Magnificent Aging Podcast

Magnificent Aging Podcast

Deirdre Dolan Nesline
Jul 27, 2020 32 min

20. Having "The Talk" with Your Elder Loved One

My guest today is Cynthia Perthuis who leads and owns the Senior Care Authority offices in New York City and Southwest Florida. Cynthia has a passion for helping others and advocating for those that do not have the ability to speak for themselves. Her own personal experience with her parents and her entrepreneurial background has helped so many family members with the stress of helping and caring for aging loved ones.
Jul 13, 2020 34 min

19. Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom!

My guest today is Stephanie Dalfonzo who has spent more than 20 years researching holistic, natural, and scientifically proven ways to more than just manage stress and anxiety but build emotional resilience and truly break free from its vice-like grip. Stephanie is the author of Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom: How to Build Resilience and Overcome Anxiety I thought it was important to speak with her now that stress and anxiety have a tight grip on a lot of us.
May 14, 2020 25 min

18. Dealing With Grief During COVID19

“Don’t talk me out of my feelings”~Ethel Anne Roome-Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Consider Creating A Second-Best Funeral Condolences and how to comfort others Ways to create the 2nd best way to comfort yourself & honor your loved one Book: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Kuhn Truman Ethel-Anne Roome Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist Phone: 203-262-8326 Email: [email protected] DeClutter By Deirdre Thank you for listening, I appreciate
May 05, 2020 47 min

17. Appreciating People’s Journeys

“When you open yourself up to the possibility of things that could be, and the moments that they appear, there’s great joy that comes from that.” ~Tim Bailey Tim explains: how empowered he felt doing relief work what discoveries he learning from others the many facets to the term social work the importance of focusing on community efforts in needed areas of the world
Apr 06, 2020 22 min

16. Soul Powered Business With Kelly Lynn Adams

“It’s time to remodel and redesign your life the stylish, successful, and soul-powered way.” Kelly Lynn Adams Together, she helps you design your work, your play, your side projects, and your shoe collection the new haute couture way so you are runway ready without all the drama. If you’re a modern gal who feels: Overstressed, overbooked, overworked, overwhelmed…you need Kelly Lynn Adams How to get in touch with Kelly Lynn for Private Coaching or Speaking:
Apr 01, 2020 24 min

15. 3 Categories You Can DeClutter & Address While Working From Home

"We have to watch the THOUGHT we have about the "things" as we DeClutter." ~Christine Maziarz 3 Areas that people dread and do not know how to deal with: Pictures and other memorabilia Household Paperwork Time Management Your Empty Nest Coach, Christine Maziarz Association of Personal Photo Organizers is now: The Photo Managers and can be reached at
Feb 24, 2020 35 min

14. Wills, Power of Attorney with Elder Care Attorney Ann Fowler-Cruz

“This is a gift to your loved ones…to do it the right way.” “Inheritance is a gift, not a right.” ~Ann Fowler-Cruz, Attorney In this episode Deirdre & Attorney Ann Fowler-Cruz discuss: How to find the courage to create a will How Ann chose her Elder Law career Certified Elder Law Attorney explained Why people resist created a will The reasons you need a will Which age you should create a will? Intestate explained The importance of Title on Asset Trust vs Will
Nov 18, 2019 40 min

Magnificent Aging Podcast #13: Deirdre Speaks to Author/Speaker C J Golden About Caregiving

“No one tells you to care for yourself.” C J Golden The balance of caregiving Magical Thinking explained How a strong person learns to be vulnerable Joe & George Clooney Caregivers stress The Cracks The importance of asking for help The importance of accepting help Gratitude & attitude & acceptance Anger that tears us down the most When forgiveness steps in Our choice to be a caregiver Ways to help the caregiver in your life The importance of asking for the type of help you need.
Sep 18, 2019 8 min

Magnificent Aging Podcast #012: Deirdre Gives 5 Tips to Help You Prepare For a Move

Listen in for an explanation of each tip. Here are your 5 tips to prepare for a move: 1. Assess your abilities 2. Invite a trusted friend or professional to help you 3. Be honest with yourself regarding how much you can handle 4. Start with one very small area of your home, especially if you are decluttering on your own 5. Give yourself double to triple the amount of time you think it will take you
Sep 06, 2019 27 min

Magnificent Aging Podcast #011: Deirdre and Marsi Beck, Staying Safe, Independent & Dignified In Our Own Homes

Today I speak with Marsi Beck of On The Mend Medical Supplies and Equipment about: Safety in the home Independence Keeping our dignity How they help out of state and out of country loved ones Who they serve beyond the aging population and how they serve them We also chat about the training they receive and the training they provide to their clients, best in home safety tips and safety products. How you can get a FREE home assessment We both agree on this number one safety tip