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Professional Friends
Professional Friends
Professional Friends

Anna Paratore, John Bevacqua, and Carolina Hidalgo are three friends looking for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy hour. Outro music by:... more

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Ep.166 - Season Finale! Part II

This week is the final week! John, Anna, Calvin, and Carolina talk about how they met, the benefit of unemployment,... more

04 Nov 2022 · 43 minutes
Ep.165 - Season Finale! Part I

This week is a very special two part final episode of the Professional Friends podcast! And with Calvin Cato back... more

28 Oct 2022 · 37 minutes
Ep.164 - California Love

This week the friends talk about making lemonade out of lemonade, the classic film Beaches, John's visit to California and... more

07 Oct 2022 · 31 minutes
Ep.163 - No Sleep!

This week the friends get together for another late night to talk about Anna going to the NY Mets game... more

30 Sep 2022 · 28 minutes
Throwback! - Ep.152 - My Faire Lady

On this week's throwback the friends talk about Anna's trip to the Renaissance Faire! What's the best time of year... more

23 Sep 2022 · 29 minutes
Ep.162 - Running Late!

This week the friends talk about John's fight against a cement truck, Anna's okayness with lateness, and Carolina does puzzles... more

16 Sep 2022 · 29 minutes
Ep.161 - Royal

This week the friends talk about mourning the passing of Princess Diana and then remember to focus on the news... more

09 Sep 2022 · 31 minutes
Throwback! - Ep.79 - The Lost Episode

This week the friends are unearthing their long lost episode recorded around 2018 before they learned how to hold their... more

02 Sep 2022 · 31 minutes
Ep.160 - Copy and Paste

This week the friends reveal the things they take for granted, Miss Bachelorette 2022, sending a text to the wrong... more

26 Aug 2022 · 33 minutes
Ep.159 - Mixers

This week the friends talk about John seeing Lady Gaga in New Jersey (and in concert!), Anna gives a shout... more

19 Aug 2022 · 32 minutes
Professional Friends
Ep.166 - Season Finale! Part II
Professional Friends