Sorry I Offended You

Sorry I Offended You

Brandon Marshall
Oct 23, 2020 21 min

Who's approval are you running your content by?

HOW MANY HOOKS DO YOU HAVE IN YOU PULLING YOU AND SUPPRESSING YOUR SELF EXPRESSION? Ok now that I think about it that headline was quite excessive with the CAPS. Sorry I Offended You 1. The CAPS hook ... people whining about your CAPS LOCK! 2. The family hook... "what will my family think???" 3. The in-law family hook... "what will my spouses' family think?" 4. The Political Hook "if I don't be a good obedient person and vote like the celebrities told me to how many of my friends will cast me out and act like I'm not a human anymore? 5. The Woke Hook .. this is the sister/brother/non-binary sibling of the political hook. If you don't say all the right things, be politically correct, have the proper opinions, think the right things are offensive then you must be GASP a misogynist, racist, nazi, hate speech promoting person who must be ERADICATED AND CANCELLED. Please obey immediately or we will have to sound the alarms. 6. The Nude Hook ... "you can't show even a quarter of your areola or we will SLUT SHAME you in the name of FEMINISM!!!... P.S - Fuck The Patriarchy or something" Check out more on the podcast Join me for Sorry I Offended You
Oct 20, 2020 37 min

The 5 most common ways people hide in their content costing them a fuck ton of money and visibility -]

The 5 most common ways people hide in their content costing them a fuck ton of money and visibility - Join Sorry I Offended you Obviously you don't want to be posting content that's constantly complaining about how the world is or click bait fear based articles etc... but many business coaches / spiritual gurus may tell you or pressure you to do something that's also destructive to your well being and having a sustainable personal brand... That's acting like you have no flaws, no personality, or that you're this perfect love & light being and pretending shits not going on in the world or your industry. 9.99999/10. when my clients get that feeling that they may be too "negative". "angry" or "bitchy". before they post something... yet they STILL post it... it ends up being fucking FIRE that so many people in their audience resonate with and connect with them deeper for (which means more ideal / soul-aligned clients). I also know a good amount of leaders who had a "FUCK THIS SHIT" style post which ended up being a catalyst to their next level pushing them to multiple 6 & 7 figures. Because they decided to STAND THE FUCK OUT! 2. Not owning your expertise: Over the years I've seen a common trend with both clients and even mentors... not owning FULLY how you can help people. This example in particular are testimonials and stories of how they've helped their clients. Common judgments. "IDK maybe it'll make me seem like a douche bag coach" Or "I don't want to seem like I'm taking away from their success" I go through this too. Did you know one of my clients had her first 20.5K PAY IN FULL Sale last week? PROBABLY NOT BECAUSE I ONLY MENTIONED IT ONCE ON A LIVESTREAM. Well she did and it was an amazing win and something that may have seemed impossible 3 months ago!!!! Make sure you're always promoting yourself and the wins you and your clients have... You're not helping anybody by hiding how specifically you help people. listen to the podcast for the rest...
Oct 16, 2020 25 min

The narcissistic life coaching circle jerk pyramid

Do you ever feel like the life coaching spiritual industry is filled with leaches sucking on your soul and licking your emotions until your a dried up shell of your self? well you are listening to the right episode!!! free yourself from the toxicity of the spiritual personal development space and claim your voice back once and for all.
Oct 14, 2020 29 min

Getting off that Social Media and Dopamine addiction

Addicted to Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or that tickity tock??? Here is the knowledge and experience I've had around dopamine / social media addiction and how to perform the best in your business on both a 3D / 5D Earthly Spiritual level as a powerful messenger. Its been a battle for me because I produce content on social media so its easy to justify why to stay consuming media like a fucking hamster. There is a way out and in this episode I. will teach you.
Oct 13, 2020 16 min

Tribalism , the us vs them narrative and being tolerant of different opinions

Yesterday I received a message about Bill Burr and the great mask debate. Bill Burr and I would disagree on masks but I vibe with him because I love his content and our values do align for the most part. This is why I think it's important to take a step back from the tribalism that the current political climate brings (especially here in America) . If Bill Burr and Joe Rogan can disagree about masks and still be cool to each other then I think so can we... when we are united and promote conversation the quality of our lives is simply better. Plus my delayed thoughts and opinions on The Rock Dwayne Johnson endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Oct 12, 2020 48 min

Cancelling Bill Burr for making fun of white women and pissing off LGBTQ on Saturday Night Live #SNL

This weekend twitter was extremely upset with comedian Bill Burr with the Monday Morning Podcast about how he talked about white women and pride month during his special on Saturday Night Live. In this episode I break down my thoughts on Bill Burr and the criticism he received... and of course ramblings around Cancel Culture, Woke Culture, Fake Activism, Dave Chappelle and angry people online. Sign Up for Sorry I Offended You (the program) by reading my apology letter here
Sep 22, 2020 18 min

Obedience vs Disobedience

Oddly nowadays the most rebellious / disobedient shit you could do is... Be loving to others Be friends with people with a different opinion Have solid family values Not getting pulled into political arguments Being Peaceful Having Impeccable Integrity . Following through on your word Thinking logically rather than reacting emotionally. Strange times... but what was once maybe considered lame & boring is an act of disobedience. Some of the most risky shit you could message about is happiness, peace, understanding and truth lol. P.S - My new Group Coaching / Mastermind is called Disobedient too... 6 weeks of the most supportive of all supporting containers I ever contained. Usually i'm putting out live courses this is more of a face to face group coaching experience. And for this round it's only 777. DM me to join. ( my social media accounts can be found at )
Sep 15, 2020 1 hr 18 min

The Social Dilemma Within The Social Dilemma and Exploiting Children to Stop Exploiting Children

The Social Dilemma Within The Social Dilemma and Exploiting Children to Stop Exploiting Children: Today I ramble on about Netflix, Cuties, The Social Dilemma, Netflix Addiction, Social Media Addiction, Society and Human Trafficking. My intention is for you to walk away with clarity, hope, and personal responsibility. The answer to the Us Vs Them narrative is to remember not to be demeaning or violent towards one another and focus on leaving this world a better place than what we left it. At the first part of this podcast I rant about Cuties and Netflix Addiction. Around the 40 minute mark I start talking about the Social Dilemma and the agenda I feel that is behind the film... I speak on both the things I agree with and the solution of the film I disagree with. Also somewhere during the Social Dilemma portion I take a giant crap on The Rise Of Skywalker.. because that movie was an utter disappointment. So have fun!!! Brandon Marshall has returned. .
Jul 25, 2020 49 min

What I would do if I had to start over and rebuild my business

more from Me SMARTASS the program: I've been an entrepreneur for over 7 years. if I had to start business from scratch I would have done some things differently... in this episode I talk about.... What type of investments in coaching would I have made and what I wouldn't have made Different sales and marketing strategies that I would have used vs what I would have stayed away from my views on following up, objection handling and attraction marketing How I would have approached my niche differently, and why I think that abandoning my voice in order to obey a narrowed down niche costed me money in the end.
Jul 24, 2020 47 min

Having a powerful message in an all woke no joke environment

Having a powerful message in an all woke no joke environment - in this episode I cover how to deal with being called out, dealing with criticism or when your messaging and marketing is challenged in a hyper sensitive online space. One of the biggest things that holds us back from our unfiltered message as an entrepreneur is the criticism we could receive back More from Me: SMARTASS: