πŸ‘€ The Attention Podcast: Filmmaking And Graphic Design Intersected

πŸ‘€ The Attention Podcast: Filmmaking And Graphic Design Intersected

Iacob Pastina & Ch Daniel
May 30, 2019 1 hr 2 min

#13 β€” The First Video Recorded Podcast Episode!

Is 13 an unlucky number? Not for us, as The Attention Podcast's very own #13 is the first episode where VIDEO has been recorded. The YouTube channel will be up and running soon so please make sure you check that out as well. Discussed in this episode: Gear needed for proper podcast film + audio recording Free will and determinism Game of Thrones' CGI CGI in general If you would have dinner with one person, who would it be and why? Mentorship Acting Gratitude = the metric of success
May 23, 2019 58 min

#12 β€” The Ideal Home Office/Studio + The Future Of Freemium

This episode has got... a special surprise at the end 😳. Make sure you don't miss that out. Also discusseD: The ideal home office or studio Minimalism Minimalistic furniture Music speakers Lighting (did you know about contour lighting in interior design?) The future of freemium How to get the right people's attention
May 16, 2019 1 hr 16 min

#11 β€” How To Get 100k Instagram Followers On Your Personal Account

Clickbait title? Guess what, it's the Attention Podcast ⚠️ Discussed in this episode: Instagram followers The actionable plan to getting 100k followers Personal brand A film review page Pewdiepie Cinebits' birth on record The Legit Check App A segue from the previous episode into emotions and messages Emojis and emojis in a negative manner A voice note service product Wordpress
May 09, 2019 1 hr 17 min

#10 β€” The Evil Duolingo Owl Meme + The Connection Between Emails and Henry Ford

After a one month break, our characters get back together to discuss... mainly old video games? Discussed in this podcast: Flip phones Using nostalgia as a call to people's emotions Old video games Today's gaming industry Today's mobile gaming industry Subway Surfers Temple Run Nintendo and its satisfaction Respecting the platform Diablo going mobile-only Duolingo The connection between Henry Ford and emails
Apr 04, 2019 1 hr 30 min

#9 β€” The Battle Of The Video Streaming Giants

Discussed in this episode: An index authority company Metallica Lars Ulrich Airpower Webflow Glitter and gold Presidency candidature through vlogging A charging desk, room or house Newspapers Guiness and Michelin creating indexes The tools needed to create How to convert a free user to a premium user The Marie Kondo effect Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, HBO and Apple TV, all competing for the video sharing industry Going back to TV channels
Mar 28, 2019 1 hr 14 min

#8 β€” The Selfish Episode

This episode was all about the hosts. Folks, the conversation simply went down that road and we were 45 minutes into the podcast when we've noticed it. It sheds some background info on us and, more importantly, some future info (or at least what we intent to do). Don't expect any utilitarian value out of this episode, rather what can come out of it is inspiration. Also discussed: Life goals and a direction Meaning and purpose What our goals are Voice and/or sound effects An intro for this podcast The structure of a podcast Picking a niche Starting a creative agency Starting a filmmaking agency Aiming at the most noble goal one can imagine
Mar 22, 2019 1 hr 12 min

#7 β€” A New Way Of Thinking/Learning + AI Assisting People In The Creation Process

In this episode, Iacob and Daniel agreed upon one thing: if you're reading this and you don't know where to find opportunity or need, eavesdropping on Twitter is the way to go. That means, in practice, that you can go and search "hate Dropbox" if you're building Dropbox's competitor. See all the tweets and you will get a sense of it in a week β€” it would replace the month-long process of asking people yourself. They just put it out for you. Also discussed: A new way of thinking and learning Waking up at 5:30 AM Sleeping patterns This idea of AI taking over the world when Siri can’t even control YouTube Voice control AI assistance in the creation process Tesla's Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y Go to Twitter find what people hate opportunity lies there The youngest generation has got ADD by default Attention span What if your friends would skip your topic just like an ad Is everything boring now or more interesting?
Mar 14, 2019 1 hr 32 min

#6 β€” The Daily Vlog Of The President Is Near + Restaurants Moving To Online-Only

Without a doubt the best episode so far β€” and the longest. Went from politics marketing to new business ideas. Just to quickly add a bit more to the "restaurants moving to online-only" idea, I think it's the new side-hustle that's undervalued. Also discussed: The vlog of a president/prime minister Recording your daily activities Cameras following us β€” the next video revolution? Vlog/documentation is a hugely undervalued blue ocean. it’s out there for us all in endless niches The HQ of startups is Silicon Valley. For actors, it’s Hollywood) etc β€” what other HQs are there? Failing is okay in the gym. Why is it not the same in day-to-day life? An analogy between β€œI don’t give a fuck” and getting rich. You can increase earnings or decrease spending How is Black Mirror produced? The new food shop: available only on Uber Eats/Deliveroo. Just like brick and mortar shops moved online only. Bubble Tea
Mar 12, 2019 57 min

#5 β€” "We Have A Generation Of Writers: We All Write And Read Every Day"

In this episode, a lot of the focus is devoted towards books and writing. However, it's not the usual boring book topic. Indeed we're all writing and reading every day. You're doing it now. We're writing books of text messages and reading 10 books per week of text. Which "books" are we reading? That's where nuances start to appear. Also discussed in this episode: New York Times best sellers, Jack Dorsey and his Twitter, the process of writing, choosing your words, analog vs digital, social media identity, Vine, how to start writing daily, quantity vs quality, doing it one time perfectly versus doing it 100 times, a blessing in disguise, printed book vs eBook.
Mar 08, 2019 1 hr 25 min

#4 β€” Oscars, Simplifying The Creation Process, Art Vs Business Or How They Combine, Value, Sneakers, Lingering And Losing Your Train Of Thought

In this episode, The Attention Podcast goes deeper into cinema and... Marvel becoming a religion? Also discussed: Marvel becoming a religion, Elon Musk, Kevin Hart's tweets, cinema, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), art that moves people, Game of Thrones, Christopher Nolan
πŸ‘€ The Attention Podcast: Filmmaking And Graphic Design Intersected
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