Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Nov 13, 2020 54 min

Speaking the Language of Youth - Future Gazing into 2021

In our most recent 'Speaking the Language of Youth' panel event, we discussed marketing to youth and parent audiences as we move into 2021. James was joined by a panel of industry experts including: Fran Scudder, Senior Partnerships Manager at Warner Media; Hannah Snow, an Online Content Creator; Kat McKenna, a youth marketing specialist; and Joseph Nwosu, Marketing and Social Innovation at Experian. You can hear insight on authentic content, the need for audience research and what can we expect from youth marketing in 2021! Speaking the Language of Youth: Future Gazing into 2021. Follow Rocket on Twitter - ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn - ( See for privacy and opt-out information.
Aug 13, 2020 44 min

Andi Peters: Presenter, Producer and Treasure

Andi Peters is a beloved television presenter and producer. With no intention of working in television, Andi was propositioned to audition for ITV after being heard on the in-store radio of Oxford Circus’ TopShop. And from there the rest is history, as Anti enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, a career both presenting and producing, for the UK’s biggest channels and programming. Many will know Andi from The Broom Cupboard, others Live & Kicking, The O-Zone, Top of The Pops, Shipwrecked, or simply as “the bloke that gives away money on This Morning.” For over 30 years, Andi has enjoyed an eclectic and highly influential career, in-front and behind the camera, and is with us today - for the final episode of season 3 - to share his Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Andi on Instagram Follow Andi on Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.
Aug 06, 2020 48 min

Generation Snowflake, China and Free Speech (Author, Uli Baer)

Ulrich “Uli” Baer is a professor at New York University and the author of the book “What Snowflakes Get Right.” Born in Germany when it was still divided, Ulrich Baer made a last ditch effort to live out his days in the U.S, and succeeded. After throwing away his return ticket, Uli worked odd jobs before spending 3 years at Berkeley University, acquiring a BA from Harvard, then a PhD from Yale. Most recently, he authored the book “What Snowflakes Get Right”; challenging ideas surrounding free speech, truth, diversity, censorship and “generation snowflake.” Topics of discussion include: “generation snowflake,” free speech, China, censorship, college campuses, and the characteristics of young people. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Uli on Twitter Follow Uli on Instagram See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 30, 2020 45 min

Informing the Youth: Challenges, Tone and Precision (Anna Bassi, The Week Junior)

Anna Bassi is the Editor-in-Chief of The Week Junior: a digestible current affairs magazine for children published by Dennis Publishing. Having gained a weekly readership of 93,000 despite launching a mere five years ago, The Week Junior has quickly become ‘Britain’s fastest growing children’s magazine,’ Junior’s aim is to empower children to be more informed, curious and engaged through their curation of safe and accessibly presented facts, information and stories. This year, The Week Junior launched in the U.S and has already captured the attention of 43,000 subscribers, demonstrating that not even a pandemic can slow them down. Anna Bassi is the Editor-in-Chief for The Week Junior. After completing her postgrad in publishing, Anna serendipitously found herself in the world of children’s publishing, working for the likes of Redan Publishing, The BBC, Eaglemoss and Egmont thereafter. From her time in the industry, Anna has developed a laser focus on the interests, trends and developments of young people. Topics of discussion include: Anna’s journey and inspiration, The Week Junior’s business model, Junior’s demographic, relating to youth, Junior’s USPs, and the do’s and don’ts of writing for a young audience. This is Anna Bassi’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Anna on Twitter Connect with Anna on LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 23, 2020 48 min

Reimagining Schools for Creativity (Jonty Archibald, Global Academy)

Jonty Archibald is the principal of the Global Academy: a university technical college designed to equip young people for a career in the media and entertainment industries. Though still in its infancy, the Global Academy has already redefined what a school is and can be. Global provides 14-19 year olds accessibility to study oft reserved for university subjects, such as computer science, digital media, art and drama, within a learning environment that is state of the art and believes that the education of “every child matters.” Feeling disengaged from his own schooling, Jonty Archibald now finds himself as the leader of the kind of school he wished he could have attended as a youth. As principal, he brings his knowledge of education and industry together, helping to open the gates for young and aspiring creatives. Topics of discussion include: Jonty’s beginnings, creativity, school curriculum, schooling during the pandemic, online learning, the role of education, and how the youth have changed. This is Jonty Archibald’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Global Academy @TheGAcademy Follow Global Academy on Instagram Follow Global on Facebook See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 16, 2020 55 min

