at last night’s historic agreement between the UAE and Israel, signed by UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed. Plus, Apple boss Tim Cook tried to put a positive spin on Apple’s annual September launch party but it was a bit lacklustre. Do you agree? See for privacy information.