Real Estate Freedom

Real Estate Freedom

May 28, 2019 24 min

An Interview with EXP Realtor Andrew Shock

Andy Shock of EXP Reality joins us to discuss how mentorships, knowing your market, technology, social media and other key aspects that have propelled him to a top preforming agent. In his own words... "I am passionate about all facets of real estate, it pours out of me like sweat pours out of a professional athletes. I truly am a student of the business I learn and grow with the ever changing real estate market, on an hourly basis." Connect with Andy on Facebook
May 28, 2019 15 min

Why Kim and Robb are excited to help you expand your real estate business

Find out the why behind your hosts' passion for helping agents grow their business and secure their futures.
May 28, 2019 23 min

Kim and Robb share their stories and why they love helping you build your real estate business

Learn who Kim and Robb are and what you can expect to learn from this podcast!