Spend Culture: CFOs on People, Cash, and Organizations

Spend Culture: CFOs on People, Cash, and Organizations

By Procurify
May 20, 2020 27 min

How Forward-Thinking Accounting Teams are Adapting In The New Normal

In this episode, Ryan Lazanis, the forward-thinking founder of Future Firm shares his insights as a veteran fully remote accounting firm owner on how accounting and finance teams can adapt to the changes to remote work, and how to modernize processes for the future.
May 11, 2020 27 min

For This CFO, HR is Part of the Job - Steve Watson, CFO of CFSS

In this episode, Steve Watson, the CFO of CFSS Arizona shares his insights as the wearer of two pivotal hats - the CFO and CHRO. As a healthcare CFO, Steve shares the challenges of adapting to a remote work model, and how his essential service was able to transition. Steve also shares his passion for helping others save costs related to employee benefits when he founded Trendbreakers.
Apr 23, 2020 42 min

How to Mitigate Risk for Your Finance Team During a Recession - Helina Patience, CEO of Entreflow

In this episode of Spend Culture Stories, Helina Patience, CEO of Entreflow joins us to talk about her experience scaling Canadian tech and manufacturing organizations. implementing best practices for finance teams, and change management during times of economic downturn. Entreflow is a boutique management and financial consulting firm with a team of 18 finance legends, HR leaders and marketing ninjas. They're a licensed public practice CPA, accounting firm, licensed recruitment agency and Growth Marketing Strategy Practice.
Apr 15, 2020 36 min

Do You Have The Right Finance Role for Your Organization?

Having the right finance leader is more critical than ever in these uncertain times. John Kasian, Director of Operations at Signature Analytics breaks down the 'who does what' in key finance leadership roles, and also gives some easy to follow tips on the best internal control practices that every venture-backed company should know.
Apr 01, 2020 20 min

How to Hire Your First Procurement Executive

In this episode, executive recruitment expert Nakita Gates shares her best practices and insights on finding the right procurement leader for your organization, and what makes a strong candidate stand out amongst the rest.
Mar 18, 2020 34 min

How to Manage a Finance Team as a Remote CFO

In this episode, seasoned remote CFO and finance executive Suzanne Shifflet of Gym Launch joins us to chat about strategies on managing spending and finance teams in a distributed workforce, and how to keep teams motivated and engaged during the shift to remote work.
Mar 03, 2020 41 min

How C-Suite Can Empower Their Procurement Heroes

In this episode, Anthony Clervi, the CEO & Managing Partner at UNA Purchasing solutions shares his thoughts on why the C-Suite needs to empower procurement as a function, and the role of group purchasing and how it affects organizational spend culture.
Feb 18, 2020 30 min

What The New Generation of CPAs Actually Care About

Anna Sun, CPA is a former auditor at PwC and now is the newest member of our finance team at Procurify. In this episode, she shares why many CPAs are flocking to startups, and why she refuses to work for a company that does not use technology to level up their finance team.
Feb 04, 2020 26 min

How High Growth Startups Can Create Your First Procurement Strategy

In this episode, John Evans, the CEO of leading procurement consulting firm Procureability discusses how high growth companies can develop the right procurement strategy to properly track spending and catch maverick spending as they grow.
Jan 21, 2020 46 min

How Procurement Can Re-invent Itself In the Workplace

In this episode, Kelly Barner from Buyer's Meeting Point chats with us on the new role of the procurement executive, and how procurement can reclaim itself as a key function in an organization. She explains the hilarious and shocking stories behind how the role of procurement is behind everything that we see.