The Underdog Podcast

The Underdog Podcast

Kyle Decker & Calvin Blackmon
Nov 17, 2020 41 min

#61: Herb Magee - From Orphan to The Shot Doctor

Orphaned at the age of 12 and almost separated from his 3 brothers, Coach Herb Magee’s life journey could have ended up completely different. Fifty-Four years at the same University, second all times in wins in Men’s basketball history, a 2011 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Member, listen as “The Shot Doctor” gets us well!
Nov 10, 2020 48 min

#60: Nate Boyer - Former Green Beret

Former Green Beret Nate Boyer talks about his tours in Afghanistan and what it felt like to become the oldest Rookie in the NFL at age 34. He also talks about the conversation he had with Colin Kaepernick during his protest. Such a great story with an even greater man!
Nov 03, 2020 43 min

#59: Ron Hunter - Find an Edge

Coach Ron Hunter doesn’t believe in chasing the next big opportunity. Over the years he has built his programs by finding any little competitive edge and building his culture with like-minded guys and a blue-collar mindset. It’s not about One Shining Moment but creating moments to shine!
Oct 27, 2020 37 min

#58: Jen Welter - Find Your Magic Place

In 2015 Coach Jen Welter became the first woman to coach in the NFL. Through football, her goal is to change the world. She believes it’s vital to be the first and not be the last to set up the future for women. Coach Welter is also a doctor in sports psychology and talks about how to sustain excellence and overcome fear and anxiety. Don’t let her 5’2 130 lbs frame fool you, Coach Welter also dominated the women’s football circuit for more than 10 years as an all-time great defensive lineman!
Oct 20, 2020 42 min

#57: Tom Ryan - Chosen vs Unchosen Suffering

In 2004 Coach Tom Ryan experienced the unimaginable and something no parent ever wants to go through. His 5-year-old son Teague passed away unexpectedly of an unknown heart condition at the time. Coach Ryan and his wife looked all around and within themselves to try and understand “WHY” this happened to them. Ultimately through faith, they have grown closer with God and Coach shares his journey through public speaking and his new book “Chosen Suffering: Becoming Elite In Life and Leadership” so others may learn and grow! As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
Oct 13, 2020 25 min

#56: Rick Prinz - Paradise on Fire

In 2018 the California wildfires burned 153,000 acres in Paradise CA, about 170 miles North of San Francisco. 86 lives were lost that day in the most destructive fire in California history and the deadliest in the US in 100 years. Coach Rick Prinz of Paradise High School and the entire community had to find a way to help Paradise rise, and football was how they did it! Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Oct 06, 2020 37 min

#55: Heather Tarr - Elite Mindset

University of Washington Head Softball Coach Heather Tarr developed an elite mindset at an early age. Growing up playing baseball with the boys until she switched to softball in high school. She went on to become a walk-on at UW and became a standout player. In 2009 she coached her Alma Mater to a National Championship and has sustained excellence throughout her career.
Sep 29, 2020 39 min

Tracy Smith - The Small Town Underdog

Although from a small town, he didn’t let that mindset stop him and knowing his roots is what has propelled Arizona State Sun Devil’s Head Baseball Coach Tracy Smith to sustained success. Winning at every stop along his journey, this 2013 National Coach of the year has continued to prove why he’s one of the best in the game! Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Sep 22, 2020 48 min

Dontae Wright - Tough Love

From a small town of 2000 people in Eastern Kentucky on the border of West Virginia, Dontae Wright lost his mother unexpectedly during his Freshman year of high school. While also not having a father and essentially raising himself, Dontae used sports as a catalyst to overcome racism and other adverse moments in his life. Follow The Underdog Podcast on Social Media: Twitter: @UnderdogPod Instagram: @underdog_pod Facebook: The Underdog Podcast
Sep 15, 2020 49 min

Tamika Jeter - Elite Leadership

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