Recess: Creative Convos

Recess: Creative Convos

Kamron Waithe & D'Andre Wilson
Dec 15, 2019 --

2 With Slight Please? feat. Afiya Francis – Season 2 Episode 6

In this episode, Kamron and D'Andre are joined by Afiya Francis of InSeason Tours – a tourism company dedicated to the exploration of our local culinary landscape. Together, they discuss food as a catalyst for connecting different people together and the fact that T&T cuisine is a melting pot of cultures and flavours from different parts of the world. Do we truly understand the importance of food as it relates to our identity and culture? Are we willing to go beyond the surface regarding our conversations about food? Can we diversify our local economy through food? Let's discuss all of this and more. For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Afiya: @inseasontours
Dec 09, 2019 --

Wa Yuh Really Sayin'? feat. Christophe Pierre and Shurdelle Jennings – Season 2 Episode 5

In this episode, Kamron and D’Andre are joined by social media, design and branding experts Christophe Pierre and Shurdelle Jennings. They explore the basic concepts of brand strategy and development while discussing the reasons for our own downfalls in owning our identity within branding throughout the Caribbean region. What makes us unique as Caribbean people? How can we take advantage of that uniqueness as it relates to our local brands and businesses? How should Caribbean social media influencer’s strategically approach brand development? Join Kamron, D'Andre, Christophe and Shurdelle as they define branding and break down the strategies that have led to their successful brand ownership over the years. For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Christophe Pierre: @designbyspirit Follow Shurdelle Jennings: @shurdelle
Nov 24, 2019 --

Waiz Yuh Story? feat. Shari Petti and Oliver Milne – Season 2 Episode 4

In this episode, Kamron and D'Andre, along with local filmmakers Shari Petti and Oliver Milne, discuss the role of film in the identity and culture of Trinidad and Tobago. They touch on the development of the business side of film as well as the untapped potential of film as a creative art in the Caribbean. Is there truly a film industry? Are we telling the right stories? Has perfectionism stood in the way of filmmaking? Let's discuss all of this and more. For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Shari Petti: @sharipettiii Follow Oliver Milne: @olliethemilne
Nov 20, 2019 --

I Woke Up Like Dis? feat. Saché Alexander-George & Ghyanne Jack – Season 2 Episode 3

In this episode, Kamron and D'Andre along with lifestyle bloggers and natural hair advocates Saché Alexander-George and Ghyanne Jack discuss the climate of beauty today in Trinidad and Tobago. They each discuss their natural hair experiences and their struggles with self acceptance in the age of colorism and anti blackness in the Caribbean. What does it mean to be beautiful in an era of monolithic beauty standards and generalized social media highlight reels? Have we as women internalized these standards to fit our own narratives for the sake of ‘fitting in’? What does it actually mean to be a beauty influencer? They discuss these things and more in today’s episode!!! For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Saché: @napturallysach Follow Ghyanne: @beautyoutspoken
Nov 10, 2019 --

Why Isn’t Innovation #ForTheCulture? feat. Kyle Maloney – Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode, we are joined by the extremely brilliant and innovative Kyle Maloney; co-founder of six technology driven companies across a myriad of industries including Tech Beach, F1rst and Chef Made. After his splendid rendition of a Jamaican accent, the conversation begins by detailing his entrepreneurial journey and reflecting on his past failures that would have ultimately led to his current success. Why are we so behind in the technological curve as a region? Why are we holding on to antiquated solutions? Why are we preparing the next generation for a world that no longer exists? Let's explore all of this and more! For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Kyle Maloney: @kylemaloney_f1
Nov 06, 2019 --

Does Rhythm Make The Soul Of Ah People Dance? feat. Freetown Collective & Jimmy October – Season 2 Episode 1 (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this episode, Kamron, D'Andre, Freetown Collective and Jimmy October pick up from where they left off. They continue to talk about the lack of transparency in the local music industry, the lack of succession planning and the dog eat dog nature of the industry, assuming that an industry actually exists. They also talk about the responsibility of an artiste, the value of telling stories in art and the importance of authenticity in the creative process. Listen to the continuation of Episode 1 as they all share moments of adversity within the industry and steps that should be taken in order to push the culture forward. For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Freetown Collective: @wearefreetown Follow Jimmy October: @jimmyoctober
Nov 03, 2019 --

Does Rhythm Make The Soul Of Ah People Dance? feat. Freetown Collective & Jimmy October – Season 2 Episode 1 (Part 1)

Kamron and D’Andre are joined by artiste duo Freetown Collective and singer/songwriter Jimmy October. Together they touch on the creation of culture through music, Nailah Blackman's tweet concerning soca music and the current state of music in the Caribbean. In addition, they explore the realms of our parent genre, calypso, and its unfortunate decline in both impact and relevance. Why hasn't calypso been able to transcend generations and why has soca music been stifled to accommodate one season and one feeling? Part 1 of this two part episode touches on these issues while allowing you into the minds of these creative geniuses. For all things Recess, check us out over here: Follow Freetown Collective: @wearefreetown Follow Jimmy October: @jimmyoctober
Oct 28, 2019 --

Season Two Official Trailer

In this season D’Andre and Kamron continue the creative conversation by choosing to explore the concepts of Identity and Culture and how that contributes to the Creative Landscape of Trinidad and Tobago and it’s people. Their desire is to dissect the history of Trinidad & Tobago in order to provide proper context of the development of their culture over time. In exposing the historical context of the nation and its effect on them as individuals and furthermore the culture of their society, they hope to open up the conversation and challenge their listeners to introspect and seek to understand their cultural identity and why it’s imperative to be aware of that as an artist, as an individual and as a nation and why the development of the society depends on it. Keep up with us for all the updates:
May 13, 2019 --

Season One Finale: "The Real Real: What 1 Season Of A Podcast Teaches You"

Kamron and D'Andre celebrate the end of season one by having an honest conversation about what hosting a podcast really entails; the ups and downs, the highs and lows and everything in between. They hope that in sharing their process, it inspires and motivates those who listen. Stay tuned for Season 2. It's gonna be lit. For updates, follow: @recesspodcast @kamron.etc @dvndre
Apr 15, 2019 --

Episode 6: "When Your Dream Changes"

Kamron and D'Andre are joined by Keziah Lendor, an all around "boss babe" with an interesting journey and wisdom beyond her years. While briefly outlining her story, Kez mentions that she did Political Sciences and International Relations in university – a course of study that was by all means distant from her current profession. Together, the trio explore the importance of learning from experiences and defining success in your own terms. They also touch on appreciation for one's value and the impact of a good support system on the life of a creative. Check out Keziah on IG: @kezstylesinc For updates, follow: @recesspodcast @kamron.etc @dvndre