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Mere Christians
Mere Christians
Jordan Raynor

How does the gospel influence the work of Mere Christians—those of us who aren’t pastors or religious professionals, but who work as... more

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Cory Carlson (Author of Win at Home First)

“Hand over your small story for a greater story.”

28 Feb 2024 · 34 minutes
Jennifer Allwood (Author of Get Unstuck and Stay Unstuck)

Feeling stuck professionally? This episode will help!

21 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
Dr. Darrell Cosden (Author of The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work)

What the nail scars in Jesus’s hands mean for the work of your hands

14 Feb 2024 · 45 minutes
Dave Hataj (Owner of Edgerton Gear, Inc.)

How to plant a desire for goodness and truth that ultimately leads to Christ

07 Feb 2024 · 55 minutes
Luke LeFevre (Founder of Holy Work)

The 7 stages of creating with God

31 Jan 2024 · 42 minutes
Dr. Linda Braddy (CEO of American Red Cross - North Texas)

“God cares about math” and your work too

24 Jan 2024 · 50 minutes
Audiobook excerpt of The Sacredness of Secular Work

Here's the Intro & Chapter 1 read by yours truly!

19 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 32 minutes
Matt Rusten (President of Made to Flourish)

Practical ways for your pastor to encourage Mere Christians in their work

17 Jan 2024 · 41 minutes
Kaleigh Cox (VP of Business Development for DxTEL)

Stop viewing your co-workers as “salvation projects”

10 Jan 2024 · 49 minutes
Skye Jethani (Author of What If Jesus Was Serious About Heaven? + Co-host of The Holy Post)

What heaven means for your work today

03 Jan 2024 · 46 minutes
Mere Christians
Cory Carlson (Author of Win at Home First)
Mere Christians