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The Prickwillow Papers
The Prickwillow Papers
Snazzy Tapir Productions

Sylda, a young half-elf, has just graduated from the College of Mages. And, joy of joys, she has also moved back in... more

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Season 1 Trailer

The Prickwillow Papers is a comedy-fantasy audio drama about a young half-elf graduate called Sylda, and her extremely rude and... more

05 Sep 2021 ·
Introducing: Realms of Peril and Glory

Today, we're introducing the very first episode of Realms of Peril and Glory, an all new actual play podcast. Each... more

18 Aug 2021 · 1 hour, 21 minutes
Emotional Homework - Live at King's Place

Sylda is studying hard for her final assessment, and Squirm is coerced into writing a diary.  This episode was part... more

11 Dec 2019 · 10 minutes
The Next Chapter

Squirm tells all, and Sylda speaks her mind. Will Squirm get her powers back after all? Contains strong language. Transcript... more

16 Sep 2019 · 15 minutes
Dagger and Pistol

Sylda wants Squirm to tell her everything about her past, but they are rudely interrupted. Contains strong language, gunshots and... more

19 Aug 2019 · 12 minutes
Seal of Disapproval

Sylda and Squirm continue their quest in a seaside village, where they meet a selkie and her wife. Contains strong... more

15 Jul 2019 · 10 minutes
Cunning Plans

The duo return to the Trove’s tree to fulfil his request, but what are his motives? Contains strong language, violence... more

17 Jun 2019 · 10 minutes
MCM Comic Con London 2019

Find out more about the shows taking part in #MCMComicCasts at bit.ly/MCMComicCasts Find out more about The Prickwillow Papers at... more

20 May 2019 · 7 minutes
The Vaults

Sylda and Squirm explore the vaults below the Bureau of Magical Affairs in search of a magical artefact, and meet... more

13 May 2019 · 15 minutes
Customer Satisfaction

Sylda and Squirm travel to the city of Vottun on a dangerous errand for the Trove… Contains strong language. Transcript... more

08 Apr 2019 · 11 minutes
The Prickwillow Papers
Season 1 Trailer
The Prickwillow Papers