The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi

The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi

Aug 07, 2020 1 hr 56 min

#100 The very best of The Friday Mix

A hundred episodes! Crazy! This little weekly project created to keep my DJ muscles in shape, turned podcast, and then turned 100 episodes. This episode is around 2 hours long, recorded in JP Store and features the highest rated funky house I’ve collected over the last couple of years. You’ve heard a lot of them […]
Jul 31, 2020 48 min

#99 Best of Future House

All gear still tucked away in preparation of selling the apartment, so this mix is pre-recorded a few days ahead, much like last weeks episode. This week the filter is set for the highest rated music in my library with the Future House tag, and I’ve improvised from there. Long time subscribers might recognise a […]
Jul 24, 2020 43 min

#98 Best of Electro House

Ok, so the next couple of weeks will be a little different. I’ve bought a house, which means we need to sell our apartment. To sell an apartment in Sweden, you got to style the hell out of it. So all nerdy personal stuff has had to go into storage, including the computer with my […]
Jul 17, 2020 44 min

#97 Daily catch

This week I’ve prepared a 24 course menu with the latest and greatest modern house has to offer at the moment. All these tracks are mere hours old in my DJ library. Most of them objectively new, a few just new to me. It’s varied, but hell if it isn’t banging. Have a great weekend! […]
Jul 10, 2020 48 min

#96 Bits n Pieces

This weeks episode is all over the place, I grabbed a bunch of unplayed tracks and just hoped for the best. It’s glitchy, it’s dirty, it’s swaggy, but a whole lot of fun! Have a great weekend! Find The Friday Mix in your podcast app or on Mixcloud. Tracklist: Dario Nunez, John Guerrero, Estela Martin […]
Jul 03, 2020 41 min

#95 Anger mode

The rules for this podcast was clear. It shall be improvised, and I’m not allowed to re-record. I managed to live by these simple rules for 94 episodes. Thats almost two years straight of weekly mixes. But this week it happened, I tried to outdo myself mixing unknown and non-analyzed with no corrections or cue […]
Jun 26, 2020 53 min

#94 Cafe Fluss

This week, on short notice, I dropped by the open air club, pub, restaurant and generally awesome place named Cafe Fluss down by the river in Gothenburg, for an open decks set. I thought I might share the set with you. It’s groovy, it’s techy, and full of world vibes. Have a great weekend! Find […]
Jun 19, 2020 48 min

#93 Summer fresh

Summer is coming. There’s no real theme for this weeks episode, except being all about newly added tracks. Futuristic, funky and damn fun! Have an awesome Friday! Find The Friday Mix in your podcast app or on Mixcloud. Tracklist: David Guetta, MORTEN – Detroit 3 AM – Extended Magnificence, AYOR – Set Me Free Chico […]
Jun 12, 2020 49 min

#92 Chillax

So… due to planning related issues, this weeks mix had to be recorded on this publication Friday, on my balcony, among friends, after work. For that kind of setting, loungy house is perfect, so I dug deep in my collection and found some softer, smoother, deeper house, to fit the vibe; chilling out relaxing – […]
Jun 05, 2020 39 min

#91 Hi-speed

Time to push it! This week clocks in at a steady 130 bpm, making it the highest tempo house mix of the podcast so far. Since tempo was the criteria, it’s a diverse mix, full of swagger, future vibes, electro kicks and mean bass lines. Have a great weekend! Find The Friday Mix in your […]
The Friday Mix – EDM Podcast by Togarashi
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