The Uncool Designer

The Uncool Designer

Anna Dower
Oct 20, 2020 25 min

Inclusion Revolution

In this episode I chat with Rhodesia Jackson about the importance of being actively inclusive in your business. You want to be an ally to marginalized communities, work with more diverse clients, and support causes you care about so you can actually change the world but how do you actually DO THAT? Do Rhodesia's ecourse & get $200 off when you use the code: uncool
Sep 30, 2020 18 min

Shitty Mindset Flu

Are you struggling with your mindset? In this episode I discuss the different strains of mindset flu that are infecting your business.
Sep 16, 2020 12 min


In this episode Anna Dowers discusses: Why you should not fear change in your business How I have transformed in my business over the years Shapeshifters - True Blood & my different roles in business Decisions are not set in stone - do not fear change. Growth is essential in business.
Aug 20, 2020 20 min

The ins & outs of our first Designer Boss Summit

Anna Dower & Emma Kate talk about their first successful Designer Boss Digital Summit. + Why we decided to host a digital summit for graphic & web designers + How long it took to plan & organise the summit + How we worked together as a team + The numbers! How much money we made & how many subscribers. + What we would do differently next time + A big announcement!
Aug 05, 2020 10 min

The 10 Commandments Of Getting Paid

You love what you do. Creating bad-ass sh t that rocks your clients socks off? Totes your jam. BUT even though you are definitely in this biz because you're passionate af about it...a lady's gotta get paid. After all, you can only pay your rent with million dollar smiles for so long. So, how, as a kind but driven entrepreneurial designer boss lady, can you create cool sh t...& get paid promptly for it? Welp. Through trial, error (and more than a few weeks in the early days of staring at single digits in my business banking account), I've developed the ten commandments of getting paid. Use them wisely, lady boss.
Jul 15, 2020 21 min

Niche Me, Baby

Do I really need a niché for my design business? The answer is YES. Listen to Anna Dower discuss how you can layer your niché in a way that is authentically you. Join the 5 day FREE challenge: Niché Me, Baby! here:
Jun 24, 2020 14 min

Cash Injections

In this episode Anna gives you some quick sure-fire ways to inject some cash into your design business NOW! • Keep it simple, use content you already have • Recommend your fave biz tools & earn affiliate cash • Host a workshop & then upsell design offerings • Bundle up existing valuable content and have a flash sale • Sell some pre-made logo concepts that didn't make the cut! Links mentioned:
Jun 10, 2020 20 min

Ask Anna

In this episode Anna answers questions from her Designer Boss-Lady crew. Some of the topics tackled in this episode include: • How do I deal with copy cats • How do I grow my design biz in a sustainable way • The best way to drive traffic to my website • How to remain focused with a looming deadline • How to build trust with clients so they respect & obey you • Getting clients to actually read what you send them • Making clients understand that design is an investment
May 20, 2020 32 min

The DBL Digital Summit is coming!

I can now officially announce that Emma Kate Patterson & I will are hosting the Designer Boss-Ladies digital summit! ✨ In this episode we chat about our collaboration and the FREE digital conference devoted to helping creative entrepreneurs work smarter and not harder in their design businesses. (Especially in this time of COVID chaos where it's vital we support and grow together) There is currently 14 amaaazing speakers coming at you with topics ranging from making sales, to charging premium prices, to simplifying your own schedule (and everything in-between). Join the waitlist to keep in the loop & score your free ticket: And leave a comment below to tell me who you are most excited to learn from! (more speakers coming)
May 06, 2020 41 min

Meg Lewis & Anna Dower

Meg Lewis is a designer mixing comedy with performance to help others shine through brand design, podcasts, workshops, pop-ups, and videos. Meg hosts the comedy meditation podcast Sit There & Do Nothing and the design podcast Overtime. Meg also runs a personal brand and career fulfilment destination with online classes, books, and free advice titled Full Time You. In this episode Anna & Meg discuss... + Megs journey to multi-passionate entrepreneur + How to truly be authentic in life and your business + All the grand ideas and what to do with them + How to be a designer boss-lady with swag #megmademedoit