The Sizzle Podcast

The Sizzle Podcast

Jo Taylor
Sep 03, 2020 1 hr 50 min

#021 Ivor Williams [Design & Death]

Welcome to episode 021! You can join my mailing list to stay in loop about Sizzle Episodes and to receive [semi regular] emails about using psychology in your life: In this episode I am joined by Ivor Williams, a designer and Lead for End-of-Life Care at the Helix Centre, a part of the Institute of Global Health Innovation (Imperial). His work focuses on thinking about how we can live, die and grieve better. During the episode we cover a range of topics, including: - The place of design within medicine and death - Dying and the medical profession - Archetypes, power and dying - The move from the priest to the medical profession - The transition between the specialist to the lay person, supporting people in dying - The way the pandemic has devolved responsibility for mediating death - The need for someone to say "I've seen this before" with death - The balance between distributing the role and keeping the experience needed, for helping people die. - Designers as neutral participants, between the church and the doctor - Doulas supporting with death (as well as birth) - The gendered experience of birth and death - People want different things when it comes to their death - Death as a permanent end to an attachment - At what point does the process of death start to focus on the living? - "who is a good death for?" - Drawing the distinction between avoidable deaths and deaths - How can we decide when a death is "a failure?" - Collective Grief: what can we do collectively? - Planetary palliative care: do we need to accept things are ending in a civilisational level? - Can suffering transform? - Viewing Maslow's hierarchy of needs from the perspective of 'becoming part of a collective whole' and understanding your place in time - How can we use our smartphones to grieve better? - Cove App - a musical emotional journey - "They had the best growth, the best health, the best pensions and now they want the best death. And our generation is responding by creating start ups" - Baby Boomers and the demand for 'death-tech' - How the context of can shape whether it's perceived as 'a failure' Find out more about Ivor: Contact Ivor: @ivorinfo (Twitter)
Aug 13, 2020 1 hr 28 min

#020 Jeffrey Boakye [Teaching, Writing, Race and Music]

Welcome to episode 020! You can join my mailing list to stay in loop about Sizzle Episodes and to receive [semi regular] emails about using psychology in your life: In this episode I am joined by Jeffrey Boakye, teacher and author. Below are some quotes from our conversation which capture the flavours involved: "I like completing projects, that is what teaching is, my long term project, it's not over until I retire" "Essentially what you are building is how kind you are to other people and how much you care about community" "I wrote most of Hold Tight with a baby in my arms..." "I don't put activities in a hierarchy, if something is exciting and it feels vital, you make the time, the trick is to realize what is vital" "The importance of thinking about key values in relation to finding your calling" "Work is good. Work in itself is the reward" "I could not have written Black Listed any earlier. I had to do a lot of learning... It was really a research project" "DJ'ing is deep in me. I seek approval that's one of my insecurities and a DJ seeks approval" "I write like I DJ. I get people on the floor, get them energised and then I hit them with cuts they might not have heard before... It's how I teach as well." "I wanted to talk about black British history, in grime, before it got lost or moved on" "Stormzy tackled Glastonbury mainstage like a GCSE... And he got an A " "If they don't understand your mission, then they are probably afraid of it" Some other topics we covered: - Viewing Wiley and Stormzy through the lens of masculinity and race - The dynamic of studying "cool blackness" - Jeffrey's experience of being a Black male author. - The process of moving from a big city to a rural lifestyle - Reflections on Kano's evolution as an artist. Find Jeffrey on Twitter at: @jeffreykboakye His website is: Buy Hold Tight: Buy Black Listed: Black British Culture Explored:
Jun 02, 2020 53 min

#019 Jane Garza [Organisational Change & Psychological Safety]

Welcome to episode 019! You can join my mailing list to stay in loop about Sizzle Episodes and to receive [semi regular] emails about using psychology in your life: In this episode I am joined by Jane Garza. Jane is the Managing Director of NOBL LA a company working with organisational culture and systems. Jane has spent almost a decade working in HR where she focused her time on reinventing, rebranding, and reimagining what HR does and is. She now coaches and advises world-famous organisations like Calvin Klein, Google Deepmind, and Reddit (!) We talked about many amazing things, including: - psychological safety - team performance - supporting changes in teams and organisations - the family as a metaphor for teams Find Jane at @hijanegarza Find NOBL at and @workNOBL on twitter Find me at @jgetaylor on twitter Sign up to my mailing list:
Apr 26, 2020 1 hr 12 min

#017 Cassie Robinson [Narratives, the personal, societal and revolutionary]

