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Creative Drive
Creative Drive
J. Alejandro

Creative Drive is a short-form international showcase of poetry and short fiction from all walks of life. We welcome writers outside the... more

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CD66 | 2 Poems by Seema Prusty

Hello! Today we feature the poetry of Seema Prusty! Seema recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in India, is currently... more

27 Oct 2021 · 3 minutes
CD65 | Short Fiction by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Hello! Today we bring you the work of Christopher T. Dabrowski CLAIRVOYANT'S MISFORTUNE A short piece by Christopher T. Dabrowski. Translated by: Monika Olasek Support... more

14 Oct 2021 · 7 minutes
CD64 | Prison Philosophy 101 - a short tale by Dr. Thomas Davison

Hi there, Creative Drive is back! Today we welcome back Dr. Thomas Davison! Thank you for sharing your work with us! Prison... more

29 Sep 2021 · 13 minutes
CD63 - Power Outage Musing Number One (and Zero) | A poem by Jaime Alejandro

Hey friends, Creative Drive is back in action! I wanted to share some music and poetry experiments I have been working... more

02 Sep 2021 ·
CD62 - Badass Black Girl Book Excerpt and Poetry by MJ Fievre

Hello friends, We are thrilled to present the work of MJ Fievre! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, M.J. Fievre moved to... more

19 Jul 2021 ·
CD61 - I Regret to Inform You by Lee Anderson

Hello all! On this special episode of Creative Drive we are thrilled to bring you a short piece by Lee Anderson! Warning:... more

17 Jun 2021 · 9 minutes
CD60 - Luck of The Anger by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen

Hi there, This week, we bring you the first of several special episodes in the coming days to showcase the single... more

08 Jun 2021 · 5 minutes
CD59 - 3 Poems by NM Senator/Poet Bill O'Neill (selected from The Definition of Empty)

Hello all! Today we are thrilled to present selections from The Definition of Empty, by New Mexico Senator and poet Bill... more

04 Jun 2021 · 10 minutes
CD58 - 3 Poems by Steven Rossi

Hey all, here we go! Today we are thrilled to bring you three poems by Steven Rossi! 1. A Look Into Us 2.... more

21 May 2021 · 7 minutes
CD57 - Baked Ziti by E.H. Davis

Hello all, Today we're thrilled to present the flash fiction piece, "Baked Ziti" by E.H. Davis! A FEW WORDS FROM THE AUTHOR: One... more

06 May 2021 · 12 minutes
Creative Drive
CD66 | 2 Poems by Seema Prusty
Creative Drive