The Enterprising Expat

The Enterprising Expat

Patricia Qhobela-Jenkins
Sep 05, 2020 37 min

Brittany Hammond A Canadian Expat Navigating France

Welcome back! Let’s take a walk around Paris, adopted home of Brittany Hammond Producer, Story Mentor and Videographer. Always ambitious Brittany always had an inkling her future lay in France, daring bravely she applied to study film and got accepted. Knowing that this is the place where she wanted to be this Enterprising Expat gained two Masters Degrees, was one of the early adopters of building a business online and now travels across Europe and to North America to work with her clients. Behind the glamour, there are wrangles with bureaucracy, strange business hours and the barrier of different attitudes to being self-employed. Let Brittany tell you how she: Overcame imposter Syndrome and what caused it Creating a job title when pre-defined roles don’t capture what you do Celebrates her ambition and success as she’s overcome playing small Why she had to get 2 Masters degrees to build her business Having a shadow career ?? (Listen to find out what that is!!)
Aug 15, 2020 45 min

Eleanor _An American in Munich

I'm back! Episode 17 is a hoot! I got the chance to speak with Eleanor Mayrhofer an American who decided to visit Germany for a year and hasn't returned. We are taking you back to the nineties when tech was meeting art and Photoshop was becoming popular. Eleanor got the travel bug early traveling to India with her aunt, after college she decided to go to Germany for one year and hasn't returned. We cover stepping out of the comfort of the expat bubble, building a business and the hard decision to close it down. Sometimes the answer to what you should do is right in front of you you just have to tweak it a little bit. I'd love to connect with you please follow the show on Instagram @theenterprisingexpat You can follow Eleanor on Instagram Check out here website here
May 28, 2020 54 min

Nina Boons: Two Expat Experiences in Panama

Nina Boons is a Health Coach, Mum of two, globetrotting German and business owner. In this episode of The Enterprising Expat we take it back to when people planned their trips with The Lonely Planet. We take a leap to Australia then to The Emirates, pause in London and make a few other detours along the way. Nina talks frankly about some of the choices we can ease into when we are the "trailing spouse" and how an undiagnosed condition was the launching point for a business she didn't plan. Thank you for listening to the Enterprising Expat Please help the show grow by sharing the show with 3 other expat women. You can follow the show on Instagram: I'd love to hear your feedback on any aspect of the show. You can email me comments, questions and thoughts at: [email protected] Contact Nina on her website. Instagram or Facebook
May 25, 2020 11 min

What's Coming Up in the Near Future & a Move

Hello Enterprising Expats This is another shorty to give you a preview of the upcoming show and I also share my news. I recorded this to explain why I had to put some episodes on hold. Tell you about the great expat women I have lined up and we cover so many countries from Lesotho, Panama, Nigeria, Japan Australia and Qatar. Does it get any more international than that?! I also tell you about the huge change coming up for me. You can follow the show on Instagam Please tag me in your posts and use the hashtag (#theenterprisingexpat) Join the Facebook group (if you are an exact woman looking for support or a place to ask questions The Enterprising Expat Group If you want to be a guest please fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can If you want to chat about the show, have feedback or advice please email me at [email protected]
Apr 30, 2020 37 min

The expat Brit living in Spain freelancing in three languages

Katie Uniacke is a Brit living in Grenada in Spain. When we recorded this episode Spain was in lockdown. It seems fitting to get stories about how expats are handling social-distancing and life under lockdown. In this episode we talk about: Living your beliefs Living the digital nomad lifestyle Accepting horrible rates as a freelancer Dodging the quarter-life crisis and what to do when you realise you can't afford a glass of wine at the pub when you visit home. You can follow Katie on @Instagram & Twitter visit her website Please help others find the show please subscribe in your podcast player. Leave a review if you enjoy the show Follow the show on Instagram @The Enterprising Expat Join the Fb group Enterprising Expat FB Group Do you want your voice on the show? Please send me a voice note about the one thing you look for from home no matter where you are in the world. Please send your voice note to [email protected]
Apr 16, 2020 6 min

Finding a New Normal

Hello. A quickie episode to tell you where I have been and why I went radio silent. At this time it just seemed that the tone of my interviews ha to change and due to all that is going on in the world. How are you doing? What new things have you started? In this episode I give you an update, tell you what you can expect in upcoming episodes and I need your help. I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram Please subscribe to the show. It is FREE!!! You can send your voice notes to [email protected]
Mar 22, 2020 12 min

Productivity and Social Distancing

5 Tips for productivity when dealing with social distancing If you are not used to working from home or sharing your workspace with your partner there are tips in here to stop you driving one another mad. I'm sharing advice and quick tips to stay productive, keep in touch with loved ones. Ideas for you to create, design, dream learn. Find the right time and date across time zones The course I'm going to do How to Create a Realistic Budget for 2020 If you want to tag me and show me what you are doing to stay productive tag me on IG #theenterprisingexpat You can email me about the show at [email protected] Join the Facebook group to connect with more Enterprising Expats here
Mar 13, 2020 1 min

Be on the show - Expat Experiences

A Bonus Episode. I'd love to have your voice on the show. Can you send me a voice note telling me the one thing you always travel with? What's one thing no matter where you are going that you always travel with? Please include your name and the links to your business if you have one. Email [email protected]
Mar 08, 2020 17 min

Life Lessons From Expat Life

A more personal episode today. In this episode, I talk about personal growth. How living as an expat teaches you the difference between a real crisis and a trifle. I'm mulling over whether age needs to be an issue in your success and how every country you have been to adds to your personality. Do you have a hyphenated identity? Question from the episode How has expat life made you resilient? Please send me your answer as a voice note. Include your name so that I can give you a shout-out on a future episode. The email for the show is [email protected] Follow the show on IG @theenterprisingexpat Please take a moment to share the show with somebody Share it on your social media and tag me hashtag the #enterprisingexpert.
Feb 15, 2020 20 min

Skills, Mindset and Apps

Happy Valentines Day!!! This week I’m giving you an update on where I am and taking stock of what I have learnt and where I need a lot more work. Two close friends reminded that I need to talk about the good and the bad and this podcast is about progression. So we will have some highs and lows and some usable advice. Please share the show with a friend, and subscribe it really helps!! Please email me [email protected] and tell me what shifts and changes you’ve made. I’d love to read them out on the show. You can follow the show on Instagram Join the Group on Facebook