Smart Cities Smart People

Smart Cities Smart People

Cityscape Magazine
Mar 24, 2020 49 min

SCSP 008: Smart Cities response to COVID-19 with Smart Cities Council's Philip Bane

In these tumultuous times where residents can feel unsafe, confused, and uncertain, the capabilities of the smart cities sector can come as a relief to cities around the planet - but how do we get there? And what are the challenges in the way?The US-based Smart Cities Council has launched a free COVID-19 mitigation tool for city planners to access, take inspiration from, or produce for their own city action plan to bring all of a city's resources under one platform: spoke with the council's CEO Philip Bane on greatest challenges for cities in times of pandemic, the value of guiding principles, and how you can truly gauge the impact of a crisis of this scale on global cities.Apple:…Spotify:…TuneIN:
Mar 06, 2020 47 min

SCSP 007: Prospering from the Energy Revolution with UKR&I's Rob Saunders

It's time to get ⚡️🔋 ENERGISED 🔋⚡️ with Rob Saunders, deputy challenge director of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution Challenge! This is a fascinating challenge where around £100m of government funding is awarded to some of the most innovative smart energy projects around the country.We talked about some of the winning projects, what judges are actually looking for in weighing up entrants, and what the challenge means for the UK's position as a global energy ambassador! #SCSP 006: 2020 Smart Cities Spending Forecast with IDC's Max Claps:
Mar 02, 2020 35 min

SCSP 006: 2020 Smart City Spending Predictions with Max Claps, IDC

We sit down with IDC Government Insights Researcher Massimiliano Claps, on the IDC's predictions for smart cities spending for 2020! The IDC predicts smart cities spending will soar by 18.9% - almost a FIFTH - for 2020, with exciting new technologies on the horizon to take up a chunk of the spending funds, and swathes of new economies looking to incorporate them.Find out about how 5G will impact the spending market, whether 'ground-up' smart cities districts are actually worth the money, and more!cityscape.city
Feb 26, 2020 27 min

SCSP 005: Nottingham's 2028 Carbon Neutrality fight with Cllr Sally Longford

We sit down with Cllr Sally Longford, Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Energy & Environment at Nottingham City Council! Last year Nottingham pledged to be carbon neutral by 2028 - just a measly eight years away. With such an ambitious goal, how are they going to get it done? Listen to find out! Emotional AI with Prof Andrew McStay
Feb 19, 2020 35 min

Smart Cities Smart People 004: Emotional AI with Prof Andrew McStay

We speak to Bangor University Digital Life Professor Andrew McStay on a fascinating new project looking into the ethical implications of the deployment of emotional AI in smart cities. Find out how a system could look for security forces in the UK, as well as what impact emotional AI can make on social media and in the workplace!To find out more from Andrew go to's latest book on emotional AI: to Cityscape for FREE at!
Feb 09, 2020 38 min

Smart Cities Smart People 003: Adrian Slatcher, Manchester City Council

Today's episode features Manchester City Council principal resources and planning officer, Adrian Slatcher. Adrian has a ton of knowledge working Europe-wide at the smart city level and we talk data, Brexit, and interoperability between British cities. To find out more about Adrian go to To subscribe to Cityscape for FREE go to!
Nov 04, 2019 44 min

Smart Cities Smart People 002: Decoding Toronto with Dr Leighton Evans

We sit down with Dr Leighton Evans, senior lecturer in media theory at the University of Swansea, to get his thoughts on what a potential Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto could mean for the UK. This is a highly controversial high-value project ongoing in Canada at the minute that could have a major impact on public-private partnerships in smart cities in the UK. Sit back, enjoy, and let us know what you think of the pod! Dr Leighton Evans's book:
Nov 01, 2019 14 min

Smart Cities Smart People 001: Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners

Kicking off our new Smart Cities Smart People series is Ken Munro, ethical hacker and partner at Pen Test Partners. Ken has more than two decades of experience in the ethical hacking and security circuit, and gives his thoughts on what 5G can do for smart cities, his biggest pet peeves, and more!