The InDependent Spouse podcast

The InDependent Spouse podcast

Jess Sands : Podcast Host, Business Owner and military wife
Oct 23, 2020 30 min

042 : Cat and Kirsty

Today I have been talking to Cat and Kirsty, over at the Dot Project. Cat and Kirsty are amazing business owners, mums and Army wives and this episode is full of positivity! A must listen if you are new to the military community. The Dot Project supports organisations across the social, public and education sector to be their digital best. I really hope you enjoy this new episode.
Oct 14, 2020 35 min

041 : Dr Rosie Gilderthorp

Today I've been talking to my lovely pal Dr Rosie, better known as Dr Rosanna Gilderthorp - Clinical Psychologist who's leading a movement of innovators to change the conversation about mental health. We talk all things hypnobirthing, psychological therapy and how on earth we get through military life and a pandemic. You are going to love this episode!
Oct 07, 2020 26 min

040 : Sarah Walker

Today I've been talking to the wonderful Sarah Walker from the free Supporting the Unsung Hero Business Start-Up course. The course is open to all members of the Armed Forces Community and gives easily digestible business advice to help you start your business.
Sep 30, 2020 28 min

039 : Jessica, Scuba Diver

Ever wondered what it's like to live through a Tsunami and under-water earthquake, well today's guest has done exactly that! Jessica is a Navy wife, mum and adventurer who's experienced some truly remarkable things whilst scuba-diving. I am very proud to be bringing you this episode as we re-start the series to highlight the huge range of stories from our community that should be shared.
Jul 22, 2020 1 min

038 : Mid-Series Break

I am moving house (again!) so sadly the podcast series is taking a little break. But, do not worry, there is still loads for you to get stuck into. Head to to find out about the weekly Milspo Meet-Ups, the monthly Virtual Networking, the online community and build a network you can take anywhere. Have the best summer and I'll speak to you soon!
Jul 15, 2020 52 min

037 : Hannah Shergold, Artist

Hannah Shergold has a fascinating, albeit peculiar back story and is now one of the most successful self-representing artists in the UK. Since leaving the Armed Forces in April 2018 Hannah has hosted two solo exhibitions on London’s Pall Mall raising over £120,000 for charity. She recently partnered with Prince William’s conservation charity Tusk with a fundraising target of £75,000. Hannah’s work quickly drew a following, and Hannah featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year.
Jul 08, 2020 49 min

036 : Fiona Stanford, Author

It’s time for a new episode of the podcast series and this week it’s with author Fiona Stanford. I think it’s safe to say that many of us have found ourselves a little bit in the shadows of our partners from time to time – especially if like Fiona, you are married to a 2-star general. Author Fiona has a wealth of experience picked up during her 25 years of marriage, and I think you will get an awful lot from her story.
Jul 01, 2020 48 min

035 : Sarah Stone, Founder

Hello you lovely lot, it’s back! Series 4 is here, and I am so pleased to be able to bring you the first episode with the fantastic Sarah Stone, founder of the Military Co-working Network. The Military Coworking Network is a community-run by and for military spouses. It is a place where we can share opportunities from the outside world with our community and connect, help and inspire each other.
Jun 23, 2020 3 min

034 : The Podcast is Back for Series 4!

Hello you lovely lot, I just thought it was time to give you a little update about the podcast series and when it will be back. Obviously, there has been a world load of changes since I announced the new series back in February – something that has affected the release of the podcast – Series 4 will be back next week!
May 06, 2020 45 min

033 : Georgie Muir, Chasing Lobsters

This week I have been talking Georgie from Chasing Lobsters. I can’t quite believe that I am recording this during a national lock-down and a viral pandemic that is causing so much disruption. I hope that wherever you find yourself you and your loved ones are well. Series 4 wasn’t actually planned to start for a few more weeks but this episode has been recorded especially as a response to the world we find ourselves in and hopefully will offer you some support at this time.