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Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes

Imagine a world where people can manipulate fire and wind, light and darkness. All this and more were born out of Leigh... more

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Shadow and Bone | The Crows: The 🐐 of The Ketterdam Crime World

We’re going even deeper into the Shadow and Bone Grishaverse as host Brandon Jenkins sits down with the ultimate... more

05 May 2021 · 26 minutes
Shadow and Bone | Into the Grishaverse

Before it was a Netflix series, Shadow and Bone was a book by author Leigh Bardugo. This season of Behind... more

28 Apr 2021 · 36 minutes
Introducing Shadow and Bone

Netflix is releasing a new fantasy series, and it’s time for another season of Behind the Scenes to get into... more

16 Apr 2021 · 4 minutes
Coming Soon | Shadow and Bone

On this season of Behind the Scenes, we’ll dive deep into the making of Shadow and Bone. Get ready to... more

12 Apr 2021 · 1 minute
Animation | Castlevania

Welcome to the world of Castlevania: a show adapted from a Japanese video game set in a gothic world of... more

01 Feb 2021 · 21 minutes
Animation | Disenchantment

Learn all about the wild world of Simpson creator Matt Groenig’s Disenchantment. We hear from comedy legends Abbi Jacobson, Eric... more

18 Jan 2021 · 20 minutes
Animation | Voltron: Legendary Defender

Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, the team that brought you Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, join... more

04 Jan 2021 · 25 minutes
Animation | She-Ra

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power aren’t just for 80s kids - they’re back for a new generation. We’ll hear... more

21 Dec 2020 · 23 minutes
Animation | Big Mouth

We’re kicking off this season of Behind the Scenes with Nick Kroll, Mitra Jouhari and Brandon Kyle Goodman, some of... more

07 Dec 2020 · 33 minutes
Introducing Animation

We’re back! And this time, it’s animated. Starting December 7th, host Brandon Jenkins will take you behind the scenes of... more

30 Nov 2020 · 1 minute
Behind The Scenes
Shadow and Bone | The Crows: The 🐐 of The Ketterdam Crime World
Behind The Scenes