The Evolution of Gaming (Lee Kirton, Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Lee Kirton is the Marketing and PR Director for Bandai Namco Enterainment, UK & Ireland. The technologies powering video games aren’t the only facets of the industry constantly on the precipice of evolution. Indeed, as the medium developed as a resource for learning, problem-solving and interactivity, so did its appeal for more compelling and captivating marketing.. Lee Kirton has been on the cutting edge of this upward trend, having provided PR and marketing services for game developers for over two decades. He is also an ambassador for SpecialEffect: a charity aiming to bring accessibility to gaming. Upon merging BANDAI and NAMCO, BANDAI NAMCO Entertinament was born in 2006. They are one of the most prolific developers in the gaming space today, being responsible for franchises such as Dark Souls, Dragon Ball, Ni no Kuni, Tekken, Soulcalibur, and, arguably, gaming’s mascot of mascots Pac-Man. Topics of discussion include: the evolution of gaming, work attitude, video games as pop culture, franchising, competitors, passion and honesty. This is Lee Kirton’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Lee on LinkedIn: Follow Lee on Twitter: Follow Bando Namco Europe on LinkedIn See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 09, 2020 47 min

The Future of Social Platforms (Louise Richardson, Pinterest)

Louise Richardson is the Director of Marketing, Europe at Pinterest. Once an “idiot 21-year-old rocking up to London” - her words, not ours - Louise Richardson has cemented herself as an inexpendable asset, and unabashedly raging fan, of Pinterest. With her formative years being spent at the likes of Mindshare and Snap Inc, Louise brings a razor sharp knowledge of the social media landscape with her to Pinterest, and this week’s discussion. Rather than being a space for highlight reels; what has happened, like so many other social medias, Pinterest is a future-facing social media service, galvanising the inspiration and imagination of its users. Though a late comer to the social media space, relative to the founding years of the biggest social platforms today, Pinterest has captured the attention and admiration of over 250 million people around the world, bringing each of them closer to living the Pinterest ethos of creating a life you love. This is Louise Richardson’s Rocket Fuel. Topics of discussion include: mentorship, diversity of experience and personality, the future of commuting, how Pinterest is different, brand integration and Gen Z/Zoomers, ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Louise on LinkedIn: Follow Louise on Twitter: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 02, 2020 50 min

A Refreshing Take on Health and Branding (Kara Goldin, Hint Inc.)

Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of Hint Inc: a US-based healthy lifestyle company specialising in beverages. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Kara Goldin began developing the blueprint to Hint’s success after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Needing a healthy alternative to sugary juices and sodas, she began experimenting with her very own DIY beverages from her kitchen. Today, Kara heads a team of 200, and incorporates a direct-to-consumer model of distribution, fundamentally disrupting the parameters of the beverage industry. Since its founding in 2005, Hint have gone on to become the fastest-growing flavoured water in the US. Beginning commercially in Silicon Valley, then mainstream retailers thereafter, Hint have fundamentally carved out a fresh and interesting space in the beverage market by allowing and imploring their consumer base to order straight to their door. Topics of discussion include: Kara’s journey, consumer habits, competition, youth behaviours, and brand personality. This is Kara Goldin’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Connect with James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Kara on Twitter Follow Kara on Instagram Connect with Kara on LinkedIn Hint See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 25, 2020 29 min

Darren Moorcroft, The Woodland Trust

Darren Moorcroft is the CEO of The Woodland Trust: a conservation charity dedicated to maintaining and populating forestry. The Woodland Trust is the UK’s biggest woods conservation charity. They stand up for woods and trees by harnessing the power of big data; creating woodlands that last for generations to come. Last year alone, with the help of schools, youth organisations and families, the TWT planted a sheer 750,000 trees Darren Moorcroft is a Doctor of Conservation and the Chief Executive Officer at The Woodland Trust. Prior to this role, he worked for wildlife conservation RSPB for 17 years, cementing his role as a protector of the environment and the biodiversity it houses. Topics of discussion include: why The Woodland Trust do what they do, having a diversely skilled team, the climate and nature crisis, raising awareness, and engaging young people. This is Darren Moorcroft’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Darren on LinkedIn: Follow Darren on Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 18, 2020 46 min

KFC's Branding Recipe (Josh Benge, KFC)

Josh Benge is the Brand Engagement Manager for KFC, managing social media, gaming and partnerships. Needing no introduction, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the biggest quick service restaurants in the world. KFC is located in 150 countries, and has over 900 restaurants in the UK and Ireland alone. Over the course of 5 years, Josh Benge has carved out a niche for himself at KFC, attaining a role that, self admittedly, is a bit of a mouthful. Dubbed ‘Brand Engagement Manager - Social Media, Gaming and Partnerships,’ Josh manages the “post-social media aspects” of the UK KFC brand, including KFC’s social media feeds, influencer partnerships, and, brand new venture, KFC Gaming. Along with his two lifelong friends, Josh also co-hosts The Stodgy Waffle Podcast: a comedy and entertainment podcast Topics of discussion include: Josh’s journey, brand tones of voice, keeping a brand fresh, KFC gaming, competition, influencer marketing saturation, KFC’s charity, and appealing to individuated youth. This is Josh Benge’s Rocket Fuel ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow James on LinkedIn ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Josh on LinkedIn Listen to the Stodgy Waffle Podcast See for privacy and opt-out information.