Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Apr 02, 2020 51 min

Rebecca Smith - Executive Director, COPA90

Formerly an international footballer, ‘Bex Smith is now the executive director of women's game at COPA90, ‘the world’s largest independent football media business.’ Kiwi by blood, American by birth, Rebecca Smith began her eclectic career as New Zealand’s national team captain. She enjoyed a varied career as a professional footballer for numerous teams, even competing in the ’08 Olympics, before transitioning into a management role at FIFA. Now, at COPA90, Bex’ transforms the face of women’s football through inclusive storytelling. COPA90 is an award winning digital media business celebrating football culture and its fans. During the 2019 Women’s World Cup, they became the number one publishers of football content, doubling their brand awareness, and now reach an audience of over 80 million people around the globe. Topics of discussion include: Inclusivity in football, team motivation, values, storytelling in marketing, brand bandwagoning, the youths media consumption, values and behaviours This is Rebecca Smith’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Contact Rebecca on LinkedIN ( Follow her on Twitter @bexsmithkiwi ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Mar 06, 2020 50 min

Jo Ruxton - Founder, Plastic Oceans UK

Jo Ruxton is the founder and director of Plastic Oceans UK; a non-profit dedicated to educating people on the perils of a plastic polluted ocean.… A Plastic Ocean is an iTunes and Netflix chart-topping documentary designed to make the public more ocean literate. Though it was released four years ago, it continues to make waves in the environment debate. Jo produced the film as a result of seeing, first hand, how plastics and pollutants damage the ocean, and in turn damage us. She started the marine programme when she worked for the WWF; she pushed for conservation documentaries to be made whilst at the BBC. Now, after years of being told that people “aren’t interested in conservation,” Jo is making people listen to the ocean - whether they want to hear it or not. Topics include: ocean literacy, funding, climate cynicism, plastic intelligence, the youth's passion, and not taking no for an answer, This is Jo Ruxton’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Contact Jo Ruxton on LinkedIN ( Follow her on Twitter @jamesmanager_ ( Follow Plastic Oceans [email protected] ( Contact Plastic Oceans UK on LinkedIn ( Stream A Plastic Ocean on Netflix: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Feb 27, 2020 49 min

Mark Walker & James Hancock - Co-founders, Free Focus

Free focus is one of the UK’s biggest digital talent agencies. Co-founded by Mark Walker and James Hancock just 4 years ago, Free Focus has quickly become one of the most prolific talent agencies in the UK. Built on an ethos of trust, transparency and hard work, they have developed a roster of talent including best-selling authors, presenters, musicians, and online personalities. James began his management career more traditionally, working in TV, radio and sports management, whereas Mark’s began in the music industry. Their combined expertise in promotion, management, strategy and development has attracted the trust and confidence of Hannah Witton, Connie Glynn, Lucy Earl and Georgia’s Cakes. Topics include: influencer revenue streams, brand partnerships, the influencer economy, company values and youth. This is Mark Walker & James Hancock’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Contact Mark Walker on LinkedIN ( Contact James Hancock on LinkedIn ( Follow him on Twitter @jamesmanager_ ( Follow Free Focus @freefocusmgmt ( Contact Free Focus on LinkedIn ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Feb 20, 2020 42 min

Ruth Wright - Editor-in-Chief, AMV & Extinction Rebellion Volunteer

Ruth Wright is the former editor in chief at creative agency Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV), an Extinction Rebellion volunteer, and has recently joined VSO: a charity dedicated to eradicating poverty. Informed by her extensive career in media and marketing, Ruth Wright brings an eclectic toolkit to fighting the climate crisis. She is a speaker, activist and spokesperson who believes that we should “act first, [and] ask for permission later.” Extinction Rebellion is a movement dedicated to overhauling government policies that exacerbate the climate crisis. Other topics include: juggling activist and corporate life, Extinction Rebellion’s beginnings, how corporations affect the climate, brand purpose, and conscious youth,… This is Ruth Wright’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Ruth Wright @ruthie_w ( Contact her on LinkedIn ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Feb 13, 2020 35 min

Mark Stevenson - Reluctant Futurist

Futurist Mark Stevenson advises corporations on how they can get the most out of the future. Using his eclectic background in theatre, stand-up comedy and information technology, Mark instigates positive change for social justice issues and the climate. He realises that, whilst we are all individuals, we are also nodes in a network, which is why we have more power than we often realise - not just as consumers, but as citizens. In this episode, we discuss: social justice and climate, making ideas as funny as possible, speaking truth to power, extinction rebellion, and culture,… This is Mark Stevenson’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Mark Stevenson @Optimistontour ( Contact him on LinkedIn ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Feb 06, 2020 41 min

