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Remarkable Leadership Lessons
Remarkable Leadership Lessons
Denise Cooper

On the Remarkable Leadership Lessons Podcast, we believe that acknowledging that you don’t know what to do differently is a sign of... more

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C-Suite execs: Are your systems stuck in the past while your work evolves at warp speed?

C-Suite executives: Are your systems stuck in the past while your work evolves at warp speed?Does your leadership team need... more

29 Mar 2024 · 43 minutes
From Blunders to Breakthroughs: A CHRO's intropective jouney on leading cultural competency.

Navigate Work's Cultural Labyrinth!From language blunders to identity awakenings, this episode dives deep into, Loren Rosario-Maldonado, a leader who cracked... more

29 Feb 2024 · 40 minutes
Pamela Richards: From Burnout to Belonging: A Blueprint to Build A Workplaces that Heal and Thrive

Feeling emotionally drained at work? You're not alone. This podcast cuts through the usual productivity hacks and dives deep into... more

22 Feb 2024 · 34 minutes
Deborah Walsh: The Onboarding Blueprint: Keys to Unlocking New Hire Success and Company Thriving

New job jitters? Fear not, newbie! This podcast is your ultimate guide to crushing your onboarding and thriving in your... more

15 Feb 2024 · 40 minutes
Untangling the Messy Truth: My ADHD, My Worth, and the Fight for Neurodiversity

In this episode, Dr. Fiona Peters and Denise Cooper engage in a thought-provoking discussion on embracing ADHD and neurodiversity. Dr.... more

08 Feb 2024 · 37 minutes
Beyond Buzzwords: A Deep Dive on Employee Discontent and What You Can Do To Turn it Around.

Is your workplace just going through the motions? Tired of the endless stream of leadership books and "happy at work"... more

01 Feb 2024 · 38 minutes
Tone-Deaf to the Times: Has HR Lagged Behind the Modern Workforce?

This episode takes a critical look at the role of Human Resources (HR) in the evolving landscape of the modern... more

26 Jan 2024 · 38 minutes
Feeling Lonely at the Top? Unmasking the Hidden Epidemic of Leadership Loneliness.

In this thought-provoking episode, Denise Cooper and Pamela Brooks delve into the often-overlooked topic of trauma in the workplace. They... more

19 Jan 2024 · 34 minutes
Burnout Antidote: Recharging Leadership for a Balanced, High-Performing Future

Ready to unleash the power of relationships and well-being in your organization? Join Jamie Shapiro and Denise Cooper as they... more

11 Jan 2024 · 41 minutes
Beyond The Whispers: Unmasking the Silent Accomplices of Toxic Workplaces

Is your workplace silently sinking in a swamp of disrespect and dysfunction. This episode, Denise and her guest Kimberly Benoit... more

04 Jan 2024 · 45 minutes
Remarkable Leadership Lessons
C-Suite execs: Are your systems stuck in the past while your work evolves at warp speed?
Remarkable Leadership Lessons