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Kevin Pietersen: Beast Of Man
Kevin Pietersen: Beast Of Man
BBC Radio 5 Live

The rhino. An icon - almost extinct. Kevin Pietersen. A maverick cricketer who never backs down. He says he'll save them. But poachers are... more

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10 - Making It Right

Saving rhinos is fraught with contradictions. To save them from extinction, will we have to be cruel to be kind?... more

28 Jun 2019 · 36 minutes
9 - Love Letter

The war to save the rhino has brought a father and daughter to the very edges of love and hate.... more

21 Jun 2019 · 32 minutes
8 - Champagne

After meeting the trophy hunter, KP is convinced the law needs to be changed to stop it. He takes his... more

14 Jun 2019 · 27 minutes
7 - Trophy Hunted

Trophy hunters have become the villains of the media. Their photos cause outrage, and sorrow for their prey. Kevin Pietersen... more

07 Jun 2019 · 32 minutes
6 - Like Bad Medicine

Vietnam is the reason for the current surge of rhino killing. It's where their horns are prized, for traditional medicine... more

30 May 2019 · 32 minutes
5 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

When the mission is critical - there has to be trust. In the war to save the rhino however, trust... more

24 May 2019 · 31 minutes
4 - Poach Life

The African bushland is like a garden of Eden. But the beauty can't mask the grinding poverty within it. So... more

17 May 2019 · 29 minutes
3 - The Blue Ring

When the baby rhinos are orphaned - their parents killed for horns - they have a saviour. Petronel is a... more

10 May 2019 · 36 minutes
2 - Rolled Up Carpet

A tight knit family of special people are sworn to protect the rhino – these are the Rangers. Their job... more

06 May 2019 · 28 minutes
1 - Meet The Pietersens

Kevin Pietersen spent years as a glamorous and divisive superstar of English cricket. But he was always South African at... more

06 May 2019 · 30 minutes
Kevin Pietersen: Beast Of Man
10 - Making It Right
Kevin Pietersen: Beast Of Man