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Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast
Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast
Nurse & Midwife Support

Nurse & Midwife Support offers national support services to nurses, midwives and students of the profession, 24 hours, 7 days a week... more

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Nurse and Midwife Support - Life Phases and Career Transitions

Our 3 podcast guests share their thoughts, reflections and wisdom about what supports them to make decisions about their life... more

03 Feb 2021 · 44 minutes
B & Me: A graduate midwife's story By Frances Finch

Frances’ story is one of two winners for our International Year of the Nurse and Midwife Story Competition. Her story... more

17 Dec 2020 · 25 minutes
Caring, A Mutual And Collective Experience Of Nurses By Tessa Moriarty

Tessa is one of the two amazing winners of this year’s Nurse & Midwife Support Story Competition. Her story really... more

17 Dec 2020 · 24 minutes
Nurse & Midwife Support - Burnout and beyond with Athol Hann

Burnout is something that many nurses and midwives experience in their career. In this episode we talk to Athol Hann.... more

24 Nov 2020 · 43 minutes
Exercise and Physical Activity with Liz Hewett

Accredited exercise physiologist, Liz Hewett explores the difference between exercise and physical activity, the importance of exercise to the health... more

17 Sep 2020 · 39 minutes
Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast
Nurse and Midwife Support - Life Phases and Career Transitions
Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast