Idea Evolution

Idea Evolution

Melanie De Gioia and Rachel Brittliff
Jun 22, 2020 18 min


How would society survive without the telephone? And how did the evolution of the telephone evolve essentially from 2 tins and a piece of wire, to the global mobile phone network we have now? Rachel & Melanie take you on an exciting journey of discoveries and failures of the evolution of the phone that includes travel into the space, in the journey of how we have telephones today. And in a world where there are more phones than there are people, what sort of strain does that put on our planet? Idea Evolution tells the evolution stories of everyday items and hopes to inspire families to consider their impact on the environment and guide future innovators to put the planet first. This episode was brought to you by the UN SDG's #9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure; and #12 - Responsible Consumption & Production. For more information on these UN SDG's and for fun activities related to this episode, check out our show notes at
Jun 09, 2020 16 min

Electrical Power

Power is all around you. Electricity is naturally occurring in nature. Humans have kind of always known this. But how does this power get out of nature and into your home? How is electricity really made? Melanie and Rachel will share the evolution of power innovation, from the ancient Greeks through to the Queen of England and a real power struggle in America. They will make you wonder, next time you turn something on, how can you make electrical power better for our planet?
Jun 02, 2020 12 min


Who invented the Television? How did they ever get moving images on the screen in the first place? What does the TV show us about our society? How can TV's be innovated in the future? The invention of the television changed the way in which families spent their time together, and even the way they orgainsed their homes. Living rooms, which once had chairs that faced towards each other, now all face the wall on which the television is situated. Through entertaining story telling of everyday items, Melanie & Rachel show how a single item has evolved society and inspire families to consider their impact on the environment, guiding future innovators to put the planet first.
Jan 02, 2020 13 min


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Dec 19, 2019 13 min

Washing Machine

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Nov 18, 2019 4 min

Idea Evolution Trailer

Idea Evolution tells the evolution stories of everyday items, wanting to inspire families to consider their impact on the environment a...