Planners on Purpose Podcast

Planners on Purpose Podcast

Naomi Tucker, CMP, HMCC
Sep 08, 2020 30 min

S2E20 - Talking Virtual Events with Kera Wasserbach

In this episode I speak with Kera Wasserbach all about virtual events. Kera is the co-founder of On The Edge Events and Virtual Events Experts and has a wealth of knowledge with managing and engaging with audiences virtually. Episodes Highlights Virtual events needs to be an experience just as the live events is an experience. Embrace the live virtual experience and the need to really engage with your audience. Virtual events have a larger audience than in-person events, so having a strategy around how you manage this wider audience is key. Having a breakout component within your virtual event, is so crucial for engagement. Try adding games, prizes, or virtual swag to increase engagement. Having a virtual event producer is key in ensuring that a virtual event runs smoothly. Use the technologies that your clients are approved to use and operate it to your advantage. Learn the opportunities that are out there, even if you are feeling stuck right now. The way to get unstuck is to embrace what's moving forward. Make sure you are in the game. Links and Resources On The Edge Events Virtual Events Experts Zoom Meetings Thank you for listening! Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast, please ensure that you subscribe to be updated for the next episode. Also, if you would like to leave a message on how this episode impacted you or any virtual event tips to share, click the links below. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 01, 2020 42 min

S2E19 - The Importance of Journaling with Mai Oliphant

In this episode of the podcast, I was able to sit down and have a talk with journaling expert, Mai Oliphant from Shape Mai Life. Mai helps people to use journaling to heal and flourish. We live in uncertain times, and aren't sure of how the end of the year will turn out, much less how 2021 will run. Many event planners have lost jobs, or are working feverishly to protect theirs. Journaling and the unique way that Mai delivers her story can give us a tool to get through some of these tough times. Episode highlights Sometimes we wait until when everything is bottled up to journal, but being consistent and making it a habit, makes it more effective. You do not need to be a writer in order to journal. Journaling is your conversation with yourself, and has nothing to do with your writing skills. It has everything to do with you being open and honest with yourself. You can do journaling anywhere, take a quick note on your phone if you need to. Journal prompts can help prompt your thoughts and is an easy way to start journaling. Make the habit of journaling attractive by having a nice journal to write in. Schedule your journaling around something that you already have a habit of doing to ensure you can start. Journal what you will say "yes" or "no" to in order to confirm clear boundaries. Idea: Make an intention list on what you will or won't accept when dealing with situations or clients. It isn't too late to start journaling. Start wherever you're at. Links & Resources Shape Mai Life Mai's Journaling Prompts Mai's Journaling Workshop Atomic Habits, James Clear Planners on Purpose Book Club Thank you for Listening! Appreciate all of you that joined by listening to this episode. After listening to this podcast, will you take a try at journaling? Perhaps you already journal and would like to share a few insights that you've had. Let's continue the conversation below. --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 25, 2020 13 min

S2E18 - How to Use Atomic Habits to Achieve Your Goals

In this episode we discuss how to use Atomic Habits to achieve your goals. Recently in our book club, we discussed the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It was an immensely transformational read that helped us understand not only what habits are, but how to craft good habits, and dismantle old ones. Enjoy the listen. Episode Highlights A habit is a routine or behavior that is performed frequently. Each habit can be broken down into four components: Cue, Craving, Response, and Reward Four laws of behavior change can help your form good habits, those laws are: Make It obvious, Make it attractive, Make it easy, and Make it satisfying In order to break a bad habit, here are the four elements: Make it invisible, Make it Unattractive, Make it difficult, Make it unsatisfying If you really want to form a good habit in a very easy way, downscale your desirable habit into 2 minutes or less Habit stacking can be pretty beneficial when you want to really make a big impact with all of those good habits that you are creating. Links & Resources Planners on Purpose Book Club Atomic Habits Thank you for listening! I would love to hear how you are using Atomic Habits to reach your goals. If you would like to leave a message regarding this episode, please click on the message link below. --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 18, 2020 44 min

