Why It Matters

Why It Matters

Council on Foreign Relations
Nov 25, 2020 37 min

A Climate Bomb in the Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon is burning, threatening the world’s largest repository of biodiversity. If the fires are not controlled soon, they could release a “climate bomb” of stored carbon that would accelerate climate change. Featured Guests: Monica de Bolle (Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics) Stewart M. Patrick (James H. Binger Senior Fellow in Global Governance and Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program, Council on Foreign Relations) Thomas Lovejoy (President, Amazon Biodiversity Center) For an episode transcript and show notes, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/climate-bomb-amazon
Nov 11, 2020 29 min

Let's Talk About Toilets

Fifty-five percent of the global population lacks access to safe sanitation, a deadly global health disparity that rarely finds its way into the spotlight. In this episode, we examine the scope of the problem, and the cultural challenges that have made it surprisingly difficult to fix. Featured Guests: Tom Slaymaker (Senior Statistics and Monitoring Specialist, WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program for Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)) Sangita Vyas (Associate Director, Research Institute for Compassionate Economics) Brooke Yamakoshi (WASH Specialist, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)) For an episode transcript and show notes, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/lets-talk-about-toilets
Oct 28, 2020 41 min

Make America Vote Again

The United States trails far behind most advanced democracies when it comes to voter turnout, with just 55 percent of eligible voters participating in the 2016 election. What are other countries doing right, and what is the United States doing wrong? Featured Guests: David Becker (Executive Director, Center for Election Innovation & Research) Kristen Clarke (President and Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law) Rosalind Dixon (Professor of Law, University of New South Wales) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/make-america-vote-again
Oct 14, 2020 2 min

Season Three Trailer

What happens when the world runs out of fish? Does TikTok actually present a national security risk? Will Africa's population boom change the world as we know it? In season three, Why It Matters explores a new series of challenges that are gathering on the horizon. For more information on our first two seasons, be sure to visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/why-it-matters
Sep 30, 2020 24 min

Dimming the Sky (Flashback Episode)

As climate change accelerates, some scientists are researching ways to alter our climate to slow down warming. But the method, called solar geoengineering, comes with some serious risks. Featured Guests: David Keith (Harvard University) Shuchi Talati (Union of Concerned Scientists) Gernot Wagner (New York University) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/dimming-sky
Aug 26, 2020 31 min

Treasures Looted in War

Works of art and cultural heritage sites are common casualties in war. In many cases, the sale of plundered treasures has helped finance ongoing conflict. In this episode, two experts examine the history of conflict-driven looting. Along the way, they trace the opaque, unregulated international art market that allows irreplaceable treasures to travel from strife-torn regions to the catalogues of prestigious auction houses. Featured Guests: Amr Al Azm (Professor of History and Anthropology, Shawnee State University) Tess Davis (Executive Director, Antiquities Coalition) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/treasures-looted-war
Aug 12, 2020 31 min

Why We Need International Students

For decades international students enjoyed bipartisan support in the U.S., with strong consensus that they fueled American innovation, job creation and competitiveness. But in recent years the pipeline of international students has come under threat, and other nations are seizing the opportunity to take in the world’s brightest students. Featured Guests: Esther D. Brimmer (Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA) Edward Alden (Senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; the Ross distinguished visiting professor at Western Washington University) For an episode transcript and show notes, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/why-we-need-international-students
Jul 29, 2020 33 min

Pricing Our Climate

As the effects of climate change move from scientific predictions to daily headlines, some investors have begun sounding the alarm about impending dangers to financial markets. In this episode, experts break down the intersection of climate change and the economy, and examine whether the persuasive power of the dollar can be leveraged in the fight for climate action. Featured Guests: Kate Mackenzie (Green Columnist, Bloomberg) Michael Greenstone (Professor of Economics, University of Chicago) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/pricing-our-climate
Jul 15, 2020 35 min

Hey, Remember the Olympics?

Hosting the Olympics is a monumental undertaking that often leaves behind rusted stadiums and financial losses. So why do nations compete to do it? This episode examines the political history of the games, and the soft power that countries hope to gain by hosting them. Featured Guests: Jules Boykoff (Professor of Political Science, Pacific University) Katharine Moon (Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/hey-remember-olympics
Jul 01, 2020 35 min

Living in History

Whether you think we are making history or repeating it, it’s safe to say we are living in a historic time. In this episode, Why It Matters asks three historians to weigh in on how to use the past to examine the present and make better choices for the future. Featured Guests: Richard N. Haass (President, Council on Foreign Relations) Margaret MacMillan (Professor of History, University of Toronto) Annette Gordon-Reed (Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History, Harvard Law School) For more information on this episode, visit us at cfr.org/podcasts/living-history
Why It Matters
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