The Uncool Designer

The Uncool Designer

Anna Dower
Jun 24, 2020 14 min

Cash Injections

In this episode Anna gives you some quick sure-fire ways to inject some cash into your design business NOW! • Keep it simple, use content you already have • Recommend your fave biz tools & earn affiliate cash • Host a workshop & then upsell design offerings • Bundle up existing valuable content and have a flash sale • Sell some pre-made logo concepts that didn't make the cut! Links mentioned:
Jun 10, 2020 20 min

Ask Anna

In this episode Anna answers questions from her Designer Boss-Lady crew. Some of the topics tackled in this episode include: • How do I deal with copy cats • How do I grow my design biz in a sustainable way • The best way to drive traffic to my website • How to remain focused with a looming deadline • How to build trust with clients so they respect & obey you • Getting clients to actually read what you send them • Making clients understand that design is an investment
May 20, 2020 32 min

The DBL Digital Summit is coming!

I can now officially announce that Emma Kate Patterson & I will are hosting the Designer Boss-Ladies digital summit! ✨ In this episode we chat about our collaboration and the FREE digital conference devoted to helping creative entrepreneurs work smarter and not harder in their design businesses. (Especially in this time of COVID chaos where it's vital we support and grow together) There is currently 14 amaaazing speakers coming at you with topics ranging from making sales, to charging premium prices, to simplifying your own schedule (and everything in-between). Join the waitlist to keep in the loop & score your free ticket: And leave a comment below to tell me who you are most excited to learn from! (more speakers coming)
May 06, 2020 41 min

Meg Lewis & Anna Dower

Meg Lewis is a designer mixing comedy with performance to help others shine through brand design, podcasts, workshops, pop-ups, and videos. Meg hosts the comedy meditation podcast Sit There & Do Nothing and the design podcast Overtime. Meg also runs a personal brand and career fulfilment destination with online classes, books, and free advice titled Full Time You. In this episode Anna & Meg discuss... + Megs journey to multi-passionate entrepreneur + How to truly be authentic in life and your business + All the grand ideas and what to do with them + How to be a designer boss-lady with swag #megmademedoit
Apr 22, 2020 44 min

Melanie Miller & Anna Dower

It feels like the government announces a new rescue payment every other day and it is hella confusing and overwhelming for self employed peeps, right? That is why, in this new episode of the uncool designer Melanie will explain the JobKeeper payment in easy to understand terms and chats with me about how we can keep cash flowing in our businesses during the covid chaos. Melanie Miller from The Profit Lovers is a business coach that specialises in the unsexy side of business! She is the queen of money, tracking your numbers & keeping it real. Links mentioned: Plan & Track spreadsheet
Apr 08, 2020 18 min

Give up or Show up

In this episode Anna chats about how you can keep going during the global COVID-19 pandemic. She discusses - + The rollercoaster ride of emotions + Choosing to show up + Don't assume you know what people are thinking right now + How you can serve your peeps + What to do instead of discounting
Mar 16, 2020 37 min

A chat with Katie & Kim - Creating a successful design biz!

In this episode Anna Dower chats with Katie Wass & Kim Rosenthal about how to build a design business that doesn't feel like work! We discuss.... + Choosing a niche + Ditching the imposter syndrome + Systems & Processes + Creative Confidence & much more. Sign up to Design Biz Bootcamp now while doors are open:
Mar 11, 2020 41 min

Elizabeth Mckenzie & Anna Dower

Word nerd + Uncool Designer unite and become BFFs. In this episode Anna chats with copywriter extraordinaire Elizabeth Mckenzie. Elizabeth is a comedy writer. She's currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her second favourite F word is fun. The CEO + Founder of Write Or Die, she helps business owners write personality driven copy + content that sell better than the latest Marvel offering on opening weekend. With a sense of self-importance known only to her generation, she's gone ahead and written a book The 30-Somethings: Life lessons from a 30-Something that you probably already know. When she's not writing in her ugg boots, she's pretending she's cool across hipster cafes in Melbourne - the LA of Australia - writing words and eating carbs. In this episode we discuss: + How to stand out in the noisy online world of business + Re-discovering your authentic voice & using it wisely + How to nurture your peeps + The sleazy side of sales pages + Sales page must-haves + Dealing with comparison paralysis + BFF deep dive into 90's culture
Feb 26, 2020 30 min

Laura Blythman & Anna Dower

In this new episode of the uncool designer Anna chats with designer & artist Laura Blythman about all things creative. Designer, illustrator and creative director Laura Blythman is renowned for her vibrant use of colour and paper collage. Her recognisable aesthetic has garnered her a legion of fans and a super happy + colourful portfolio of work with clients ranging from start up businesses to high profile Australian and International brands. Collaborators and clients include - Pana Chocolate, National Gallery of Victoria, Boomf, Disney, Rollie Shoes, Galison / Mudpuppy, Frankie Magazine, Land of nod, Such Great Heights, Finders Keepers Market, Typo, Lark, Mr.Wolf Kids, Cotton On Kids, T2 teas, and so many more. We discuss: >> The journey from designer to artist >> Dealing with the fear of revealing your art to the work >> The mindfulness and quietness of creating art >> How to deal with copycats & much more.
Feb 11, 2020 31 min

Liss Amyah & Anna Dower

In this episode Anna chats with hand lettering creative entrepreneurs Liss Amyah. Preachers wife turned pleasure advocate, Liss was married at 19, had 6 babies by 31, and was divorced by 36. In 2014, after baby number six was born, Liss started an online business teaching calligraphy and has seen thousands of students go through her courses. These days, as well as all the arty things, Liss is all about speaking her truth and telling her story in ways that are sometimes terrifying, but also deeply healing. She rarely feels terribly brave, but most days at least a little brave-ish. Liss believes that curiosity will take us places certainty never can, that pleasure is not a dirty word, and that it's totally ok to not have it all figured out. • What does the term brave-ish mean? • Liss's change in family circumstance and running a business as a single mum of 6 kids • How to make money as a creative with ecourses & memberships • The power of instagram for creatives • Advice to other women who are struggling with family/life/biz gig