Welcome to episode 017 of The Sizzle. To stay in the loop about episodes, things I am thinking about and resources for applying psychology to life, sign up to my mailing list here: In this episode, among other things, Cassie and I discuss: - Tools for exploring narratives and using them therapeutically - Rituals for sharing experiences and narratives - Living systems evolving alongside technological systems - The intelligence of intuition (embodied wisdom) - Intuition as a muscle - Narratives as a way to solve problems - The narrative initiative (stars, constellations and galaxies) - Statement of Position Maps (Michael White) and using this on a community level. - Stories and "squaring" interpretations - Telling your own stories as an act of activism - The need for language around grief and loss - Creating a Farewell Fund for organisations which are no longer fit for purpose. Find out more about Cassie: @cassierobinson (twitter) Contact me: @jgetaylor (twitter) Resources and further reading: More information about Narrative Therapy: Learn about the Tree of Life: Michael White's Maps of Narrative Practice:
Nov 22, 2019 1 hr 6 min

#016 Greg Wootton [Muay Thai, Masculinity & Mental Health]

In episode 016 I talk with Greg Wootton, a 2x world champion Muay Thai fighter, personal trainer and coach. We cover topics including: - The transition from world champion to "more than just a world champion" - The wonders and dangers of driving to be the best - Using physical training to develop wellbeing - Combat sports as a way to explore identity - Meditation as a way to develop awareness - The ripple effect of training someone [on society] - Humility and being beaten - Masculinity and homophobia in school - Weight cutting - Unhelpful habits created through driving to be the best fighter possible - Warrior mindset Vs Compassionate mindset - Adapting from a drive and threat mindset. - Soothing as a fighter - The elements of fight preparation: Physical, Technical, Strategic (and psychological) - The importance of a growth mindset Contact details: If you'd like to find Greg he is on Insta (greg_wootton) If you would like to contact me, I am on Twitter @jgetaylor or @thesizzlepod Or you can join my mailing list to be notified of new episodes and other bits and bobs:
Sep 26, 2019 1 hr 3 min

#015 Sue Roffey [Relationships in Education & Inclusive Schools]

On episode #015 we talk about wonderful things, including: - Sue's amazing writing grotto - How students recognise that teachers care about them? - The importance of laughter - Types of belonging (inclusive and exclusive) - Sue's ASPIRE pedagogy (agency, safety, positivity, inclusion, respect, equality) - Greta Thunberg Further Reading - Visible Learning (John Hattie ) - Pathways to Belonging (Kelly Allen & Chris Boyle) - 'Ordinary magic' needs ordinary magicians: The power and practice of positive relationships for building youth resilience and wellbeing (Sue Roffey) Contact Sue: @sueroffey (Twitter) Contact me: @jgetaylor (twitter) Sign up to my mailing list:
Jun 13, 2019 46 min

#014 Karen Treisman [Psychology, Creativity & Trauma Influenced Practice]

Karen is a Clinical Psychologist and expert in trauma informed practice. She delivers training, creates resources and writes books. We talked about: - Her journey into psychology - The books she has written about working with trauma - How social justice is linked to psychological work - Her creative process: how she writes and creates resources Find her at @dr_treisman Contact me on: @jgetaylor (twitter)
May 12, 2019 1 hr 9 min

#013 Naveed Parvez [Designing health care based on empathy]

Episode 013 is with Naveed Parvez, co-founder and CEO of Andiamo, a company which builds orthotics using 3D scanning and printing technology. We talk about: - How "CEO" is a nebulous title - The story of Andiamo and how it has almost made Naveed become religious. - Designing services powered by empathy - How healthcare could be better - Decision making and emotions - Mental health in medicine - Caring for family members - Driving meaningful social change - The importance of revaluing and delivering services - How close we are to a dystopian reality? If you want to find out more about Andiamo: @AndiamoHQ (Twitter) Suggested reading from Naveed Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth) ANYTHING by Ben Goldacre If you want to contact me: @jgetaylor (Twitter)
Apr 08, 2019 1 hr 1 min

#012 Iesha Small [The Unexpected Leader]

On episode #012 of The Sizzle I talk to Iesha, who is an edu-researcher, former teacher and senior leader. She recently published a book called The Unexpected Leader (link below). We discuss the book and much much more, including: - Unexpected Leadership - Types of Leadership - What Game of Thrones can teach us about leadership - Hip Hop as a tool for sociological examination - Facilitating mental health with photography and walking - Family - Saying what is important, not what is easy - Being "an artist" - Research and story telling Contact Iesha: @ieshasmall (twitter) Find The Unexpected Leader book here Contact me: @jgetaylor (twitter) Follow The Sizzle at @thesizzlepod (twitter)
Mar 23, 2019 1 hr 4 min

#011 Dr Reuben Binns [Data Privacy, Ethical Algorithms and Big Tech]

Episode #011 of The Sizzle I talk to Dr Reuben Binns. Conversation topics include: - Data privacy - The ethics of artificial intelligence - How algorithms can be biased - The social issue of statistics - Using statistical models to understand intelligence - Ways we can stay safe online Find Reuben here: @RDBinns (twitter) Contact me: @jgetaylor (twitter) @thesizzlepod (twitter) Please subscribe and share