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The Bellingcat Podcast
The Bellingcat Podcast

The Bellingcat Podcast takes an in depth look at investigations that used open source material and cutting edge investigation techniques to investigate... more

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The Hunt

After discovering the nationality of a group of soldiers filmed committing warcrimes, a global team of open source investigators attempts... more

28 Jul 2020 · 38 minutes
The Executions

A horrifying video goes viral online, appearing to show women and children being gunned down by a death squad. The... more

21 Jul 2020 · 35 minutes
Avenues to Justice

In the final episode of this season, we hear the stories of the families torn apart by shooting down of... more

20 Aug 2019 · 47 minutes
The Men On The Ground

The Bellingcat team use intercepted phone calls between separatist fighters and their Russian contacts to uncover the killers' actions on... more

13 Aug 2019 · 36 minutes

A set of secretly recorded phone calls contain the voices and code names of some of the shadowy figures believed... more

06 Aug 2019 · 34 minutes
The Murder Weapon

Armed with reports that MH17 had been shot down by a surface-to-air missile, The Bellingcat team sets out to find... more

30 Jul 2019 · 36 minutes
A Pack of Lies

Following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a mysterious troll army storms social media and a state sponsored... more

24 Jul 2019 · 31 minutes
The People Who Fell From The Sky

A commercial airliner is torn apart in mid-air above war-torn eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. How could... more

16 Jul 2019 · 33 minutes

Subscribe to The Bellingcat Podcast - Season 1 - MH17 now. Episode 1 launches July 17th.

08 Jul 2019 · 2 minutes
The Bellingcat Podcast
The Hunt
The Bellingcat Podcast