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The Underdog Podcast

Kyle Decker & Calvin Blackmon
Jul 08, 2020 1 hr 15 min

#42: Merril Hoge – From NFL to Inspirational Speaker

Our guest this week is Merril Hoge. Some may know him for his time in the NFL as a running back for both the Pittsburgh Stealers and the Chicago Bears. Or for his 20+ year career as an ESPN announcer, but we’ve come to know him as our daily inspiration. If you follow him on social media, you will understand. He spent almost 8 years in the NFL before his career came to a screeching halt. Improper care of a head injury forced him into retirement. Although his love for the game continued as an on-air analyst for ESPN, his life was forever changed. Now he uses his platform to inspire others through times of adversity including another difficult time in his life, kicking cancers ass. We are sure this episode will inspire you to take advantage of the life you should be living. Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Jul 01, 2020 1 hr 2 min

#41: Gary Owen – Funniest Serviceman in America

For those of you who don’t know him, we promise you won’t be disappointed! Gary Owen’s life has provided him with a ton of content to say the least. His comedic approach to overcoming adversity is something we should all lean on right now! Growing up in a trailer park in Cincinnati, OH, he joined the US Navy after graduation and served as a Master-At-Arms before starting his career as a comedian. He speaks openly about his family affairs and the many struggles he has had to overcome throughout his life. Gary was named “Funniest Serviceman in America” after only one year of doing stand-up and won a contest to be named “Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego.” He has made appearances in several films, had a show on BET, The Gary Owen Show, and released several comedy specials namely his latest #DoinWhatIDo released in 2019. Take a break and laugh with us a little. You deserve it! Follow Gary on Social Media: Instagram: @garyowencomedy Twitter: @garyowencomedy Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Jun 24, 2020 36 min

#40: Chuck Martin – Miami University Head Football Coach

Our guest this week is head football coach, Chuck Martin. With the odds stacked against him, Coach Martin left a success team at Norte Dame to take over an 0-12 Miami University program in 2014. Coach speaks to his decision informing host, Kyle Decker and Calvin Blackmon (both former Miami Redhawks football alum) that there is a fine line between courageousness and foolishness. Although financially he took a hit, three things that went into his decision: Miami’s tradition – the Cradle of Coaches & the opportunity to turn around one of proudest programs in the country His drive to be a head coach again His family – Oxford really suited his family When he started preparation for his first season it was the hurtles off the field that were most apparent. No one was talking to each other. He spent the first 1-2 years working on structure with weekly meetings and coming together on a central goal. Coach Martin himself was a two-sport athlete and admits that he played because he loved the game and looks for that same passion in his coaching staff and new recruits. When it comes to adversity, he embraced the unpredictable pandemic by challenging his coaches to figure out how to support the athletes. He encouraged his coaches get creative with Zoom meetings. Focusing on safe workouts at home and community service. They started a reading program and pushed the team to get out of their comfort zone by connecting with those in isolation at a local retirement community. He also jumped right into recruiting. The 4 things Coach Martin looks for in a recruit: Find kids that want to play Love for the game - You don’t always win Interest in getting a Miami education Lastly, a desire to be coached We think these four points go beyond the gridiron. Thank you, Coach Martin! Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Jun 17, 2020 42 min

#39: Megan Duffy - Marquette Women’s Basketball Coach

Our guest this week is Megan Duffy head coach for Marquette University women’s basketball team. She reminisces about high school days with our host, Calvin (they both attended Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton, OH). Her love for the game started young. Her high school coach put her in situations regularly where she wouldn’t always be able to find success allowing her to grow her leadership skills and develop her grit. Her senior year her team was number one in the nation and she tore her ACL. This devastating injury opened her eyes to the mental side of the game. She ultimately went on to play college ball at Notre Dame and continued to work hard at not only her skill but her leadership. She was recently named Big East Coach of the Year. She is now coaching young women on and off the court on how to leave their MARQ. Apologies for the sound quality issue. We had a failure with our main recording and had to resort to the zoom recording audio. Follow Megan on Social Media: Twitter: @CoachMeganDuffy Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Jun 10, 2020 37 min

