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Design Tomorrow
Design Tomorrow
Christopher Butler

Design Tomorrow is a podcast about design, technology, and being human with a special emphasis on growing our awareness that what we... more

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Phones Never Die. They're Eaten By Birds

Can we really call it progress when it creates so much waste? What if your phone — the one you’re... more

09 Sep 2019 · 33 minutes
You Don't Have to Be an Entrepreneur, Part 2

Every discussion of entrepreneurship is really a discussion about values. Today, we'll follow up on last week's episode, where we... more

26 Aug 2019 · 23 minutes
You Don't Have to Be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean what you think it means.Over the course of the next two episodes, I'd like to... more

19 Aug 2019 · 24 minutes
The Future vs. The Future

Every vision of the future is a better index of the present from which it came than whatever time it... more

05 Aug 2019 · 32 minutes
Words Matter

Too often we think of the word "design" as a shorthand for an ecosystem of mostly visual phenomena. But words... more

22 Jul 2019 · 17 minutes
A.I. Ain't that I.

The majority of our clicking and tapping is a repetitive act of information management. Isn't A.I. supposed to help us... more

17 Jun 2019 · 19 minutes
The Glove, the Display, and the Possible Future

Is technology a means to an end — the ladder we climb to a future we want to inhabit because... more

03 Jun 2019 · 22 minutes
Ugh. Advertising.

Does advertising still make sense in our world today? How does a form of media always known as an associated... more

20 May 2019 · 37 minutes
The Interface and Me

Are interfaces good? Or are they a distraction — for us the makers, and for the users we believe we... more

06 May 2019 · 34 minutes
Useful Fictions

We live in a time of illusions. Simulations that reflect back upon us more than just the passage of time,... more

22 Apr 2019 · 23 minutes
Design Tomorrow
Phones Never Die. They're Eaten By Birds
Design Tomorrow