ESA Explores

ESA Explores

European Space Agency
Sep 16, 2020 19 min

Time and Space: the first Europeans in orbit

In episode one of ESA Explores Time and Space, we explore the early days of Soviet spaceflight in conversation with Romania's first cosmonaut Dorin Prunariu. Dorin was one of 11 Europeans to fly under Russia's Interkosmos programme. In 1978, this programme saw the first European - Czech cosmonaut Vladimir Remek - become the first non-Russian or American to fly to space. Interview with Dorin starts at 05:17.
Aug 14, 2020 20 min

AstroChat - training for the Space Station

ESA astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Matthias Maurer take the time to chat while training for upcoming missions to the International Space Station missions at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, USA. This audio was originally a four-part video series filmed in June 2020. You can watch the full series on ESA's YouTube channel.
Jul 20, 2020 26 min

ESA Explores – ESA missions return to science

After a brief shutdown of science instruments and a period in ‘safe standby’, ESA’s planetary missions are getting back to what they do best – gathering science data from around the Solar System. Paolo Ferri, Head of Mission Operations at ESA’s mission control centre in Germany, and Markus Kissler-Patig, Head of Science and Operations at the Agency’s ESAC Astronomy Centre in Spain discuss the extraordinary and challenging times facing teams on the ground, the return to science for four key missions, and what it's like to make key decisions about the safety of their workforce and Europe’s fleet of space explorers in light of a global pandemic. This podcast episode was originally released in April 2020.
Mar 18, 2020 18 min

Beyond Series – Luca reflects on a mission E10

Just a short time after returning from 201 days in orbit on the International Space Station, Ally Koehler talks with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano about his Beyond mission and life back on the ground. In this episode, Luca talks about everything from what had changed on the Station since his last mission and the infamous AMS-02 spacewalks, to what it's like to be separated from his crew mates and whether he dreams of space. Towards the end of the episode, he also touches on how astronauts deal with the risk of colds and flu on the Space Station as he answers questions submitted on Twitter.
Feb 19, 2020 18 min

Beyond Series – Looking beyond Beyond E09

Dr Aidan Cowley is a science advisor at ESA working with students and researchers on low technology readiness level projects that could shape the way we go forward to the Moon. In this episode, he talks about a few of those projects, the value of humans in space exploration and an alternative use for your kitchen microwave. Next episode will feature a full length interview with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano just over one week since he returned from the International Space Station. Listen to the end for a sneak preview of this interview and subscribe to stay up-to-date.
Jan 15, 2020 20 min

Beyond Series – Back to Earth E08

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano is coming to the end of his six month Beyond mission on the International Space Station. In this episode, hosts Ally Koehler and Stephen Ennis reflect on a few mission highlights and interview ESA flight surgeon Maybritt Kuypers about the challenges of returning an astronaut to Europe.
Dec 17, 2019 24 min

Beyond Series – Space celebrations E07

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet was launched to the International Space Station for his Proxima mission in November 2016. Having spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Orthodox Christmas and Orthodox New Year's as well as his birthday in orbit, he knows a thing or two about how astronauts mark significant occasions in space. In this episode Thomas and BME/Eurocom coordinator for ESA Andgie Boyd discuss how and when astronauts celebrate and shed light on how a saxophone made it to space.
Dec 10, 2019 6 min

Beyond Series – Italian bonus E02

ESA explores Beyond: L' addestramento degli astronauti. Episodio in italiano: Massimiliano Signori e Flavie Rometsch ci parlano dell' addestramento degli astronauti, ed in particolare cosa imparano al Centro Astronauti Europeo (EAC) a Colonia, ed alcuni aneddotti divertenti. Episode in Italian: Massimiliano Signori and Flavie Rometsch tell us about the training of astronauts, and in particular what they learn at ESA's Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne, Germany, along with some funny anecdotes.
Nov 25, 2019 26 min

Beyond Series – Fit for space E06

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano enjoys weight training, swimming, cycling and running – but how does he keep fit while in space. In this episode Ally Koehler chats with ESA exercise team lead Nora Petersen about designing a fitness programme for an astronaut and why this is so important for maintaining bone and muscle mass. Later in the episode, Stephen Ennis also talks to ESA biomedical engineer Beate Fischer. Beate explains how biomedical engineers act as advocates for astronaut health and wellbeing and explains one of the tools used to track and manage medical and nutritional data known as Everywear.
Nov 11, 2019 8 min

Beyond Series – Luca spacewalk special E05.1

The date is set for ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano’s first spacewalk of his Beyond mission. Friday 15 November marks the start of a series of complex spacewalks to service the cosmic-particle-hunting Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02). It is also the first time a European astronaut will take the leading role in the spacewalking duo. In this bonus episode, Luca speaks directly from the International Space Station as he explains the task, its challenges and his feelings before he and NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan suit up and step out into space.