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Forest 404
Forest 404
BBC Radio 4

Can you feel loss for something you've never known? An environmental thriller starring Pearl Mackie, Tanya Moodie and Pippa Haywood. With theme... more

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S9: Bonobo’s Theme

Our final soundscape, a full playout of the Forest 404 theme tune, composed by Bonobo. The track samples the whistling... more

30 May 2019 · 25 minutes
T9: Love Letter to the Forest...

A love letter to the forests of the world. Written by David Haskell, read by Pearl Mackie. The first forests... more

30 May 2019 · 25 minutes
Ep9: Enigmata

Daria escorts Pan to The Convocation. An era has ended. Can, or should, a new one begin?An environmental thriller starring... more

30 May 2019 · 25 minutes
S8: The Memory Transfer

A soundscape for Episode 8. Theia’s half-remembered memory of her daughter humming by the sea's edge, used by Guggy for... more

23 May 2019 · 4 minutes
T8: How will humans die out?

A talk for episode 8, an ode to Theia. Anthropologist Michael Rivera on our evolutionary history compared to other less... more

23 May 2019 · 10 minutes
Ep8: Future Conditional

Pan and Theia have a plan, but it’s a sketchy one and it’s probably going to go wrong.An environmental thriller... more

23 May 2019 · 20 minutes
S7: Daria’s Nightmare

A soundscape for Episode 7. A full playout of one of Daria’s nightmares. Flesh and feather aberrations, horrific chirruping little... more

16 May 2019 · 5 minutes
T7: Would you vote for an AI government?

A talk for Episode 7. Biofuturist and sci-fi writer Elsa Sotiriadis on whether AI would run the country better than... more

16 May 2019 · 7 minutes
Ep7: Dreams of the Autopilot

Daria has a confession to make – a secret from her past that haunts her every night.An environmental thriller starring... more

16 May 2019 · 18 minutes
S6: Pan’s Dwindling

A soundscape for Episode 6. A full playout of Pan’s dwindling as her system shuts down. Cicadas accelerate into oblivion,... more

09 May 2019 · 4 minutes
Forest 404
S9: Bonobo’s Theme
Forest 404