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Midnight Esbat
Midnight Esbat
Vella Mour

Merry midnight, coven. Welcome to the Midnight Esbat podcast. We’ll be exploring the liminal spaces between light and dark, embracing the occult... more

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How to use tarot as a form of self-care​​ | Midnight Esbat Podcast | Season 1 Ep. 2

Honestly, you're probably already using tarot as self-care​. Using tarot in its most basic & modern purpose — drawing cards or... more

19 Oct 2020 · 44 minutes
Uncover Your Great Work | Midnight Esbat | Season 1 Ep.1

You have a Great Work, and it is calling to you.​ I believe that every human on Earth has a lifelong... more

12 Oct 2020 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
How to do shadow work?​ Practical rituals to engage the shadow. Part two. [ep 9]

Are you ready to deepen your practice?​ Diving into the darkness of one's soul is some of the most complicated and... more

13 Apr 2020 · 52 minutes
A guided beauty ritual for releasing the tension​ [ep 8]

Taking time for ourselves during quarantine and social isolation. COVID-19 is not easy to navigate right now . I live in the... more

05 Apr 2020 · 43 minutes
What is shadow work? Uncovering the shadow side. Part One. [ep 7]

Trigger Warning: We talk about mental health in this episode. I mention unhealthy behaviors based on bad shadow work or... more

26 Feb 2020 · 1 hour, 1 minute
A self love, self devotional Valentine’s Day [ep 6]

"How do I stop being so lovey-dovey?"  A few days ago a friend of mine, Alice, asked me how she could... more

10 Feb 2020 · 37 minutes
Redefining what it means to set intentions in the new year. [ep 5]

My mental health is trash.  Okay, I admit that even though I like to preach about self-care. I am not always... more

02 Feb 2020 · 44 minutes
How to stop feeling like a spiritual orphan, plus the three steps to forging your own path. [ep 4]

Sorry for such shitty audio.  I’m not saying connecting to your ancestral history, being inspired by local lore, or finding... more

03 Nov 2019 · 42 minutes
Breaking down the beauty ritual, plus five examples so you can start practicing every day. [ep 3]

Okay, what is a beauty ritual? You’ve heard me talk about beauty rituals before, but I’ve only ever defined it once.... more

13 Sep 2019 · 35 minutes
Mind, body, spirit, and how activating all three will maximize your witchcraft. [ep 2]

Magic requires your whole self, not just a piece of you.​ It’s honestly that simple. You will get a better outcome... more

16 Aug 2019 · 47 minutes
Midnight Esbat
How to use tarot as a form of self-care​​ | Midnight Esbat Podcast | Season 1 Ep. 2
Midnight Esbat