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We Are The Stigma
We Are The Stigma
Melissa & Cody Kreutz

Alcoholic wife and addict husband chatting with like-minded, inspirational peers about stigmatized topics such as; mental illness, sexual orientation, addiction, sex work,... more

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314. Laughter As Medicine w/Craig Shoemaker

We are chatting with comedian and coach Craig Shoemaker and we cannot wait for you to hear it! Craig is... more

12 Jul 2021 · 50 minutes
313. Mental Health & Relationships w/ Mac Brazina

We are again joined by our dear friend, Mac Brazina aka The Human Builder. This BEAUTIFUL conversation left us floating... more

05 Jul 2021 · 1 hour, 3 minutes
312. Finding Your Authentic Self w/Izzie Miller

Melissa and Cody chat with Izzie Miller, for a lighthearted and fun conversation about finding and living as our authentic... more

28 Jun 2021 · 1 hour,
311. The Otherside Of Father's Day (10 Minute Monday)

It's another 10 Minute Monday - where Melissa & Cody sit down and hold silly conversations about uncomfortable topics, in... more

21 Jun 2021 · 15 minutes
310. Surviving Childhood Abuse & Addiction w/Arlene Wilhite-Williams

**Trigger Warning** This episode deals with Childhood Sexual Abuse. For support and information please visit rainn.org Season 3 has been... more

14 Jun 2021 · 57 minutes
309. Body Currency & Fat Kid Dance Party w/ Bevin

This episode left us speechless on cloud nine, Friends! Ready for some gold nuggets of life knowledge? Buckle in bc... more

07 Jun 2021 · 1 hour,
308. Periods. (10 Minute Monday)

It's another 10 Minute Monday! Where we have silly and uncomfortable talks, in hopes of ending the stigma. One small... more

31 May 2021 · 16 minutes
307. Childhood Trauma & PTSD W/ Desi Martin

Trigger Warning: This episode deals w/Childhood sexual abuse, self-harm & suicide. If you or someone you know may be dealing with... more

24 May 2021 · 56 minutes
306. Incarceration & Rehabilitation W/Hernan Cruz

We're back! We're chatting with w/family friend & fire fighter, Hernan Cruz, about incarceration & rehabilitation! Hernan is a living... more

10 May 2021 · 1 hour, 21 minutes
305. Mindfulness & Children w/Alison Morgan from Zensational Kids

This episode Cody & Melissa are chatting with trailblazer Allison Morgan, founder of Zensational Kids. As parents trying to navigate... more

26 Apr 2021 · 1 hour, 10 minutes
We Are The Stigma
314. Laughter As Medicine w/Craig Shoemaker
We Are The Stigma