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More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)
More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)
The KLRC Podcast Network

Suzie Eller, Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson, authors and real-life friends, invite you each week to go deeper, become freer and feel... more

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Growing Slow (Episode 123)

Author Jennifer Dukes Lee joins us to share how we can heal our hurried hearts and embrace a more life-giving,... more

15 Apr 2021 · 22 minutes
A Little More: A Love Letter

Sometimes reading the Bible can feel like a “to-do.” Suzie shares how we can rediscover God’s love in the pages... more

09 Apr 2021 · 2 minutes
What in the Word?! (Episode 122)

Who has ever found it hard to read or study the Bible? (We’re raising our hands.) We talk about connecting... more

08 Apr 2021 · 21 minutes
A Little More: It's Ok to Have Questions

We have all encountered a crisis of faith and had questions, this is part of the faith journey and not... more

02 Apr 2021 · 2 minutes
Christian Culture or Christ? (Episode 121)

If you’ve had questions, doubts, or confusion about faith then we’re with you. We have an honest conversation about what... more

01 Apr 2021 · 22 minutes
A Little More: Embracing Awkward Moments

What if our awkward moments actually make us more endearing? Holley shares good news from a heart, mind, and relationship... more

26 Mar 2021 · 3 minutes
Truth or Dare (Episode 120)

We are answering your questions! Join us for a fun conversation, laughter, and learning new things. It’s like a slumber... more

25 Mar 2021 · 22 minutes
A Little More: Scarred and Beautiful

Our scars are not our shame. They are symbolic of our healing, and that we are survivors. I'm scarred. You're... more

19 Mar 2021 · 2 minutes
When You Don't Like Your Story (Episode 119)

Is your life a fairy tale? Ours aren’t either! From small disappointments to big losses, Sharon Jaynes joins us to... more

18 Mar 2021 · 25 minutes
A Little More: Your Struggle Isn't Your Identity

Your struggle isn't your identity. Jennifer shares important reminders about how brave you are even in your darkest moments. What... more

12 Mar 2021 · 3 minutes
More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)
Growing Slow (Episode 123)
More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)