The Steve Warne Project

The Steve Warne Project

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Sep 18, 2020 43 min

363: We're Psyched for the US Open; The Elaborate Tales of Famous Sports Liars

We're so Psyched for the US Open. We test Jimmy to see if he can name all the guys who've shot a 59 at a PGA event. Spoiler: He can't. We also discuss famous liars in sports who told unnecessarily elaborate lies. Jim tells the childhood story of the time he and his brother wrecked the family car.
Sep 17, 2020 44 min

362: Don't Want to Be Shown up by Your Opponent? Play Better. And One Uppers are Everywhere

Don't Want to Be Shown up by Your Opponent? Play Better. Also: Out mutual dislike of "One Uppers."
Sep 16, 2020 37 min

361: How Long Will the NHL Keep Operating with Zero Attendance? Coaches Publicly Ripping Players

We marvel at TV technology and clarity. Jim apparently found his TV at a yard sale. How long will the NHL keep operating with zero Attendance? How far should a coach go to keep players accountable?
Sep 15, 2020 40 min

360: We Remain Big in Switzerland; Podcast and Internet; Phil Mickelson is Skinny Now

All over the map today. We discuss the top 5 countries where people listen to us most. Jim thinks the Internet hasn't made things better at all. We discuss the state of podcasting. Phil Mickelson's 2006 US Open meltdown on 18 at Winged Foot. Winged Foot's rough is treacherous again. And Phil has lost some serious weight.
Sep 14, 2020 31 min

359: Tom Brady Loses His Tampa Debut; Brooke Almost Wins Another Major

Jim confesses why he missed recording our most recent episode and it's lame. Honest, but lame. We talk a bit of golf. Brooke Henderson almost wins another major. Stewart Cink turns back the clock. The NFL is underway. Green Bay might have used a first rounder to draft a quarterback but Aaron Rodgers served notice his tank is still full. Tom Brady loses in his debut in a battle of quarterback geezers...Bill Belichick wins without Brady. Washington won its first game with its new name...the Washington football team.
Sep 11, 2020 48 min

358: All Sens Talk Today!

It's a promo episode of the weekly Sens Nation Podcast. Give it a try over at Bobby Ryan is your 2020 NHL Masterton winner great story...hat trick game... Marc Borowiecki's days as an Ottawa Senator are done. Sens don't appear to be bringing back their top goal scoring defenceman. The NHL reportedly gets involved to get the Sens coaches paid properly After seeing their pay reduced by 50 per cent – nearly twice more than the next-highest reduction in the league – the Ottawa Senators’ coaching staff appealed to the NHL for relief.
Sep 10, 2020 29 min

357: New NFL Season and Sports Overload: Everyone Kneeling During the Anthem Now, Koepka Shuts Down

A New NFL Season is here and so is Sports Overload: Everyone is Kneeling During the Anthem Now. Will it still be an effective protest? Brooks Koepka Shuts Down and will miss the US Open. Jim has a weird satisfaction about cleaning his car headlights.
Sep 09, 2020 26 min

356: Great, Weird Movies; Massive California Fire Sparked by...A Gender Reveal? Vegas NHL Success

Great and Weird Movies; Massive California Wildfire Sparked by...A Baby Gender Reveal? Islanders success is surprising....Vegas NHL Success is incredible.
Sep 08, 2020 37 min

355: $15 Million for Dustin Johnson, Should Djokovic Really Have Been Disqualified from the US Open?

$15 Million for Dustin Johnson, Should Djokovic Really Have Been Disqualified from the US Open? NHL allowing families into the bubble. Good idea? Raptors crazy Game 3 win last week.
Sep 04, 2020 35 min

354: Chara Wants Some More, Momentos of Our Dads, Pat Mahomes is One of the Few People Who Love 2020

Mementos of our Dads, Zdeno Chara Wants to Return, and it's good to be Pat Mahomes, one of the few people who've enjoyed 2020.