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Digitally Rare
Digitally Rare
Jonathan Mann

Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann explore what it means to own things on the blockchain and beyond.

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Copyright Click Save w/ Brian L Frye

Join us for a wildly fun conversation about the NFT art market, copyright, plagiarism, and more with IP lawyer and... more

25 Mar 2023 · 58 minutes
Embracing The Chaos That Comes With the Summer Haze

Artist Cole Sternberg chats with us about environmental composition, analog and digital patina, and the background of his work, on-... more

10 Mar 2023 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
Getting 0wned w/ Rhea Myers

OG crypto artist Rhea Myers on Inscriptions, the intent vs letter of the code that is law, her upcoming compendium... more

27 Feb 2023 · 1 hour, 6 minutes
Open Ended Open Editions

Jonathan and Matt catch up over open edition hype, ordinals, and who knows what else!

13 Feb 2023 · 56 minutes
Speculations on NonExistentTokens w/ Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas on conceptual crypto art history, Bitchcoin, prompt generation as artistic medium, the relationship between human labor and art,... more

30 Jan 2023 · 56 minutes
Music NFT Aggregation: Which is the Right(s) Way?

A thorough dialogue between web3 musicians Verite and Black Dave on the topic of music NFT aggregators, the forces of... more

12 Jan 2023 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
We're all still NEW HERE w/ Dan Sickles

Sundance winning director Dan Sickles joins us to talk about NEW HERE, his documentary about the NFT ecosystem and culture... more

19 Dec 2022 · 1 hour, 1 minute
Bid to Earn? The GBM Auction Mechanic

Hugo from myNFT gives us the illustrious, 5 year journey of his team, talks NFT standards and walks us through... more

07 Dec 2022 · 53 minutes
Kaigani on What Mxtters

We catch up with Kaigani, famous decompiler of the CryptoKitty genome, and chat PFPs, Meebits DAO, his ArtBlocks projects, artist... more

23 Nov 2022 · 57 minutes
Hidden in the Ether: NFT Archaeology w/ Adam McBride

NFT Historian Adam McBride tells us how he scans for gold amongst the dust of the past: finding and identifying... more

09 Nov 2022 · 1 hour, 18 minutes
Digitally Rare
Copyright Click Save w/ Brian L Frye
Digitally Rare