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Gay Future
Gay Future
Gay Future Productions

The year is 2062 and everyone is gay. It’s a conservative’s worst nightmare: a totalitarian government rules over what’s left of North... more

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New Series: 14 Days with Felicity

Gay Future fans... we wrote another podcast! It's equally as insane and filled with tons of gay shit. Check it... more

28 Oct 2019 · 1 minute
Gay Future: Under The Hood

Connor, Christina, and Ben take you behind-the-scenes to answer your burning, hot questions and show how the sound of Gay... more

10 Apr 2019 · 38 minutes
Episode 6: The Gay Club at the Center of the Earth

With the team fractured, Mikey finds himself in the hands of President Clay. Meanwhile, Deb plans an impossible escape from... more

14 Mar 2019 · 1 hour,
Episode 5: From Ruben To Clay

The year is 2019, and everyone is kinda gay, kinda straight. It's fluid. We're all still figuring it out.  A young... more

28 Feb 2019 · 32 minutes
Minisode: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Dykes

A Behind The Music documentary on the most celebrated all-lesbian rock band of our times.  Twitter: @gayfuturepod Instagram: @gayfuturepod Website: gayfuturepodcast.com #gayfuturepod

22 Feb 2019 · 10 minutes
Episode 4: The Gay Rebellion

With no army in sight, the team sets off to Lesbian Vale to drum up a rebellion. Meanwhile, Chad struggles... more

14 Feb 2019 · 36 minutes
Gay Future Theme Song

The full-length Gay Future Theme Song  Performed by Chris Renalds(@chrisrenalds) Written by Ben Lapidus (@benlapidusmusic) Twitter: @gayfuturepod Instagram: @gayfuturepod Website: gayfuturepodcast.com #gayfuturepod

11 Feb 2019 · 1 minute
Episode 3: The Man on Gay Mountain

The crew finally arrives at the Lost City of Straights and must find the elusive Rebel Leader. But before Mikey... more

31 Jan 2019 · 36 minutes
Minisode: Twinkton Nights

Blaine the Bartender takes us back to the pulsing, neon nights of Twinkton's past.  Episode 3 available 1.31.19. Twitter: @gayfuturepod Instagram: @gayfuturepod Website: gayfuturepodcast.com #gayfuturepod

28 Jan 2019 · 9 minutes
Episode 2: Through the Gay Forest

Mikey, Deb, and Tristan set off to find the Lost City of Straights and must travel through the Chloë Sevigny... more

17 Jan 2019 · 30 minutes
Gay Future
New Series: 14 Days with Felicity
Gay Future