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Ask NT Wright Anything
Ask NT Wright Anything

The fortnightly podcast that connects you to NT (Tom) Wright’s thought and theology by allowing you to ask the questions. Presented... more

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#65 Acts Q&A Pt 2 – Tongues, doctrine and evangelism

Should we use Acts for doctrinal guidance? Is speaking in tongues the mark of a mature Christian? Is there a... more

13 May 2021 · 17 minutes
#64 Questions on the Acts of the Apostles

Is church life in Acts prescriptive for us today? What guidance does Acts give about baptism? How should we understand... more

07 May 2021 · 19 minutes
#63 Facebook Qs Pt. 2: Bereavement, other faiths & atonement

Tom answers more questions on atonement, other religions and caring for those who have lost loved ones, sent in by... more

29 Apr 2021 · 25 minutes
#62 Facebook has questions - New creation, souls in heaven and Torah

In a special episode Tom answers questions sent in by members of the NT Wright discussion group on Facebook about heaven, souls and Torah.   Tom and Justin also look ahead to 2 special events: Tom’s forthcoming Big Conversation with Douglas Murray on... more

22 Apr 2021 · 31 minutes
#61 Could Jesus have been female? What about polygamy?

Tom tackles questions on whether Jesus could have been incarnated as a woman instead of a man, how you explain polygamy in scripture, and the question of... more

15 Apr 2021 · 21 minutes
#60 Should my girlfriend get baptised? What will we remember in heaven?

Will we keep our memories in heaven? How does the Isaiah 65 prophecy of a new world fit in with Tom’s eschatology? My girlfriend is a Christian but says... more

09 Apr 2021 · 18 minutes
#59 Evangelism and sharing the gospel

How do you explain the gospel to someone who thinks they haven’t done anything needing forgiveness? How do we answer... more

01 Apr 2021 · 19 minutes
#58 Genesis, 6-day creation and the first humans

Does Tom believe in 6-day creation? When did the first humans ‘made in God’s image’ appear? These and other questions on creation and evolution are... more

25 Mar 2021 · 23 minutes
#57 The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches

Tom responds to questions on why the Roman Catholic bible includes more books than Protestant versions, what he makes of... more

18 Mar 2021 · 22 minutes
#56 Fasting, resting and worship

Is fasting a practice that Christians should take up? How does Tom balance work and rest? Has Sunday worship become... more

11 Mar 2021 · 25 minutes
Ask NT Wright Anything
#65 Acts Q&A Pt 2 – Tongues, doctrine and evangelism
Ask NT Wright Anything