Ally Owen - Founder, Brixton Finishing School

Ally Owen is the founder of Brixton Finishing School, an organisation dedicated to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds into the creative industries. From its inception in 2017, Brixton Finishing School set out to be a disruptor to the creative industries; challenging issues of diversity by being more inclusive to those of BAME heritage and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. BFS provide successful applicants with a free 12-week course, which includes masterclasses from business professionals and avenues into entry-level jobs. Coming from a lower-class background herself, Ally knows what it’s like to play an unfair game. This is why she’s made it her mission to “solve the world’s problems,” by helping to those that need it most. Prior to founding Brixton Finishing School, she found success at enterprises such as The Guardian, John Brown and Yahoo! Now, she spends her time tackling unethical hiring practices; ushering in a more equal opportunity society. This is Ally Owen’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Ally Owen @ally_n1 ( Contact her on LinkedIn ( Sponsor Brixton Finishing School:… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Jan 30, 2020 50 min

Ben Ebbrell - Co-founder, SORTED Food

Ben Ebbrell is the founder of SORTED, an award-winning YouTube channel dedicated to food. Co-founded by school friends Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Stafford and Barry Taylor ten years ago, the collective destabilised what it meant to a player in the food industry, and continue to be pioneers in the digital space to this day. The now sixteen person team creates highly produced videos for their 2M+ YouTube community, develops apps, and publishes cook books to a global audience. Ben Ebbrell is one of the fundamental ingredients to team SORTED. Having followed a ten-year recipe comprised of culinary arts management, a passion for education, and love for his friends, Ben dishes his revelations on: entertaining an audience that ages with you, balancing structure and creativity, growing a team, revenue streams, brand purpose, and the youth’s distrust. This is Ben Ebbrell’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Ben Ebbrell @Bebbrell ( Follow Ben on LinkedIn ( SORTED food: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Jan 23, 2020 37 min

Nick Telson - Co-founder, DesignMyNight

Nick Telson is the co-founder of DesignMyNight. Amassing eight million unique users a month, DesignMyNight is one of the UK’s most popular nightlife discovery platforms. As a B2C, DMN connects consumers and suppliers alike -…providing a menu of nightlife experience for punters, and a robust booking system for venues.… Having aspired to build a business together since their time at university, Nick Telson and partner Andrew Webster began the blueprint for DMN in 2019, after being blown away by a concierge's knowledge of New York nightlife. Nick quit his job as a marketing director at L’Oreal, and two years later, DesignMyNight was born. Nick tells us how DMN avoided bust during its infancy, and why appealing to everyone, and not just the “cool,” made his business flourish. Other topics include: how Nick learned to market, why he hires the passionate and not just the “qualified”, what Nick looks for in his team, the pioneering of DMN, and what young people want from brands. This is Nick Telson’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow DesignMyNight @DesignMyNight ( Follow Nick Telson on LinkedIn ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Jan 16, 2020 34 min

Adnan Ebrahim - CEO, Car Throttle

Adnan Ebrahim is the founder and CEO of Car Throttle, a motoring brand that distributes content online. Dubbed “Top Gear for the Facebook generation,” Adnan founded Car Throttle a decade ago, when he was still a student living with his parents. Since then, the brand has gone on to work with the likes of McLaren, Nisan, Mercedes and Red Bull, and has recently been acquired by Dennis Publishing. Having built websites and online communities from just 15-years-old - selling his first website before his 18th birthday - we explore how Adnan’s ingenuity and precocity paved the way for Car Throttle’s success.… Throughout this episode, we discuss: brand focus, “switching off,” demographics and competitors, and why you should be like Nike and Just Do It. This is Adnan Ebrahim’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow Adnan Ebrahim @adnanebrahim ( Follow Adnan on LinkedIn ( Follow Adnan on Instagram @adnanr35 ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Jan 09, 2020 47 min

James O'Malley - Technology Journalist

James O’Malley is a technology and politics freelance journalist. “The problem with being a technology journalist is, these days, you’re basically an everything journalist.” Technology has become so ubiquitous throughout modern society that it now pervades every nook and cranny of our lives. Of course it has afforded us amazing benefits, but luxuries are not without their costs; we use technology, but it, in turn, uses us. As such, James O’Malley has made it his mission to report and document on how technology catalyses change in the world. Having been the editor for Gizmodo UK for two years, as well as having written for publications such as WIRED and The Spectator, James has become an expert at discussing technology and culture. He has reported on how TfL breaches privacy, the horrors of China’s social credit system, and even coded a free-to-use Trump notification bot. Our discussion includes: how technology and politics affect our society, the importance of data, healthy skepticism, and TikTok confusion. This is James O’Malley’s Rocket Fuel. ——————— Follow James @JamesErskine ( Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Follow Rocket on LinkedIn ( Follow James O'Malley @psythor ( Follow James on LinkedIn ( For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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