Mar 31, 2020 1 min

Preview: How To Outrun A Panic

The final episode of Conviction: American Panic comes out next week.
Mar 03, 2020 2 min

Preview: Believe The Children (Season 2)

Listen to this preview of Conviction: American Panic.
Feb 25, 2020 24 min

Episode 1: Meet the Quinneys (Season 2)

In 1989, nine-year-old John Quinney accused his father Melvin of being a satanic cult leader and abusing him in satanic rituals. His father vehemently denied the charges. It was a case that tore their family apart. But what none of them knew was that they were just one of dozens of families going through the same nightmare.
Jan 28, 2020 1 min

Introducing Conviction Season 2: American Panic

When John Quinney was ten years old, he took the stand to testify against his own father. He had come to believe that his dad Melvin was the murderous leader of a satanic cult. It would be decades before John would learn that his family was just one of many swept up in a panic that gripped America in the 1980s—one in which hundreds of people were accused of taking part in underground satanic cults that sacrificed infants and sexually abused children. By the time the panic had subsided, scores of people were in prison, convicted on little to no evidence—people like John's father. Conviction: American Panic takes you inside one of the darkest and most bizarre chapters of American history. Conviction: American Panic premieres February 25.
Feb 04, 2019 42 min

No Angels | S1 Ep7

Pedro’s trial date finally arrives, and Manny sets out on another quest. Will he finally push the envelope too far?
Feb 04, 2019 36 min

Right Past the Sun | S1 Ep6

Manny takes some big risks that could get Pedro’s case dismissed—or could get Pedro into even deeper trouble.
Feb 04, 2019 43 min

The Wrong Guy | S1 Ep5

Manny’s quest to free Pedro isn’t just about justice. It’s payback.
Feb 04, 2019 39 min

No Wins | S1 Ep4

Terrell believes that Manny and his clients are out to destroy his career. But they aren’t the only ones sounding alarms about Terrell.
Feb 04, 2019 40 min

The Cop | S1 Ep3

Manny meets a key witness. Saki meets Manny’s nemesis.
Feb 04, 2019 41 min

The Porsche | S1 Ep2

Pedro gets pushed to take a plea deal. Manny goes on a quest to find the one young man who can free him.
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