The World of Work Podcast

The World of Work Podcast

Join James and Jane on their mission to improve people’s experience of wo
Aug 03, 2020 37 min

E087 - Organizational Change, Stories and Process (W/ Susanne Evans)

James and Jane are joined by Susanne Evans to discuss organizational change and some of the challenges that exist with the process approach to Change. Susanne shares some of her PhD research on the role of stories and narrative in both understanding change, and leading successful change in organizations.
Jul 20, 2020 49 min

E086 - Zebras Unite (with Aniyia Williams)

James and Jane are joined by Aniyia Williams, a co-founder of the Zebras Unite movement, to speak about what they're up to and why they want to change the world of start-up funding.
Jul 13, 2020 41 min

E085 - Remote Working Cultures w/ Goncalo Silva

James and Jane are joined by Gonçalo Silva, CTO of Doist to talk about remote working and the role that culture plays in successful distributed teams. The conversation explore topics like asynchronous communication, flow and the importance of calm workplaces.
Jul 06, 2020 39 min

E084 - Stress Buckets with Gin Lalli

James and Jane are joined by Gin Lalli to discuss stress. The conversation focuses on the concept of the stress bucket, and explores how different people experience stress and what they can do to overcome it.
Jun 29, 2020 53 min

E083 - Organizational Change: A Critical View w/ Mark Hughes

James and Jane are joined by Dr. Mark Hughes to discuss organizational change. The conversation explores how we think about leadership and change, and provides some helpful critiques of some generally held theories and accepted models.
Jun 22, 2020 35 min

E082 - Personal & Leadership Development (A WoW View)

James and Jane discuss personal and leadership development, reflecting on their views and approaches to both subjects. They explore the importance of thinking, feeling, being and doing as pillars of personal development, as well as the relationship between personal and leadership development.
Jun 15, 2020 46 min

E081 - The ABCs of Stress and Resilience

James and Jane discuss stress and resilience, and share some basic things that individuals can do to help manage themselves through stress and improve their resilience.
Jun 08, 2020 50 min

E080 - Future of Work Post Corona w/ Bernardo Tirado

James and Jane are joined Bernardo Tirado to discuss the impact that corona virus has on organizations and individuals, and what the future of work might be following these disruptions. The episode has a recurring theme around what I/O psych's can do to support individuals and organizations through these changes.
Jun 01, 2020 42 min

E079 - Financial Wellbeing (with Gethin Nadin)

James and Jane are joined by Gethin Nadin to discuss financial wellbeing. The conversation explores what financial wellbeing is, what individuals can do to improve their own financial wellbeing and the role that organizations can play in helping improve financial wellbeing for their employers.
May 25, 2020 38 min

E078 - Self Managed Teams (With Perry Timms)

James and Lisa are joined by Perry Timms to discuss self-managed teams. The conversation considers what self-managed team are, what they need to be successful and what some challenges are that teams or leaders will face when trying to implement them.