#38: Neal Brown - West Virginia University Head Football Coach

Our guest this week is the head football coach, Neal Brown. Currently, he calls Morgantown, West Virginia home, but that isn’t where his journey started. After graduating from college, he was unsure of where his professional career would lead him. He accepted a grad assistant position at the University of Massachusetts, his alma matte, and knew within months that coaching was what he needed to be doing. Recent events led to a tweet by Coach Brown: Be a Light which was inspired by a song written by country artist, Thomas Rhett. It includes a screenshot of the notes he took on his phone regarding the death of George Floyd and the topic of social injustice. Coach Brown explains that his message to the team was simple: Hate can’t win. Coach Brown developed a program called the 5th Quarter. This program concentrates on the development of the young men off the field. It includes a focus on character, leadership, and career development as well as discussing real-life (financial literacy, personal branding, cooking), and responsibility (current issues and community engagement). We love that Coach Brown believes football is more than a sport; he believes it is a tool he was given to be able to develop young men. Follow Coach Brown on Social Media: Facebook: @NealBrownWVU Instagram: @nealbrown_wvu Twitter: @NealBrown_WVU Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Jun 03, 2020 51 min

#37: Chris Herren - Addiction & Basketball

Our guest this week, Chris Herren has been sober since August 1, 2008. He had his first drink at the age of 12 and was addicted to drugs by the age of 18. Growing up Chris’s desire to fit in lead him to the partying scene in high school which he recalls as just, “doing what all the other kids were doing” or so he thought. Surprisingly, through the drinking and the drugs, his natural athleticism and his fear of failure are what pushed him to make a career of basketball. He worked hard to made it to the NBA, he had a wife and kids and almost lost it all. After being arrested, overdosing and a few other tragic events that unfortunately are common in the life of an addict, he finally hit his rock bottom and started to work towards getting sober. He is now a motivational speaker using the brand name Herren Talks allowing him to share his story and generate raw necessary conversations. He is also the founder of the Herren Project which helps individuals and family members find treatment or support. He is also proud of Herren Wellness which is a holistic residential treatment facility focused on assisting men and women with recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to reach out using one of the resources listed below. Please, get help. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it National Helpline 1-800-622-HELP (4357) Social: Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter – @c_herren - @HerrenTalks - @herren_wellness - Instagram – YouTube - Website - Herren Wellness -
May 27, 2020 53 min

#36: Brian Pillman Jr. - Major League Wrestling

Our guest this week is Brian Zachary Pillman, the son of the late Brian William Pillman the American Professional Wrestler. Brian faced adversity at the age of 4 with the death of his father. He was raised by his Aunt Linda and “Uncle” Mike who he gives praise to for helping to shape his life. Brian took the traditional route by completing his formal education and accepting a corporate job, but he felt he needed more. Follow Brian on Social Media: Instagram: @flyinbrian41 Twitter: @FlyinBrianJr Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
May 20, 2020 38 min

#35: Joe Coniglio - Process Over Results

First-generation college graduate, Joe Coniglio has fought his way to achieving a successful football career. After graduating from college, he wasn’t sure exactly where his career would go, but it was his desire to find his passion and purpose in life that allowed him to embrace every situation. Joe is currently the Outside Linebackers and Defensive Recruiting Coordinator at Kent State University. He believes the past and future success of his team starts with their head coach who brings a clear vision; Flash FAST is what they live by. Fun – team bondingAccountable – player lead team – coaches must show up and be the standard – mutually invest in each other to create the brotherhoodSmart – take care of each other on and off the fieldTough – must be willing to fight & grind Joe also discusses extreme ownership, how change is always possible, relationships, and embracing where you are. There is so much depth in this episode, you may need to pause, rewind, or listen again! Follow Joe on Social Media: Linkedin: Joe Coniglio Twitter: @CoachConiglio51 Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
May 13, 2020 41 min

#34: Austin Hatch - Two Time Plane Crash Survivor

Our guest this week is 25-year Austin Hatch who will undoubtedly stop you in your tracks and encourage you to be grateful for everything you have. He survived not just one plane crash, but two. Tragedy struck during both crashes ultimately resulting in every single member of his family dying. It is a true miracle that he was able to survive. He discusses the road to recovery and how he was able to persevere. While he does admit to suffering from survivors’ guilt, he chose to focus on controlling what he could control to make it through. Austin went on to play basketball at the University of Michigan and is now a motivational speaker. He wakes up every morning with one goal; To make his family proud. Follow Austin on Social Media: Twitter: @AustinHatch30 Linkedin: Austin Hatch Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
May 06, 2020 41 min

#33: Casey O’Brien - 4x Cancer Survivor

Four-time cancer survivor, Casey O’Brien continues to beat the odds. Casey was 13 years young when he was first diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, osteosarcoma. After kicking cancers ass for the fourth time, Casey joined the University of Minnesota’s football team as a walk-on placeholder. He fulfilled his dream by holding for an extra point during their 2019 season. Casey will continue to be at risk and face additional surgeries as a result of his treatment, but he leans heavily on his faith to get him through any adversity and has won our hearts! Follow Casey on Social Media: Twitter: @caseyob14 Instagram: @caseyob14 Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
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