EFT Tapping Junction

EFT Tapping Junction

Stephen Carter
Sep 18, 2020 19 min

Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll for Better Tapping Results

Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll Plus What to Do When EFT Doesn't Seem to Work: You learn a simple, effective technique called the Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll to enhance your tapping results. This technique can be used to finish off any remaining emotional remnants after an EFT tapping session. It will typically clear any residual emotional charge of 2 or less on the Subject Units of Distress (SUDs) scale. It is also a fast and effective technique for stress relief when you notice your stress level climbing. The Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll was developed by Dr. Roger Callahan as part of his Thought Field Therapy treatment method. In addition to learning the Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll, you'll learn in the, "Listener Questions" segment two ways to get unstuck when EFT doesn't seem to be helping with a specific issue. Time stamps for major segments: :00:00: Intro and what will be covered during episode. :00:58: Overview for upcoming content. :01:38: Foundation info for Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll Technique. :02:54: How to locate the 9-Gamut tapping point and how we use it. :04:12: Assessing your current stress level. :05:18: Begin the Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll experience. :10:16: Tapping Talk Back segment - listener comments. :13:54: Listener Questions: What to do when EFT doesn't seem to work. :17:45: How to listen to previous episodes, get 1-page instruction guide for this technique, and other related info. Host: Stephen Carter, CEO, Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: https://www.EFT-MD.com Email host: [email protected] Get 1-page Guide for Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll Technique: Email [email protected] and put "Eye Roll Guide" in subject line. No need to add any info in email body. Mic: KB Key words: EFT, Emotional Freedom, tapping, Thought Field Therapy, Roger Callahan, TFT, stress, stress relief,
Jul 31, 2020 27 min

Positive EFT Tapping for Sky High Confidence

No matter what your current level of confidence, you can increase confidence in every area of life. Positive EFT offers a simple and effective way to create sky high confidence without dredging up past trauma and failures. In the tap along segment, you're guided through the exact steps to enhance your confidence for any and every specific situation. You'll feel the difference in your confidence level after only one round of Positive EFT tapping. In addition to tapping for sky high confidence, you'll hear listener feedback about how EFT is helping them achieve goals and release stress. Plus, I answer a listener's question about what degrees or certifications you need to help others with Emotional Freedom Techniques or other tapping methods. Link to the "Positive EFT Tapping for Sunshine Energy" episode discussed in this episode: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/25858324 How to get the 1-page, "88 Positive Energy Forms" list discussed in this episode: Email [email protected] and simply add "Energy Forms List" in the subject line. Host: Stephen Carter, Certified Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: https://www.EFT-MD.com. Contact email: [email protected] Mic: EV RE320 Key words: EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, energy psychology, Thought Field Therapy, TFT, Trauma Tapping, Trauma Tapping Technique, TTT, Positive EFT, confidence,
Jun 03, 2020 14 min

Trauma Tapping for George Floyd's Death and Related Events

In this episode, you learn how to apply a tapping method called Trauma Tapping Technique, or TTT, to help you let go of traumatic images, thoughts, and sensations associated with the tragic death of George Floyd and subsequent riots, fire bombings, and violence. You can get a 1-page PDF guide describing how to apply TTT by emailing the host at [email protected] and entering, "Trauma Tapping Technique" in the subject line. This podcast is for you if you use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT), or other tapping / Energy Psychology method for self care or for helping others. Host: Stephen Carter, CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: https://www.EFT-MD.com. Contact Email: [email protected] Mentioned in the episode: Peaceful Heart Network: https://PeacefulHeart.se. Mic: EV RE320. Key words: George Floyd, Minneapolis, riots, Black Lives Matter, New York City riots, Washington D.C. riots, police, trauma, stress, PTSD, Peaceful Heart Network,
Apr 21, 2020 11 min

Positive EFT Tapping for Sunshine Energy

In this episode you learn: - How to apply Positive EFT to dissolve stress, create exactly the mind / body state you choose, and why Positive EFT can work faster and more effectively than Classic EFT; - What Positive EFT is and how it differs from Classic EFT and other tapping methods; - How to apply Positive EFT to tap in positive energy for wellbeing; - How to apply the Heart and Soul tapping protocol; and, - How to get a list of 88 Positive Energy Forms at zero cost and how to use that list daily to identify exactly what energy form or forms you need at any given moment. During the episode, you can personally experience this gentle, effective way of creating positive energy flows and feelings. Host: Stephen Carter, CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: https://www.EFT-MD.com. Contact email: [email protected]; Microphone: Neat KB —— Key words: EFT, Emotional Freedom, Emotional Freedom Techniques, positive eft, tapping,Thought Field Therapy, TFT, stress, calm, relax, relaxation, relaxation response, Dr. Silvia Hartmann, Guild of Energists,
Apr 02, 2020 11 min

