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The Jim Fortin Podcast
The Jim Fortin Podcast
Jim Fortin

The Jim Fortin Podcast is hosted by Jim Fortin- widely considered as the leader in subconscious... more

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What Beliefs Are You Subconsciously Tied To?

Are you feeling like you're stuck in your old patterns, trying to change them, but not seeing progress?   In... more

29 Nov 2023 · 40 minutes
INTERVIEW: tackling Global Water Shortages

In this episode, I interview Scott Harrison, CEO of the non-profit organization charity: water. We discuss the global water crisis... more

22 Nov 2023 · 51 minutes
Do you Work From Convenience or Spiritual Responsibility in Life?

Do you ever feel like you're just along for the ride when it comes to your spiritual journey? How would... more

15 Nov 2023 · 35 minutes
What's going on in this crazy world?

Do you find yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts revolving around our chaotic world? Like it bleeds over into personal... more

08 Nov 2023 · 35 minutes
The Ignored Truth About Money and Abundance

When was the last time you evaluated your relationship with money and exchange? Do you currently have an exchange problem... more

01 Nov 2023 · 42 minutes
Which game of life are you playing?

Have you ever thought about life as being like a game? I don't mean board games or video games, but... more

25 Oct 2023 · 33 minutes
Are you doing the tango of life backwards?

Are You Doing the Tango of Life Backwards? In this episode, I explore the idea that life is like a... more

18 Oct 2023 · 30 minutes
Why Your Brain Stops You From Taking Action And Creating A Better Life

In this enlightening episode, I discuss why our brains often sabotage us from taking action and making positive changes in... more

11 Oct 2023 · 41 minutes
[INTERVIEW] From Victim To Victor - Overcoming Limiting Belief

Let's be honest - we've all been victims at some point in our lives. We get burned out, blame others... more

04 Oct 2023 · 1 hour, 9 minutes
[INTERVIEW] The Power of Self-Love - Reinventing Your Life

Have you ever felt the sting of relationships unraveling? I know that pain is all too familiar for so many.... more

27 Sep 2023 · 53 minutes
The Jim Fortin Podcast
What Beliefs Are You Subconsciously Tied To?
The Jim Fortin Podcast