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Why It Matters
Why It Matters
Council on Foreign Relations

Each episode of Why It Matters breaks down an issue that is shaping our world's future. Join host Gabrielle Sierra as she... more

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The Dollar Privilege

The dollar is the world’s primary reserve currency, accounting for $6.7 trillion in foreign reserves. This has given the United... more

18 Feb 2021 · 35 minutes
"The Most Persistent and Lethal Threat"

For years, security experts have warned that white nationalist and white supremacist extremism represent the most significant domestic terrorism threat... more

04 Feb 2021 · 34 minutes

There is no country quite like Russia. Despite having a relatively small economy, it has been able to maintain global... more

21 Jan 2021 · 36 minutes
China's Starring Role in Hollywood

What does it take to make a Hollywood blockbuster? Movie stars? A great script? How about approval from the Chinese... more

06 Jan 2021 · 37 minutes
The Big Red Button (Flashback Episode)

The U.S. president can launch a first-strike nuclear attack at any time, and there’s no law mandating they seek advice... more

23 Dec 2020 · 27 minutes
The Future is African

Projections show that by 2050, Africa’s population will double. By 2100, one in three people on Earth will be African.... more

11 Dec 2020 · 33 minutes
A Climate Bomb in the Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon is burning, threatening the world’s largest repository of biodiversity. If the fires are not controlled soon, they... more

25 Nov 2020 · 37 minutes
Let's Talk About Toilets

Fifty-five percent of the global population lacks access to safe sanitation, a deadly global health disparity that rarely finds its... more

11 Nov 2020 · 29 minutes
Make America Vote Again

The United States trails far behind most advanced democracies when it comes to voter turnout, with just 55 percent of... more

28 Oct 2020 · 41 minutes
Season Three Trailer

What happens when the world runs out of fish? Does TikTok actually present a national security risk? Will Africa's population... more

14 Oct 2020 · 2 minutes
Why It Matters
The Dollar Privilege
Why It Matters