Butterfly Hug Tapping for Stress Release

In this episode you learn how to apply a simple, powerful 2-point cross body tapping method known as Butterfly Hug Tapping. You're guided step by step through the method so you can experience it's benefits for yourself. This method creates a sense calm in body and mind. It's easy to learn and teach others. Subscribe for free or listen to revious episodes of, "EFT Tapping Junction" podcast: https://www.eft-md.com/eft-tapping-junction-podcast.html Host: Stephen Carter, CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC: https://www.EFT-MD.com Resources: Download the Written Butterfly Hug PDF Guide by Clicking, https://bit.ly/34cvj1q Daniel Benor, MD, "Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release"; Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Seven-Minutes-Natural-Pain-Release-ebook/dp/B001XCVMRO/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=dan+benor&qid=1585856961&sr=8-4 Mic: AT2005 Keywords: Butterfly Hug, tapping, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, bilateral tapping, stress, stress relief, calm, relaxation, relaxation response,
Feb 10, 2020 14 min

How and When to Apply 9 Gamut Tapping

Show Notes: EFT Tapping Junction, Ep7, "How and When to Apply 9 Gamut Tapping" Depending on when and how you learned EFT, you may not even know what 9 Gamut tapping is and why it can be useful in the right circumstances. With this episode, that is about to change. - Who is this show for? Practitioners using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), or other meridian based energy psychology methods for self-care or with clients. - Brief history of how Dr. Roger Callahan created TFT and how Gary Craig created EFT, and how the 9 Gamut procedure came to be incorporated into these methods. - When and why Gary Craig decided to make the 9 Gamut an optional part of EFT treatment. Quote from Gary Craig's website: "The 9 Gamut Procedure was a standard feature in the Basic Recipe for many years, but is now optional, and I rarely use it. I've found it helpful when there is a clear brain disorder (e.g. Cerebral Palsy) and I will include it occasionally when progress seems to be halted.” (source: https://www.emofree.com/nl/eft-tutorial/tapping-basics/how-to-do-eft.html). Note Gary’s comment, “…I will include it occasionally when progress seems to be halted”. - The 9 Gamut procedure appears unusual for those who don’t understand why it was - and remains - a key component of Thought Field Therapy. - EMDR, which is short for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is a somewhat similar procedure that has been recognized by the American Psychological Association as an evidence based practice. Both EMDR and the 9 Gamut procedure work directly in the brain. Neither is strictly an energy healing method, but the 9 Gamut does include tapping on the Triple Warmer 3 meridian point while engaging the brain in various activities. When to Use 9 Gamut Procedure - I suggest employing the 9 Gamut procedure when you or your client has tapped several rounds with no improvement. Here’s how to apply the 9 Gamut procedure: - Turn your non-dominant hand over, make a loose fist, and touch the indentation between the knuckles of the ring and little finger on the non-dominant hand with two fingers of the dominant hand. You can use the index and middle fingers or the middle and ring fingers of the dominant hand. The Triple Warmer point you’ll be tapping is located about 1/2 inch up toward the wrist in the soft tissue between the knuckles of the ring and little fingers. By tapping in that indentation on the back of the non dominant hand with two fingers of the dominant hand, you’re sure to be tapping on the Triple Warmer meridian point. - Begin to tap and keep your head up as if looking straight out toward a sunrise over the ocean, chin parallel to the floor, and eyes open. Close your eyes for about 3 seconds, and then open your eyes for about 3 seconds. - Keep tapping with your head up and your chin parallel to the floor. As you tap, shift your eyes down to the left. Hold your eyes down to the left for about 3 seconds and then return to center for another 3 seconds. Shift your eyes down to the right for 3 seconds and again bring your eyes back to center. - Keep tapping, keep your head straight, and raise your eyes up to 12 o’clock. Move your eyes clockwise around the outside of the clock to 1 P.M., 2 P.M. and so forth until you again reach 12 o’clock. Keep eyes looking up for about a second and then roll your eyes back counter clockwise from 11 P.M., 10:00 P.M. and so forth until you again return to 12 o’clock. Bring your eyes back to center. Keep tapping the Triple Warmer point. - Keep tapping and hum three or four bars of a song such as, “Happy Birthday”, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, or any other song of your choice. - Keep tapping and count...
Dec 18, 2019 14 min

