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The Travel Is Real
The Travel Is Real
Alex Terpstra

The Travel is Real is a podcast about hearing captivating stories from adventures abroad. Each guest on the episode reveals an experience... more

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EP 57: "James". - From Kenya to California

Holy Cats! What an episode! My friend "James" (who wishes to remain anonymous due to an embarrassing story) recounts a... more

16 Feb 2020 · 40 minutes
EP 56: Alex S. - Maximize Your Life for Happiness

My guest Alex S. graces the podcast, and reflects on his state of mind when he decided to pack his... more

13 Jan 2020 · 44 minutes
EP 55: Sunny Ju - Eight Days Lost in the Jungle

Sunny Ju graces the podcast this week and holy cats does she give a wild story. Turns out, getting lost... more

05 Jan 2020 · 48 minutes
EP 54: Michael D - "The Incident", Not Flying Home, And Rice Paddies and Car Batteries

Michael D. joins the podcast! This fine Brit recently moved to Bali to learn coding/programing, but before that, he had... more

29 Dec 2019 · 32 minutes
EP 53: Sophia - Racism Woes as an Expat, and Child Fire-Breathers

In this episode, my guest Sophia and I discuss some of the more bizarre things one can expect to see... more

21 Dec 2019 · 30 minutes
EP 52: Hella- Island Life and the Surf "Washing Machine"

My friend, Hella, who is Co-owner of Canggu’s Camp 308 and quite the avid surfer graces the podcast. She first... more

16 Dec 2019 · 28 minutes
EP 51: Jeroen- Lombock's Earthquake Disaster and The Water Magician

My guest Jeroen Van Overbeak, AKA "The Water Magician"  presents his story of how he was able to bring clean water... more

09 Dec 2019 · 31 minutes
EP 50: Kieran- Managing Anxiety, Travel, and Travel Anxiety

In this special episode, one that I’m very excited about, my guest Kieran Hedley, also known as Coach Kezza, graces... more

01 Dec 2019 · 24 minutes
EP 49: Sabby- Optimize your Life and Travel for Happiness

My guest Sabby on today's episode is a very great friend and great dude, who I met here in Bali.... more

25 Nov 2019 · 34 minutes
EP 48: Hermes- Travel Scams, Cons, and Grifts

SCAMS, Cons, Cheats, Grifts, you name it, this episode has it. My guest Hermes and I detail a few common,... more

18 Nov 2019 · 34 minutes
The Travel Is Real
EP 57: "James". - From Kenya to California
The Travel Is Real