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Do The Thing with B
Do The Thing with B
'B' - Bethany Clemenson

Welcome to "Do The Thing" – the podcast where we strip away the superficialities and get real about turning your dreams into... more

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#140 3 Things that Stop Us From Having What We Want (and what to do about it).

Inside you will learn 3 things that stop you from having what you want and how to move past them. If... more

16 Jun 2024 · 24 minutes
#139 Why, How, and When to say No - A Sixth Sense Group Discussion

This episode is a little different from my other episodes. It's longer and it involves a group discussion. There's nothing... more

21 Mar 2023 · 54 minutes
#138 How to take your power back.

Inside this episode I give you a peek inside a coaching session with a 3 part exercise that will reduce... more

14 Mar 2023 · 17 minutes
#137 Staying in Your Lane with Elizabeth Lyons

Liz Lyons is one of those people I loved from the moment we met!  Her sense of humor and centered... more

03 Nov 2022 · 58 minutes
#136 Your Dreams aren't Responsible or Reasonable

In this short episode, there's a little encouragement and insight into your dreams and why they are important Let's Stay Connected Here's... more

09 Aug 2022 · 11 minutes
#135 Limitation vs Possibility

Inside this episode, I share an exercise that has helped me and my clients see their self-imposed limits I can't wait... more

03 Jun 2022 · 15 minutes
#134 The Power of Imagination

We use our imagination all day. Our mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined so why not use... more

27 May 2022 · 19 minutes
#133 What are you choosing?

The choice is all yours. Every moment. Every day. - *this episode audio is taken from an IG Live Our automatic... more

25 Apr 2022 · 20 minutes
#132 A candid discussion about expectation & disappointment featuring Amanda Weber

This is JUICY!   This episode is taken from a discussion that I had with my sister, Amanda Weber, who is... more

08 Apr 2022 · 51 minutes
#130 Because You Can with Marcus Black

Inside this episode, Marcus shares his story of growing up poor surrounded by loss, tragedy, dysfunction and struggle to become... more

25 Mar 2022 · 49 minutes
#131 Hustling for My Worth with Bethany

Hey There, We have a lot of new faces around here and I thought it was time to share a bit... more

23 Mar 2022 · 31 minutes
#129 Finding the Gift of Myself with Kortney Rivard

This episode was lost in the archives for a year!  We recorded this in March of 2021!!!  Kortney's story is... more

22 Mar 2022 · 43 minutes
#127 Boulder Vs Builder Ideas

Do you feel like you are walking through hell with gasoline pants on when it comes to making things work... more

21 Mar 2022 · 14 minutes
#128 - 13 Things to Let Go Of (because they cause stress, pressure, & suffering)

In this episode, I go through a quick list of 13 things you need to let go of and share what... more

21 Mar 2022 · 23 minutes
#126 The 2 People to Take Advice From

Yes, that's right...only 2 people!!! Thanks for being here!  Hope you enjoy this short episode about advice Don't forget to subscribe so... more

26 Feb 2022 · 11 minutes
#125 Finding Freedom - My Sobriety Journey with Tashia Carter

Tashia is proof that when you get crystal clear about what you want and go after it, you can change... more

23 Feb 2022 · 34 minutes
#124 Do you believe in your power?

The longer you entertain what's not for you, the longer you postpone what is. Intrigued? We dive into this on the episode... more

17 Sep 2021 · 40 minutes
#123 The Truth about Your Beliefs

How is what you believe stopping you from having everything you want? This brief episode shares 3 ways to change a... more

15 Sep 2021 · 14 minutes
#122 Stepping into the Wild Unknown featuring Ashlie Woods

Stepping into the Wild Unknown requires courage and risk. Ashlie shares her journey in this episode. She has radically transformed... more

21 Jul 2021 · 46 minutes
#121 Stop waiting to "feel" like it

Here's a short episode about taking action... This was originally a Facebook live  To sign up for the 6-Week Summer Accelerator Mastermind... more

09 Jun 2021 · 13 minutes
#120 The story behind a movement to help girls finish school with Maji-Da Abdi

This episode is unlike any other episode we have had on Dialed In. If this resonates with you I request... more

11 May 2021 · 42 minutes
#119 Stop Judging and Start Discerning with B!

Hey!  It's been a while since I did a solo episode so I thought I'd share a little about what... more

13 Apr 2021 · 19 minutes
#118 Confidence, Taking the one next step, and Living true to yourself with Jill Johnson

Jill and I could have talked all afternoon. Settle in and learn from a woman who is grounded in who... more

23 Mar 2021 · 59 minutes
Episode #117 Seeing possibility instead of obstacles with Francisco Garcia

Are you ready to be inspired, encouraged, and educated all in one single episode?  This is it!! Francisco shares his journey... more

16 Mar 2021 · 40 minutes
#116 Trusting, Taking Big Leaps, and Choosing Yourself with Ashley Mondor

Ashley is an absolute "people lifter" - in this episode we talk about Values, Trusting, Taking Big Leaps, and Designing... more

02 Mar 2021 · 49 minutes
#115 How being authentic can change EVERYTHING featuring Ashlee Branstetter

Typically I write my take-aways here but I'm going to let Ashlee speak for herself.  Ashlee has quickly become one... more

09 Feb 2021 · 32 minutes
#114 From Welfare to Millionaire featuring Sandy Forster

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Sandy. Her story is full of struggles that any of us could face. She... more

02 Feb 2021 · 45 minutes
#113 - Marrying a Stranger, Spiritual Connection, Parenting, and so much more featuring Chiara Townley

What happens when you hear a voice from higher power/spirit/source (whatever you want to call it) tell you that you're... more

26 Jan 2021 · 40 minutes
#112 Seven Shifts to Uplevel your Leadership and your Life

In this short episode, I review 7 Shifts that can change everything. I challenge you to take time to reflect... more

12 Jan 2021 · 9 minutes
#109 New beginnings with a singular focus featuring Karen Vincent

Inside this episode, Karen and I talk about the overwhelm that can happen when you set too many goals.  She... more

12 Jan 2021 · 28 minutes
Do The Thing with B
#114 From Welfare to Millionaire featuring Sandy Forster
Do The Thing with B

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I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Sandy. Her story is full of struggles that any of us could face. She talks about... more