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Ask NT Wright Anything
Ask NT Wright Anything

The fortnightly podcast that connects you to NT (Tom) Wright’s thought and theology by allowing you to ask the questions. Presented... more

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#54 Veganism, ethics and activism

Tom answers listener questions around if we should eat meat, whether we’ll all be vegan in the new creation and... more

25 Feb 2021 · 23 minutes
#53 US politics, conspiracy theories and prophecy

Tom answers listener questions on the prevalence of conspiracy theories, US church support for Trump and the failed prophecies of... more

18 Feb 2021 · 24 minutes
#52 ‘I wish I didn’t exist’. Pain and suffering Part 2

Tom shares his thoughts on heart-breaking pastoral questions from listeners around how to respond to grief and mental health. You... more

04 Feb 2021 · 26 minutes
#51 Pain and suffering Part 1

Tom shares his thoughts on the difficult questions listeners have around issues such as dementia, death, the global pandemic and... more

21 Jan 2021 · 30 minutes
#50 Icons, praying to saints & dividing over sexuality

Tom answers listener questions around whether shrines are pagan, infant baptism is biblical and how we can live in unity with theological... more

07 Jan 2021 · 45 minutes
#49 Other faiths, Judaism and Gnosticism

Tom answers listener questions, such as will Jews be in heaven? What about religious experiences in other faiths? And is Gnosticism the... more

18 Dec 2020 · 39 minutes
#48 Broken Signposts and questions on forgiveness and salvation

Tom talks about his latest book and answers listener questions around how God forgives, conversion and how you can be... more

03 Dec 2020 · 35 minutes
#47 Should women preach and lead in church? What about marriage?

Tom answers listener questions around gender, women in leadership and the dynamics of family life. Support the show and receive NT Wright’s brand new... more

19 Nov 2020 · 36 minutes
#46 Big questions from and about children

Tom answers listener questions on how to talk to children about tricky things like suffering and hell. Plus, we talk... more

05 Nov 2020 · 34 minutes
#45 Worship in the age of Covid-19

Tom answers listener questions on how the church will be changed by Coronavirus, online communion and the challenges of worshipping... more

21 Oct 2020 · 34 minutes
Ask NT Wright Anything
#54 Veganism, ethics and activism
Ask NT Wright Anything