2 Big Reasons People Don’t Tap and the CPR Solution

“2 Big Reasons People Don’t Tap and the CPR Solution” - “EFT Tapping Junction” Podcast - Episode 6 In this episode of EFT Tapping Junction, you are going to learn the two biggest blocks stopping people from tapping and a simple, effective, easy to remember tapping protocol that dissolves those blocks called, Center Point Release, or CPR. Stephen Carter here and I'm your host for EFT Tapping junction. I’m also the CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping clients release stress and achieve success in every area of life. This show is for you if you’re an EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, practitioner or you use other tapping methods such as Thought Field Therapy, Trauma Tapping Technique, Positive EFT, or other Meridian Tapping methods for self-care. This show is also for you if you’e a therapist or coach helping clients with Energy Psychology methods. You can more about Stress Solutions, LLC and my certifications and client work at my company website, www.EFT-MD.com. A question: What are the two major blocks to consistent tapping? First, clients tell me, “Steve, I just don’t know what to say when I tap. It’s easy when I’m tapping with you, but when I’m on my own the words don’t flow”. The second block I hear is, “Steve, I just can’t remember the tapping points. If I’m driving or at work, I can’t look at the diagram of tapping points. When I’m stressed, I can’t remember where I’m suppose to tap”. To solve both problems, I created a simple, easy to remember, and effective tapping protocol called Center Point Release or CPR. Let’s begin with the wording. The setup and reminder phrase are the same. With CPR, we categorize every issue as a Stress Response. Fear of speaking with your boss becomes, “This stress”. Your conscious and subconscious mind know exactly what your tapping for. Yes, you could use a classic setup statement such as, “Even though I’m afraid of speaking with my boss, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. A simpler setup statement as a target could be, “The stress I experience when I speak with my boss”. That’s a factual statement that can be shortened to, “This stress”. Why? Because you already have a pictures or movie in mind that is creating the fear sensations in your body. By saying, “This stress”, you're giving voice to your emotional state of mind. With CPR, we add four words to form a short affirmation. Those words are, “I choose to release”. Your full setup statement becomes, “I choose to release this stress”. That’s it. That’s the entire setup. “I choose to release this stress”. Remember, your mind knows what you’re tapping for. Keep it simple unless you’re comfortable using longer setup statements and reminder phrases. Now for the tapping points and CPR process. Begin with a yawn, sigh, and stretch. Place hands over heart. Left hand on right or right hand on left is fine. Allow 3 slow, comfortable breaths. Say out loud or - if your situation requires - in mind, “I choose to release this stress. Allow 3 more comfortable slow breaths with awareness on the physical connection of your hands to heart. Apply 6 - 8 taps at each of the following points using 3 or 4 fingertips of one hand. Hold and breathe at each point before moving to the next point. The points in order are: Crown; Middle forehead (3rd eye); Under nose; Under lower lip; Across upper chest shoulder to shoulder and up and down your sternum for about 15 to 20 taps; Return to hands over heart position, allow 3 comfortable breaths, and say, “Release and peace”. End with another yawn, sigh, and stretch Reassess your SUDs estimate. If any charge on the issue you’re tapping for remains...
Dec 05, 2019 45 min

