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Sterling Rae

"Banished from her home due to a mistake that cost her half her family's fortune, Princess Cesaleza is left with a choice:... more

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Episode Twenty-Three: Epilogue

“One year later…”**The transcript can be found at the bottom of this episode description**--Cast and Crew of Today's Episode:Cap  was... more

04 Dec 2020 · 8 minutes
Episode Twenty-Two: Reaching for Freedom

“Only one episode remains and it’s time for the Crew of the Karkinos to make their escape.”**The transcript and trigger... more

20 Nov 2020 · 11 minutes
Episode Twenty-One: Doing More

“Cesa has returned to the comfort of Foyeta, while the Karkinos Crew remains in the comfort of their cells.”**The transcript... more

06 Nov 2020 · 9 minutes
Episode Twenty: Genetic Testing

“The crew gets their DNA verified in the system. Lutiga makes a friend.”**The transcript can be found at the bottom... more

23 Oct 2020 · 13 minutes
Episode Nineteen: End of the Line

“After Cesa’s betrayal, the crew is left in prison, with no escape, no money, and no plan. Now what.”**The transcript... more

09 Oct 2020 · 14 minutes
Episode Eighteen: The Starluxe Gala pt. 2

“The vault of the richest person in the galaxy stands before the Karkinos crew, but do they have what it... more

25 Sep 2020 · 13 minutes
Episode Seventeen: The Starluxe Gala pt. 1

“The big day has finally arrived. It’s time for the Starluxe Gala.”**The transcript can be found at the bottom of... more

11 Sep 2020 · 21 minutes
Episode Sixteen: How to be a Govie

“The Crew arrives early to the Gala. Cesa decides to make good use of their time with a few lessons.”**The... more

28 Aug 2020 · 17 minutes
Episode Fifteen: The Way Things Were pt. 2

“The story continues as Cap and Lutiga spend their first years in space.”**The transcript and trigger list can be found... more

14 Aug 2020 · 33 minutes
Episode Fourteen: The Way Things Were pt. 1

“Cap and Lutiga share the story of their lives in the beginning.”**The transcript and trigger list can be found at... more

31 Jul 2020 · 36 minutes
Episode Twenty-Three: Epilogue