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Questionable Material with Jack & Brian
Questionable Material with Jack & Brian
Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth

Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth once had a dark and clever TV show that was ahead of its time. Now they have... more

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What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Oh, hey! Jack has COVID yet again. Brian's back from Poland and booby-trapped the washing machine to teach the kids... more

20 May 2022 · 33 minutes
Poland-Ukraine Dispatch #3

Brian reports from Przemysl. Working with great people like Flavio. Grandpa was a Bibliohump. A room with a view. Jack... more

07 Apr 2022 · 47 minutes
Poland-Ukraine Dispatch #2

Przemysl. How it's going. Pawel the Bodega Cat.  Previous Oscars kerfuffles. Please kill him I want to come home.

01 Apr 2022 · 46 minutes
Poland-Ukraine Dispatch #1

The first dispatch from the Poland-Ukraine border. Jack is homeless. Brian fails to promote the podcast when platformed. Jack gets... more

25 Mar 2022 · 42 minutes
The Silence of My Dinner with Andre

New New York Lotto Game. Brian in Poland. Making baseball more exciting. Movie endings: King Kong, Wizard of Oz, Brokeback... more

17 Mar 2022 · 38 minutes
Death to Putin Edition

A very special blossom. On the border. Eden has questions. The Bat. Przemysl.  Donate to World Central Kitchen https://donate.wck.org/

10 Mar 2022 · 32 minutes
Russian Landscaping

Save the Oligarchs. Russian Logistics. Melancholy times. Elton John farewell tour. Making Putin pay. Jack reads for Russian news agency... more

03 Mar 2022 · 50 minutes
Not Them's Lasagna

CNN's Prayers Answered. Gas Station TV. Sarasota's overbuilt. Ziggy makes sense and Garfield is funny. New York Times ad campaign.... more

25 Feb 2022 · 41 minutes
Russian Tweentotaling

Showtime Promo. Racist Fan Club. Canada-free weekend. Five-star dog  shelter and a dog-owned cat shelter. The truth behind the music:... more

17 Feb 2022 · 40 minutes
An Unthumped Tub

Crypto Talk. Bucky's Restaurant. Jack goes blue. Anti-growth hormone. Anti-Joe Rogan with Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, NKOTB, and Chumbawamba. Spreading... more

10 Feb 2022 · 57 minutes
Questionable Material with Jack & Brian
What a Long Strange Trip It's Been
Questionable Material with Jack & Brian