Writers of Silicon Valley

Writers of Silicon Valley

Patrick Stafford
Mar 03, 2020 39 min

How to be a successful UX writer at Netflix (and anywhere), with Ben Barone-Nugent

Early Bird tickets for the UX Writing + Content Design Summit are now on sale! Buy now and save $100. Don’t miss out! Visit www.uxwcdsummit.com. In this conversation, we cover: what’s it like to work at Netflix? How do you succeed as a UX writer there? What are the specific design challenges you have when it comes to using words in an app like Netflix? And what is A/B testing like there?
Jan 22, 2020 26 min

#11: The essential book on UX Writing, with Andy Welfle and Michael J Metts

There have been a few books on UX writing published, all of them very good, but I think this one might take the cake. Andy Welfle and Michael J Metts have written "Writing is Designing". I think it advances the conversation as it approaches writing as a design tool, and builds on the great work that has already been published by other UX writers.
Jan 05, 2020 44 min

Episode #10 - How to get hired as a UX writer in 2020, with Gordon MacRea

Are you looking for a job as a UX writer in 2020? Then no hyperbole: you need to listen to this podcast. Gordon MacRae is an instructional designer, product manager, UX writer, and more. He started the UX Writing Jobs newsletter in 2018 to collate all the opportunities for UX writers around the world, and he's learned more along the way about the market than just about anyone else.
Nov 26, 2019 37 min

Episode #9 - UX Writing at Spotify, with Tamara Hilmes

Tamara Hilmes is a UX Writing Manager at Spotify, and she and I spent some time talking about her background, what makes working at Spotify so great, and the skills she needs to succeed at a major company there - and how to succeed as a UX writer, specifically.
Sep 04, 2019 36 min

How does UX writing work at Dropbox? With Angela Gorden.

Dropbox is one of those fascinating companies. Steve Jobs wanted to buy it at one point. Now it's huge. HUGE. With that growth comes a need for UX writing, and that's why Angela Gorden is here today. Angela Gorden is all about making big ideas easy to absorb. Currently a UX writer and manager at Dropbox, she studied design thinking at Stanford University and creative writing at the University of Iowa. Angela blogs about product, design, and writing on Medium.
Aug 05, 2019 29 min

BONUS: Be a better UX writer, think like a journalist

Yep, I get it. You signed up to listen to other UX writers, not me. In that case I say, skip! Delete! Burn! Destroy your phone, even. Last week I gave a presentation to Content Melbourne, at General Assembly. I spoke about how journalism skills can help you as a UX writer. It’s just a piece of bonus content, so I hope you enjoy it.
Jul 20, 2019 45 min

Episode #6 - Good UX writing is boring, with Ryan Farrell

We spend so much time and effort thinking about UX writing that’s “delightful” we often miss the point: form over function. Good UX writing should be…pretty boring, actually. Ryan Farrell is a content strategist at GoodRx, but you might very well know him as the creator of the Daily UX Writing Challenge. We talk about the newsletter, the skills we think are underrated in the UX writing community, and whether Neil Armstrong should have been told “good job” by his onboard computer when landing on
May 26, 2019 35 min

Episode #5 - UX writing in the fashion industry, with Annie Adams

At the time we spoke. Annie Adams was working as a UX writer in the fashion industry (she’s still a UX writer, just in a different industry now). Our conversation covered so much - best practices for testing copy, the nuances of the fashion industry, and much more.
Apr 20, 2019 49 min

Episode #4 - How to create chatbots that people actually use, with Hillary Black

Yo, chatbots. They’re all the rage, but are they actually going to be a necessary tool for UX writers and content strategists in the future? How essential are they to your arsenal? If they are, what skills do you need to learn? That’s the crux of today’s interview with Hillary Black, VP of Strategy & Conversation Design at Black Ops.
Apr 06, 2019 46 min

Episode #3 - Kathryn Strauss, Senior UX Writer - Square

Kathryn Strauss is currently a Senior UX Writer at Square, but her background extends far beyond that with roles at Wells Fargo, US Bank, WebEx, Glassdoor and Weebly. It would take hours to speak about everything she’s done at those roles, so I tried to keep our conversation high level. We spoke about how writers can participate in UX research, the future of the industry, and the types of skills it takes to be a really, really good UX Writer and Content Strategist.