Conversation With Dr. Pat Carrington About Her Life and Work

Stephen Carter here and welcome to this special episode honoring Dr. Patricia Carrington, an award winning Energy Healing pioneer and Energy Psychology expert who created the EFT Choices Method and the Clinically Standardized Meditation, or CSM system. This special episode of, “EFT Tapping Junction” honors Dr. Patricia Carrington’s life and work. The conversation you’ll hear in this, “EFT Tapping Junction” episode, was Pat’s last interview before her passing at the age of 95 on October 19, 2019. During this intimate and open conversation, you'll hear Pat talk about: Her early life growing up in Brooklyn, New York, How her mother invented soap operas for radio; Pat’s academic journey that included earning a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University; Her ground breaking research in meditation; Why she fell in - and then out - of love with the Transcendental Meditation, or TM organization; How and why she developed the award winning Clinically Standardized Meditation, or CSM method; How she discovered the early work of Dr. Roger Callahan and how his work led to her own system of tapping she named, AcuTap; Why Pat stopped promoting her AcuTap method and partnered with Gary Craig, the creator of Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT; Her real feelings and judgement about Gary Craig and his abilities; and, How she wants to be remembered and what’s most important about her life at the moment of our conversation. A few facts about Pat’s life and accomplishments: As a psychology professor at Princeton University, she was a bridge between the academic psychology and medical worlds with the worlds of holistic and cutting edge energy medicine and energy psychology healing methods. While at Princeton, she created the popular course, “Holistic Psychology”, the first of its kind offered by a major university. Pat wrote multiple books including the classic, “Freedom in Meditation”, which was later retitled, “The Book of Meditation”. This book become a classic meditation resource around the world selling more than 100,000 copies internationally. Pat was one of only 29 people world-wide Gary Craig, the creator of Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, certified as an EFT Founding Master. Pat’s “EFT Choices Method” has helped - and continues helping - tens of thousands of people around the globe. Unlike traditional EFT, the Choices Method harnesses positive emotional resources and beliefs to rapidly create positive change. Her Choices Method is one my main “go to” method for helping clients and myself. In future episodes of this, “EFT Tapping Junction” podcast, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can use the Choices Method in your own life and work. I’m overjoyed to share with you that the rich treasure trove of Pat’s work will continue to be available thanks to her longtime associate and friend Lynn Johnson of Leaxa Curating. Lynn will continue offering Pat’s products and resources through the website, www.PatCarrington.com. You can also learn more about Pat’s life and work on that same site, www.PatCarrington.com. Speaking of close friends, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Terry Lynch for her tireless work as a close friend and caregiver for Pat during the last years of Pat’s life. Terry is herself a pioneer and advocate for energy healing. A licensed Physical Therapist, like Pat, Terry blends the best of Western medicine with holistic self-care approaches for emotional and physical wellbeing. You can discover more about Terry and her work at www.TerryLynchCoaching.com. Resources mentioned in the episode and other helpful...
Sep 20, 2019 14 min

Tapping Into Mind Clarity

You’ll hear the story of a client who placed a frantic call asking for help to increase her mind clarity. She had an important meeting with a contractor who would be doing extensive renovations on her home. There were important decisions to be made, but due to brain fog and cognitive challenges from lack of sleep and other issues, she was afraid to make those necessary decisions for fear of making major mistakes. You’re Invited to Create Enhanced Mind Clarity By listening and tapping along using the same protocol I used with the distressed client, you can enjoy enhanced mind clarity and confidence just like the client did. SUDs Scale Versus SUS Scale You’ll also learn when and how to use an alternative assessment to the Subject Units of Distress (SUDS Scale) called the Subject Units of Success (SUS) Scale. More details about Energy EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer along with videos and other resources are available at www.EFT-MD.com.
Aug 08, 2019 53 min

Tapping for Money With Wealth Coach Bridget McGee

Tapping for Money With Wealth Coach Bridget McGee Show Notes This episode of, “EFT Tapping Junction” is an audio recording of a Livecast Webinar featuring EFT Master Practitioner and Certified Wealth Coach Bridget McGee. Applying techniques you’ll learn in this episode, Bridget: - More than doubled her income; - Eliminated more than $20,000 in revolving debt; - Applied the Wealth and Prosperity method to supercharge her health, family happiness, and personal emotional well-being. Bridget earned certifications in an array of programs including: - The Tapping into Wealth Coach Program with Margaret Lynch; - The Law of Attraction Program with Joe Vitale; - The EFT Master Practitioner and Positive EFT Facilitator training through the Guild of Energists, and other EFT / energy methods programs. Bridget is a licensed mortgage originator (NMLS#196068), a life and success coach, and teaches continuing education and personal development classes to real estate agents and other groups throughout the State of Maryland. Bridget shares key questions to help you identify limiting beliefs and other blocks holding you back from financial success. Once you identify those blocks, Bridget shares a simple tapping protocol to help dissolve those blocks and attract the people, tools, and resources to help you move forward financially and in other areas of life. Resources: Bridget McGee’s website: www.BridgetMcGee.com | https://sites.google.com/view/bridgetjmcgee/home. YouTube video of this Live Cast Webinar: https://youtu.be/JhK7XqLLLFg Baltimore and Columbia Energy Healers Meetup - sponsor for the Live Cast: https://Meetup.com/healers; You’re invited to join the group at no cost. Previous “EFT Tapping Junction” episodes and other tapping / EFT resources: https://www.EFT-MD.com Questions or comments: Email mailto:[email protected]