Visible at Work

Visible at Work

Tracy Oyekanmi
Jul 31, 2020 38 min

Ep 27 You are the Product Abroad Interview with Ravi Jayagopal Ep 27

Ravi Jayagopal is a Business Coach, 6-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster- and (2 shows), full-time Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Online Course Creator, WordPress Plugin Creator & Evangelist, an Amateur Ventriloquist. He has been selling online since 1997 and has created and sold several information products. But before all of this, Ravi made that leap and moved to the US as a computer engineer during the internet boom and also faced the struggle of a highly-skilled Immigrant , resettling with his family while building a business on the side. Soon enough, his several business ideas have become wildly successful and he shares openly so many secrets to succeeding abroad. His advice is so good that it can be applied to your career and business too! On the podcast, Ravi shares how he moved to the US from India in 2000, worked at various high-tech jobs, all while building a business on the side, hustling nights and weekends, sleeping 5 hours a day while managing a family and a full-time job (a highly paid one, in New York). In 2010, he was able to quit his job and become a full-time entrepreneur, and move to San Diego, CA with his beautiful wife, 2 precious kids and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla! He is also the Co-founder & Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass - or DAP - a premium membership plugin for WordPress, and other popular WordPress plugins like CoolCastPlayer and S3MediaVault.When you put in a lot of hardwork, you make your own luck "Once you have an idea for a product, try to observe if there's a market for it. This is because you might be passionate about something for which there's no market for".
Jul 19, 2020 22 min

Ep 26 Using grit to succeed abroad Roman Prokopchuk

Roman Prokopchuk is a 2nd generation Immigrant who moved from Ukraine as a little boy to USA but he traces his success in business- Novazora Digital Agency and Digital Savage podcast to the grit he saw his grandparents display. Roman advises us that When moving to find new opportunities, it is important that you understand the type of role you want to get and your expectations or what you want to get out of it. He also opens up about dealing with life situations. "Each rough experience that we go through in life prepares us for the next rough experience".
Jul 13, 2020 50 min

Ep 25 Explaining a Gap on Your Resume with Sonal Bahl

Sonal Bahl has lived many career lives in one and now helps others supercharge their careers! Originally from India, Sonal has lived and worked in Chile, Uruguay, France and now resides in Belgium. …She speaks English, French, Hindi and Spanish and can conduct business in all four! As a HR manager who has also experienced gaps in her resume to due to moving abroad, she breaks down the strategy to win with what seems like a chicken and egg situation.… If you are in search for local experience in your new location before re-entering your industry, took sometime off for your family, or volunteered and it seems unrelated, you need to listen to this episode! Sonal shares her own story about how sometimes, volunteering in a new location can be a win-win situation such that you can easily learn the new language while helping others. Using your connections if you worked for a global company in your previous location.… How not to be afraid or be negative about gap years in your resume but to point it out in a strategic manner.… She was also gracious to share a Masterclass video she did about explaining Gaps in your Resume… Find Sonal on LinkedIn Here
Jul 05, 2020 37 min

Ep 24 How to be result oriented in your work Stan Van Workum

…Stan's journey from growing up in Netherlands, schooling in Sweden to work in New Zealand is admirable as he discusses his goal to work for one of the Big 4s in consulting to ultimately growing his own technology company abroad. He reminds us to: Never give up!! regardless of the number of times you've been rejected. Know that the best way to improve communication skills is by practicing, Not turn down opportunities that'll help you improve on your skills. Be encouraged to take care of our mental health and stability. Send your questions to [email protected] Want to know how to succeed once you start working abroad? Watch the free Masterclass to get career success while working abroad.
Jun 28, 2020 21 min

Ep 23 When you need to re-certify to practice Abroad. How Moyosore Balogun did it 1.5 years!

Having the right to practice in a new location takes a lot of resilience, courage and focus. This is exactly what Nigerian trained lawyer, Moyosore Balogun in less than two years. Moyo tells everything about her transition from schooling to understand Canadian work culture What she did when her professor felt she wouldn't pass her exams or qualify… Moyo always advices us to ;… Always reject negative opinions, you can never know until you've tried. Never be too shy to ask for help, Find ways to network especially if you are in a new environment. Send your questions to [email protected] Want to know how to succeed once you start working abroad? Watch the free Masterclass to get career success while working abroad.…
Jun 22, 2020 21 min

Ep 22 Making the minority experience transparent in Corporate.

Our guest, …Toby Egbuna co-founded Dyversifi- An anonymous career insight platform for diverse employees for other minorities to learn what how to succeed at a certain company and what it’s like to work there. We discuss Toby's personal experience as a minority in corporate America. The dichotomy of being a 1st generational immigrant- Understanding the complexities of seen as not being African enough or being American enough. How your minority/diversity experience is different from person to person and can also come with opportunities. To share your experience as a minority on Dyversifi, check it out here Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate and Review your favorite episodes.… Send your questions to [email protected]
May 31, 2020 25 min

Ep 21 Leading Global Teams- How to succeed working Abroad with Travis Ames

Managing a globally diverse team is interesting and also comes with a sense of responsibility.… On this bonus episode, Travis Ames, Vice President Consumer Devices at Microsoft Canada discusses the importance of building trust before visibility and his personal experience also while working abroad. Key Takeaways: Find ways to stay relevant in a team by constantly looking for areas where you can make a difference even beyond the scope of your core job. Always take time to learn new skills beyond your core job. This way it'll be easy to fill in any skill gap and thus remain relevant. As a team leader, optimism is one characteristics helps keep a team together.… To learn more about Travis, connect with him on LinkedIn. If you like the episode please rate, review and subscribe!
May 17, 2020 17 min

Ep 20 Why Credibility is the New Currency Post COVID-19

What you need beyond money in this pandemic is another type of currency. The one that will be a hedge against the changes.… The credibility to maintain your role as an essential asset to the organization and the credibility to find better opportunities in the midst of a "scarce" job pool right now.… Also, get the BONUS follow-up tracker to help you build your credibility currency here… This is the currency you need to spend beyond money. Find out how.… Send your questions to be answered in AMA Sessions to [email protected]
May 01, 2020 18 min

Ep 19 Building a Crisis Plan for your Career

Today's crisis might be the best foundation to plan ahead of another crisis.… On this episode, i share a crisis framework you can adapt to your career. Happy International Worker's Day! Keep sending your questions to [email protected]
Apr 14, 2020 12 min

Ep 18 My boss thinks i'm not working hard enough!

Ask Me Anything sessions are on! Send your questions to [email protected]