So What?

So What?

Dave Berkey and Keith Wittel
Jan 09, 2020 11 min

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Delight In The Best Things

We can often mistake the good for the great. Even though we love to “work” for God and serve Him in many ways, the Christians’s true passion and possession is the Lord Himself. He has blessed us with all we need (see Ephesians 1), most importantly His presence. When Eve looked at the garden, she saw the abundance God provided, but chose to delight in the one thing she couldn’t have (Genesis 3). In the abundance was fellowship with the Lord. When God says He will be our God and we will be His people (Jeremiah 31:33), it is all we really need to hear. Like David, we can say our cup overflows. Yes, the things we do for God are good, but simply being with God is great! Follow along with us in the Read Scripture app: More Resources on delighting in the Lord: -Delighting In God by A.W. Tozer FOLLOW US at our church websites: --- Send in a voice message:
Dec 12, 2019 22 min

Episode 019 - Broken Fellowship - 1 John 1-2, Psalm 36

Although anyone can enjoy fellowship with a friend, Christian fellowship is unique. We relate to one another on a deeper level, in light of our individual fellowship with God. But what happens when that fellowship - that intimate connection - is broken? 1 John 1-2 and Psalm 36 talk about living in the light of God and reminds us that our fellowship with Him, and others, is based on walking in His light. And when we allow darkness to creep in to our life, our spiritual vision is impaired and we miss the full beauty of our eternal and earthly relationships. But God’s heart is always for restoration, to heal that which is broken. Our part is to “walk in the light, as He is in the light.” Ask the Lord to show you where restoration is needed in your life. You can start with praying Psalm 139:23-24 to Him, that He would search you, show you and lead you back into the light. Follow along with us in the Read Scripture app: VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: SUBSCRIBE to get more actionable strategies just like this one! More Resources on Fellowship with God: Walking In The Light - Got Questions The Importance of Christian Fellowship - Got Questions FOLLOW US at our church websites: --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 03, 2019 16 min

Episode 016 - Is The Lord First? - 1 Corinthians 7-8, Psalm 144

Challenge: How well do you encourage those closest to you to Seek First The Lord? --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 24, 2019 24 min

Episode 015 - Memorize and Meditate - Romans 9-10 , Psalm 137

This week’s challenge is to memorize and meditate on Psalm 137:1-6. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 17, 2019 22 min

Episode 014 - Fast For Good - Acts 23-24, Psalm 130

Do you desire to see the good hand of God with the same fervency that evil men desire to see evil? - Acts 23-24, Psalm 130 --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 10, 2019 19 min

Episode 013 - Eyes To See - Acts 9-10, Psalm 123

Challenge: Eyes to see the good works God has laid before you TODAY. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 03, 2019 23 min

Episode 012 - What Authority - Luke 19-20, Psalm 119:65-96

What around you has God given to you by His authority that you are responsible to steward well? --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 26, 2019 23 min

Episode 011 - Meet With God Before Anything Else - Luke 4-5, Psalm 114

The presence of God is one of the GREATEST blessings/ benefits of Knowing Jesus... Do you seek Him first? --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 19, 2019 13 min

Season 2 Intro...

Welcome back to another season of "SoWhat?" the Podcast... We are Looking forward to what The Lord has prepared for us to walk in! --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 23, 2019 14 min

Season 1 End - Permission To Rest

We will be back September 5th! --- Send in a voice message:
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