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Kyle Barnett

CropTalk #KyleTalksAgTech with Kyle Barnett is about shedding light on the controlled environment agriculture field and the technology that enables people to... more

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250! Mastering CEA Profitability in 2024 w. Charlie Hall

CropTalk has made it to episode 250! In this week's special episode, guest host Adam Greenberg of IUNU navigates a... more

19 Jul 2024 · 47 minutes
249. Insights and Strategies for Design and Build Efficiency w. Jeff Lair

Jeff Lair, Director of Architecture and Engineering at DAG, joins us to discuss insights and strategies for achieving design and... more

12 Jul 2024 · 24 minutes
248. Bridging the Gap between Horticulture and Hospitality w. Jack Maruna

Jack Maruna, co-founder of Local Grow, joins us to discuss how his startup is helping restaurants and the hospitality industry... more

21 Jun 2024 · 33 minutes
247. Fresh Produce and Tech Trends w. Vonnie Estes

Vonnie Estes, driven by a passion for agriculture, technology, and sustainability, serves as the VP of Innovation at the International... more

06 Jun 2024 ·
246. Mobile Robotics Automation in Indoor Farming w. Christopher Weis Thomasen

Christopher Weis Thomasen is the CEO of Seasony. With an innovative use of the scissor lift, Christopher and his team... more

16 May 2024 · 26 minutes
245. A Social Impact Apporach to CEA w. Nona Yehia

In the vertical farming industry, Nona Yehia stands as a beacon of innovation and social impact. As the Co-Founder and... more

25 Apr 2024 · 38 minutes
244. The importance of Emotional Intelligence in Horticulture w. Paige Franks

Paige Franks, a Senior Executive Search Advisor at BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group, is an expert on the power... more

11 Apr 2024 · 38 minutes
243. An Optimistic Approach to Vertical Farming w. Paul Gauthier

Paul Gauthier is the Professor of Controlled Environment Agriculture at The University of Queensland in Australia. With a wealth of... more

20 Mar 2024 · 50 minutes
242. Preventing Future Bankruptcies in CEA w. Adam Bergman

Adam Begman, as the Global Head of AgTech Investment Banking at Citi, possesses unparalleled expertise in AgTech investment. With a... more

01 Mar 2024 · 37 minutes
241. Unlocking Success Through Transparency and Calibration w. Carl Gupton

Carl Gupton, CEO of Greenswell Growers, a leafy greens producer nestled outside Richmond, Virginia, brings a refreshing blend of humility... more

15 Feb 2024 · 28 minutes
250! Mastering CEA Profitability in 2024 w. Charlie Hall