S2E17 - Talking Leadership with Amy Branger

In this episode, I talk with Amy Branger. Amy is an executive coach and management consultant and has had many positions including working with Presidents and Governors. This episode we discuss leadership and well being and the challenges that both of those affect women, specifically those in midlife. I encourage you to listen and let me know what you think of our discussion by clicking the voice message button or link below. Episode Highlights When managing up you have to anticipate what that person is afraid of, and help them feel better about it. This will help you with credibility and relationship in the long run. Amy's four step process on change management: Acceptance - Accept what has happened to you. Empowerment - Come up with a new story that is more empowering. Learn the Lessons - Find the lessons from what has happened. Explore - Take the opportunity to explore the other endings you can write, think of the new opportunities that are available. Individuals and organizations can take advantage of this four step process. When in doubt, go back to this process to help empower yourself within your struggle with change. There is always a story that has been running your life. You have to find out what that story is and why you believe it to be true. Work smarter and work within your strengths and not your weaknesses. If you are a manager, consider hiring people to do things that you cannot do, but ensure to let them do it. When working with any high level client, it is important to ensure everyone has a role, and trust them to do just that. As a leader, you need to model work-life balance for your employees and hold them to it as well. Links and Resources Amy Branger - Website Perfect Avocado - Website Coupon code for virtual retreats: Planners (one day in-person retreat - $50 off), Planners1 (virtual superpowers retreat) Book Club for Planners on Purpose Thank you for Listening Thank you for listening to this episode. If you like what you hear consider giving a 5star rating! If you would like to leave a message or have a question, click the voice message button below. Would you love to be able to share your leadership story so that others can learn and become better people, click here to submit your story. --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 04, 2020 18 min

S2E16 - Perfectionism: Digging Deeper

In this episode, we will be digging deeper into the concept of perfectionism. If you struggle with being perfect all the time, or have suffered from being held under the microscope of perfect, then this episode is for you. Episode Highlights "It is the belief that when we do things perfectly, and look perfect we can minimize and avoid the pain of blame, judgement, and shame. Perfectionism is a 20 ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us, when in fact it's the thing that prevents us from being seen." - Brené Brown, Daring Greatly Perfectionism is about perception, and there is no way that you can control perception no matter how much energy you put into it. Know the difference between Daring Leadership vs Armored Leadership. Have conversations about perfectionism with your teams and clients. Teams that are willing to have a conversation about perfectionism will move very far in the effort to combat it Practice mindfulness everyday to diminish the hold that perfection has on you. Practice characteristics like trust, innovation, creativity, accountability. Links & Resources Brené Brown - Daring Greatly Marie Forleo Self-Compassion Test - Dr. Kristin Neff Episode 15 - Dropping Perfectionism in Pursuit of Progress Check out the Book Club Page for the latest book! Thank you for listening! It was a pleasure having you listen to this episode. I would love to hear your stories of how you overcome perfectionism. Continue the conversation in the comments! P.S. Check out the lesson that I re-learned about perfection in this blog post. --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 23, 2020 4 min

Special Announcement 🎉

Planitonapostit has leveled up and is now Planners on Purpose! I want to share some exciting changes with you and where we are headed. --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 07, 2020 13 min

S2E15 - Dropping Perfectionism in Pursuit of Progress

Do you struggle with being perfect? So much so that you failed to make progress? Perfectionism can be very destructive if we let it, so this episode is just what you need to get it in check. Tips to Manage Your Perfectionism Planning the perfect experience includes allowing for imperfections along the way. Perfectionism is like a dirty word wrapped up in a beautiful package. Because no one is truly perfect. If you aren't careful, perfectionism can hurt you, it can destroy your events, and even harm your life and relationships. Although recognition is important, opt to plan events from a service mindset instead of choosing to gain specific praise. Each time you plan your events or projects, make sure to do it as yourself, and not in the image of what you may think others want you to be. Be careful to not allow fear from yourself or anyone else to be placed on you. It is okay to not be perfect, to gain experience, learn and grow. Links and Resources Brene Brown - Daring Greatly Book Club - Atomic Habits! A Lesson on Perfection - Blog Post Thank you for Listening! I hope you enjoyed this episode, make sure to share and subscribe so that you don't miss out on future ones! --- Send in a voice message:
Jun 30, 2020 18 min

S2E14 - Being Intentional About Diversity and Inclusion

In this episode, you'll be given 4 quick and simple tips on being intentional about diversity and inclusion. These tips you will be able to take to your personal life, your events, and your organizations. Diversity and inclusion isn't a checkbox that you need to tick, it is a state of the heart to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly in your world of influence. Episode highlights are: Episode Tips Learning more, only helps advance your awareness of situations that have been neglected. Once you are aware, you are able to act and those actions help make our world a better place. Discover the 4 tips of Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Accountability/Allyship Links and Resources Ericka Hinds - Every Level Leads Book Club for Event Planners (Atomic Habits - Next book August 5th) --- Send in a voice message:
May 22, 2020 16 min

S2E13 - When Will the Events Industry Return?

There’s been much discussion about when and if the event industry will return. In this episode we will explore these conversations will follow it up with some tips on how you can take care of yourself and others in the meantime! Quick show links and references: Planitonapost It Book Club Article: Our Industry isn't coming back like your's is. As always, visit me at to stay updated on the lastest! --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 21, 2020 15 min

S2E12 - Everything is Figureoutable, Even for Eventprofs

Sharing my top 5 tips and takeaways from Marie Forleo’s book, Everything is Figureoutable. Have a book club suggestion? Leave me a voicemail to share your pick! --- Send in a voice message: