Jul 06, 2020 2 min

Season 3: The UX of life has changed

With the pandemic, the user experience of life has changed. It has affected how we feel, how we communicate, how we think and how we entertain ourselves. This season, we examine how good UX design can help technology support some very current anxieties. Can design help us sleep? Can it encourage us to be more charitable? Can it solve our family tech support conundrums? Can it entertain us with better online content? And come November, can it help us vote?
Oct 22, 2019 28 min

Falling in Love with Good Design

Can an app really help you fall in love? Sometimes using a dating app feels like getting hit by cupid’s arrow - and sometimes it feels like you’ve been stung. We talk to designers and daters to see whether the UX of these apps is meant to help you find that someone special, or just to keep you swiping left indefinitely.
Oct 15, 2019 22 min

Faking Good Design

The world of FUI or fantasy user interface design is responsible for on-screen depictions of UX. Like the heads up displays for superheroes, or what a hacker sees as she cracks the government’s mainframe. All of these worlds are designed by someone. But, when it comes to designing these worlds, the lines between fiction and reality are often blurred. How do FUI designers create the futures we see on screen, and how do they influence the traditional designers who are building our real-life futures?
Oct 08, 2019 24 min

When Everything Looks Like Good Design

Design critics Jessica Helfand and Emily Heyward, founder of Red Antler, discuss what's at stake when everything looks the same -- and what designers can do about it.
Sep 24, 2019 21 min

Sounds Like Good Design

Sound is becoming more important in the world of design, especially as our devices shrink and we become less attached to screens. Wireframe speaks to sound designer Connor Moore and psychoacoustic expert Susan Rogers on the best ways to design for the ear.
Sep 17, 2019 26 min

Privacy, Trust, and Good Design

Khoi speaks with a roundtable of global privacy experts to find out what designers can - and should - do to keep user data safe. Featuring: Georgia Bullen (Simply Secure), Amy Stepanovich (Access Now) and Lieke Beelen (Visual Contracts).
Sep 10, 2019 20 min

A Prescription for Good Design

Electronic health records aren’t just cumbersome and time-consuming, they’re actually damaging the doctor-patient relationship. How can UX designers help?
Sep 05, 2019 21 min

Independently Good Design

The foosball, the snacks, the scale - life at a big design firm can be really exciting. But at independent studios, design culture still flourishes. In this episode, taped live at Adobe MAX, we explore life at independent design studios, with Jason Hardy of Century, Jennifer Gonzales of Hugo & Marie, and Kemp Attwood of Area 17.
Sep 04, 2019 1 min

Coming Soon: Wireframe Season Two

Last season we asked - what is good design? This season, we’re delving deeper into what design can - and can’t - do. From privacy, to the beeps and boops our phones make, to the secret world of UX design in film.
Mar 18, 2019 24 min

BONUS: What Good Design Sounds Like

On this special live episode of Wireframe, we dive into the brand new territory of Voice UX design. How can designers to approach voice not just as a technology, but also as a design challenge? Our guests are Katie Briggs (NPR) and Will Hall (RAIN Agency).